7 Best Travel Trailer Brands of 2022

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Three generations playing cribbage at a picnic table on their camping trip outside of their travel trailer.

Are you looking for a travel trailer in 2022? Finding the best travel trailer brands can be daunting. We’re here to help you narrow down your options and get the most out of your investment. 

Keep reading to learn how to identify the best travel trailer brands. We also share the top seven brands with travel trailers on the market. 

What Is a Travel Trailer? 

A travel trailer is an RV (recreational vehicle) towed behind a vehicle. Travel trailers come in various sizes, from 12 feet to 40 feet long.

Some have slide-outs, creating extra living space. And you can find travel trailers with amenities such as bathrooms, bunk beds, and kitchen islands.

What Makes a Travel Trailer Brand the Best?

The best travel trailer brands have top-notch customer service and are reliable and affordable. Let’s take a closer look at these qualities. 

Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is crucial. Things are likely to break on a travel trailer like any RV.

A brand that works with you when things go wrong and fixes things correctly in an efficient manner is one you want to stick with. Unfortunately, not all RV brands provide the same level of customer service.


RVs go down the road at high speeds, which gives them a higher probability of having maintenance issues. However, the best travel trailer brands make their products as reliable as possible to limit your risk of having things break in the first place. Look for brands that emphasize quality control and whose reviews reflect reliability. 



Affordability is important for most of us. The cheaper, the better! However, you may want to reconsider when it comes to a travel trailer.

Cheap travel trailers are inexpensive because they’re mass-produced and in high demand. When this happens, quality control can suffer. That’s why you’ll find that the best brands come with a higher price tag than others.

7 Best Travel Trailer Brands of 2022

Let’s take a look at the five best travel trailer brands that tick all of the boxes.

1. Airstream

About the Brand: Airstream is a classic brand that keeps improving its technology and innovation every year. They offer eight models of travel trailers. Their models range from an MSRP (manufacture suggested retail price) of $43,900 to $179,000.

What Makes Their Travel Trailers the Best: Airstream’s quality puts them at the top of our list. For decades they’ve been turning out long-lasting, durable RVs. In addition, they’re highly reliable with excellent quality control and customer service.

Airstream has stepped up its game with new models and floor plans over the years. You have to see the Airstream Basecamp, Airstream Bambi, and the up-and-coming Airstream eSTREAM.

A white truck pulls an Airstream travel trailer through a desert.

2. Grand Design RV

About the Brand: Grand Design RV produces five different travel trailers, including toy hauler travel trailers. They offer a variety of floor plans, so there’s something for every type of RVer. And while they manufacture countless trailers each year, they don’t skimp on quality and reliability. 

What Makes Their Travel Trailers the Best: Grand Design RV is in tune with their customers’ wants. Their customer service has helped inform their floor plans, including some that are conducive to full-time RV living. In addition, Grand Design’s builds tops the reliability scale with laminated aluminum framed construction.

Pro Tip: These are the best floor plans for the Grand Design Transcend travel trailer.

3. Oliver Travel Trailers

About the Brand: Oliver Travel Trailers are fiberglass and quality all around. The trailer is a double-hulled fiberglass shell. In other words, the top and bottom are two molded pieces put together. They make two different single-axle models, one that weighs 3,700 lbs and the larger model that weighs 4,900 lbs. 

What Makes Their Travel Trailers the Best: The fiberglass construction with few seams significantly reduces the risk of leaks. It’s why Oliver is one of the best travel trailer brands. In addition, their luxury small travel trailers are sold directly to the customer without going through an RV dealer. It increases their reliability and customer service significantly since you only communicate directly with the manufacturer. 

4. Lance Campers

About the Brand: Lance travel trailers have a reputation for being one of the best constructions and all-season options on the market. They also back all of their trailers with a two-year structural warranty. And they’ve been given Consumer Digest’s highest rating. 

What Makes Their Travel Trailers the Best: Lance’s four-season construction ranks them high. They also have great customer service, and Lance owners tend to keep their trailers for the long-term and purchase Lance again when upgrading to a new travel trailer. This is a very good indication of their reliability.

Inside a trendy, renovated travel trailer.

5. Outdoors RV

About the Brand: Outdoors RV is a lesser-known brand but is being talked about in 2022. The company started manufacturing RVs in 2009 to develop products that could withstand any terrain or weather. Their call is “mountain tough four seasons camping.”

What Makes Their Travel Trailers the Best: Like Oliver travel trailers, Outdoors RV has a limited number of models and floor plans available. We take this as a good sign that they’re putting a lot of effort into quality control instead of having too many options in the line, which may cause something to be overlooked.

Pro Tip: Learn more about the legacy of Outdoors RV and who owns them.

6. Winnebago

About the Brand: Winnebago is known for its motorhomes, but its pull-behind trailers make them one of the best travel trailer brands in the industry. They’re a reliable trailer with quality construction. Winnebago stays on top of the latest innovations and is a consistent leader in the RV industry. 

What Makes Their Travel Trailers the Best: Winnebago’s experience and strong presence in the RV industry give their travel trailers a lot of creditability. They tend to do a good job working with customers and listening to owners to improve their products going forward. For example, their travel trailers have lighter furnishings and modern decor options.

A Winnebago Transcend Travel Trailer parked in a wooded campsite and a family sitting around a fire pit outside.

7. Jayco

About the Brand: Jayco has had the label of most reliable brand for years. While there are a lot of other brands that are moving ahead of the curve in terms of technology and innovation, Jayco still makes the top seven list. They currently produce nine different lines of travel trailers with various floor plans and sizes, ranging from ultra-light to half-ton.

What Makes Their Travel Trailers the Best: Jayco travel trailers have a floor plan option for any type of traveler. They also have large models with multiple slide-outs, bunk rooms, and room for large families. Their years of experience and reliability keep owners loyal to the brand.

What Is the Most Reliable Brand of Travel Trailer? 

Airstream is well known for its reliability. With decades to perfect their craft, their aluminum construction is meticulous and has extensive quality control. And with reliability comes a heftier price tag than most other travel trailers. 

Is a Travel Trailer Worth It? 

A travel trailer is worth it. If you’re in the beginning stages of RVing, a travel trailer is a great entry-level option to get your feet wet. Just keep in mind the size tow vehicle you’ll need. There are plenty of small travel trailers on the market that you can pull with an SUV. For example, Airstream’s Basecamp only weighs 3,500 lbs. 

Get to one of your local RV dealers to do a walk-through of one of the brands on the list! Are you considering buying a travel trailer?

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