Who Owns Outdoors RV?

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A fifth wheel parked in a remote spot in the mountains near a small lake to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Many RVers have realized that most RVs don’t deliver on their “built for all seasons” claims. In fact, it’s not uncommon that RVers spend much of their time conversing about shoddy craftsmanship. That’s what spawned companies like Outdoors RV.

The company desired to build something better; an RV that could hold up to all seasons and the rough terrain of the Western United States and Western Canada. That drove RVers Ron and Sherry Nash to create Outdoors RV and Northwood Manufacturing.

The Nashes were passionate about the RV industry and wanted to build rugged, high-quality rigs that could withstand the challenges of mountainous camping, even in the winter.

Their passion has outlived Ron, who passed away in 2019, with a company that strives to maintain his unyielding standards for quality.

So who owns Outdoors RV now, and what are they known for?

What Is Outdoors RV?

First off, Outdoors RV is an RV manufacturer which focuses on customers that want to enjoy the outdoors, not concrete parking lots. Though most rigs can get you outdoors, people often complain of their shortcomings when traveling a rough road or handling extreme weather.

Outdoors RV strives to build rugged trailers that can handle rough roads. They can withstand year-round elements, especially in the western United States and Canada. These areas can have extremely cold winters and several feet of snow.

A group of RVs parked in a wooded area for camping

How Long Has Outdoors RV Been in Business?

Outdoors RV has been in business for more than a decade. The Nashes started Outdoors RV in 2009. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Before Outdoors RV, the Nashes started Northwood Manufacturing in 1993, which is responsible for such renowned RV brands as Arctic Fox and Nash. 

The Nash name has become synonymous with quality in the RV business.

Who Owns Outdoors RV?

The Nashes started Outdoors RV in 2009, but Northwood Investments Corporation owns it. Ron Nash was part of Northwood Investments until his passing. Sherry Nash remains a principal in the company.

About Northwood Investments

Northwood Investments opened in 1991. The company, located in La Grande, Oregon, has nearly 400 employees between Outdoors RV and Northwood Manufacturing. 

It is estimated to generate more than $100 million in annual revenues.

Where Are Outdoors RVs Made?

Outdoors RVs and Northwood Manufacturing build their rigs in La Grande, Oregon. They make their travel trailers, fifth wheels, truck campers, and more here. La Grande lies in the Grande Ronde Valley in Northeast Oregon amidst the Blue Mountains.

Outdoors RV Product Line

All Outdoors RVs can withstand travel on rough roads and the elements of all seasons in the western portion of North America. Ron Nash wanted to build high-quality, comfortable rigs that could take folks outdoors, wherever and whenever they wanted.

They have a rugged, off-road chassis and aluminum framing, with an all-weather insulated, sleek exterior. The all-weather features include thermal pane windows, triple-layered roof insulation, and a fully enclosed and heated underbelly. 

They also have thermal insulated luggage doors and cold weather kits on the refrigerators.

Mountain Series

The Outdoors RV Mountain Series is a versatile line of travel trailers and fifth wheels built for people that want to camp anywhere from state and national parks and RV parks to off-grid.

It comes standard with large holding tanks, energy-saving LED lights, and dual propane tanks. It comes solar-ready for up to 510W on the roof and a door-side solar port for an additional 200W of portable power.

Not just functionally sound, Outdoors RV also puts a lot of effort into the quality of comfort. The Mountain Series features hardwood finishes, ultra-leather furniture, and dinette seating. It also has solid kitchen countertops, a queen bed, and various slide-out options.

An Oregon RV dealer explains the differences between the Mountain Series and Titanium Series from Outdoors RV.

Titanium Series 

The Titanium Series is Outdoors RV’s premium trim package that you can apply to any floorplan offered in the Mountain Series. This series elevates the interior and exterior in features and style.

The Titanium Series has a high gloss silver fiberglass exterior, sleek frameless thermal pane windows, a 15,000 BTU air conditioning unit, and an auto-leveling system.

Interior upgrades on the Titanium package include a Mountain Lodge-style interior. It has more hardwood, an all-leather design, a gel-infused memory foam mattress, upgraded fixtures, additional lighting, and other premium features.

Backcountry Series 

Outdoors RV has some other options tailored specifically for primitive boondocking if you want to get off-grid down rugged roads. The Backcountry Series works great for those that want to be self-reliant for days or weeks at a time.

The Backcountry Series includes the all-weather features that keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer but with an even beefier off-road chassis to get a little further off the grid.

The Mountain Series already comes with generous tank storage, but the Backcountry Series ups that a notch to 100 gallons of freshwater. It nearly doubles the combined black and gray water storage and has additional propane capacity. 

They’ve also geared the power center for off-grid with 170W of built-in solar power and an onboard propane-powered generator. It also has room for up to four batteries to maximize energy storage.

Pro Tip: Plan the ultimate cross-country adventure on the epic, 4,253-mile, off-road Trans-American-Trail.

Trail Series 

The Outdoors RV Trail Series compares in concept to the Backcountry Series. It allows you to go further off-grid and bring your toys along.

Commonly dubbed a “toy hauler,” this trailer has a gear storage area that doubles as living space. It features a ramp into the gear storage area with rooms for a side-by-side, kayaks, bikes, motorcycles, or others. 

Learn about the Trail Series from Outdoors RV

When you get out to the trail and unload your toys, the storage area converts into a living space with an electric loft bed. Additionally, the ramp converts into a patio with an awning and has sliding door access to the living quarters.

The Trail Series has the same solar capabilities as the Backcountry Series but with a slightly more powerful gas-powered onboard generator and a 15,000 BTU air conditioner. It also has an onboard air compressor and 40-gallon fueling tank for any toys you bring. 

Are Outdoors RVs Any Good?

As noted, the Nashes have a reputation for quality products. Outdoors RVs have everything outdoor enthusiasts may need. 

The biggest difference between Outdoors RVs and many others is that Outdoors RVs can withstand more rugged, off-road conditions. The different models also come tailored to specific outdoor activities. 

The Mountain Series and Titanium Series work well for general outdoor use. The Backcountry Series will take you further off-grid and allow for longer self-sustaining activity. 

The Trail Series has off-grid capabilities similar to the Backcountry Series but more functional for folks that want to take their outdoor adventure toys along.

Outdoors RVs intentionally designed these great RVs for specific uses instead of covering all of the bases with one model with a couple of different floor plans.

Two muddy tracks lead to an off road campsite in a valley with a small lake and moss-covered ground.

Get Outside with Outdoors RV

Many RVers sit around talking about, “If only an RVer made my RV, it would be so much better.” Outdoors RV started with that exact premise with Ron and Sherry Nash. The folks at Outdoors RV know how to build these rigs because they own them too. They understand what RVers need in their homes. 

They build RVs for folks that want to get outside instead of being planted in a concrete RV park. They’ve even broken it down further to outdoor folks with specific interests. And they did it all while not skimping on the comforts that we all want from our rigs.

Beyond RVing, Ron and Sherry Nash took a carefully measured, passionate approach to their business. They built something that stands that test of time, delivering on Ron’s promise to make their RVs “the pretty ones in work boots.”

  1. My wife and I spent a year looking at travel trailers by attending RV shows, reading publications which ranked various manufacturers, visiting dealerships and asking a lot of questions. We found that Arctic Fox/Outdoors were consistently ranked either number one or two in their class over the previous 8 year period. I was looking for an emphasis on quality and reliability. I spent much of my time studying the construction of the various trailer brands. We settled on an 2016 Outdoors RV Blackstone 280 RKS, comparable to the current Titanium Series. We attended two factory tours and I was very impressed with the build quality and the extra mile ORV goes into building their trailers. The factory holds an annual campout where they introduce their latest innovations and most importantly asking for feed back from those of us who own their trailers. They do listen. Our trailer has served us very well and we are impressed with its quality and comfort. We have traveled the Alaska Highway, camped throughout Alaska, Yukon, western Canada and western US. We have ordered a 2022 ORV Titanium Blackstone 280 KVS.

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