Who Owns Jayco RV?

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Jayco RV is one of the most popular recreational vehicle manufacturers in the United States. From travel trailers to motorhomes, you have a good chance of seeing a Jayco pass you on the highway in any state. 

The brand is well-known and produces about 50,000 RVs per year. But is Jayco a quality RV? Let’s dig in and find out.

About Jayco RV 

Lloyd Bontrager founded Jayco RV in 1968. He designed an innovative lifter system for pop-up campers, and that technology has grown and improved throughout the years. Today, Jayco builds motorhomes, travel trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheels. It all takes place in Middlebury, Indiana, just down the road from Elkhart.

Who Owns Jayco RV?

In a surprising twist, Thor Industries acquired the legendary RV manufacturer in 2016. Thor is the parent company to 17 RV manufacturers in North America, including Jayco. In terms of Jayco’s leadership, Ken Walters climbed from Vice President of Sales and Product Development to President of Jayco in 2020. 

Thor’s other companies are Airstream, CrossRoads, CruiserRV, DRV Luxury Suites, Dutchmen, Entrega Coach, Heartland, Highland Ridge RV, Keystone RV Company, KZ Recreational Vehicles, Redwood Residential Vehicles, Starcraft, Thor Motor Coach, Tiffin Motorhomes, Vanleigh, and Venture RV. 

A magnifying glass over a website that shows Thor Industries magnified
Milan, Italy – November 1, 2017: Thor Industries logo on the website homepage.

Is Jayco a Quality RV? 

Jayco has received many accolades over the years for its innovation and quality builds. For example, their Jay Flight earned the number one selling travel trailer for 15 consecutive years. Jayco RVs are known for their exceptional quality and high standards. They have a wide variety of layouts available for nearly any traveler, and their RVs are affordable. 

A few things that set Jayco apart from its competitors include its Magnum Truss Roof System. These RV roofs are more durable than most and can withstand up to 4,500 lbs. This is because they use screws to hold it in place instead of staples like some other manufacturers. Jayco products have custom frames rather than stock frames that they adjust to fit the model. 

What Kind of RVs Does Jayco Produce? 

Jayco manufactures motorhomes, including classes B, C, and A. They currently have two class B models on the market. Their lineup also includes six class C motorhomes ranging from 25’ 2” to 32’ 6” in length. And they make two super C motorhomes that are 39’ 4” long. In addition, they produce four class A models between 28’ 5” to 39’ 11” long. 

They also make travel trailers, fifth wheel, and toy haulers. Jayco has nine different models of travel trailers ranging from 19’ 8” to 38’ 9” long. Their line of fifth wheels includes five models between 32’ 8” and 44’ long. They have both half-ton and mid to high-profile fifth wheels. Finally, Jayco’s toy haulers include a travel trailer version and two fifth wheels. 

Interior shot of a Jayco RV Class A with white walls and gray couches
Photo Courtesy of Jayco.com

Jayco RV Construction and Technology

Jayco packs a lot of stability and durability into its construction and technology. Let’s start with their Magnum Truss Roof System. It’s the strongest roof in the RV industry and can withstand up to 4,500 lbs if needed. They also implement metal frames that are custom designed and sized for each unit. 

The walls on Jayco RVs are VBL laminate. The process uses vacuum bonding to form a durable structure for heavy use. And they put on one-piece seamless end caps, which help eliminate damage from moisture and debris. 

Their RVs also have innovative technology, including the JAYCOMMAND Smart RV System. It’s mobile technology that connects your phone to your RV. You can monitor and adjust things like your heat, air conditioning, slide-outs, and more.

Jayco motorhomes have handling and stability technology, including premium shocks and a balance drive shaft to improve your driving experience. It’s called the JRide Ride and Handling Package.

Jayco RV Safety Features

Jayco’s safety features start with American-made Goodyear tires on all its RVs. They provide safe and comfortable towing or driving. In addition, the tires have rugged fabric steel, higher-speed ratings and allow for greater carrying capacities.

They also have seat belts in every seating position in their motorhomes. The seat belts go through rigorous testing as part of their process. Defensive driving is essential when driving an RV down the road, so to further your road safety, Jayco puts a third brake light on all of its motorhomes.

In addition, Jayco motorhomes have rearview and backup cameras. And some models also have side-view cameras.  

Goodyear tire logo on the side of a tire. Jayco RV uses this brand for all of their RV tires.

The Jayco Warranty

Jayco provides a two-year limited and a three-year structural warranty. With any RV, a warranty can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Even new RVs break and have issues. Covering them with a warranty will save you in the long run. Thankfully, Jayco stands behind its construction and materials. 

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about repairs after the manufacturer’s warranty is up, read our article all about What is an RV Extended Warranty and Do I Need One?

Is a Jayco RV Right For You? 

Whichever RV you choose is a personal preference, but it’s easy to see that Jayco is a top brand. From their quality construction to safety features, Jayco deserves the rewards it receives. On top of it all, they have numerous models and floor plans, all fairly priced. 

Are you ready to buy a Jayco or do you have one already? Let us know what you think. And we’d love to hear about your experience with Jayco products if you own one of their RVs. Leave a comment below.

  1. We’ve dreamed of traveling in an RV after retirement for most of our lives, and this was the year. Unfortunately between Covid and parts shortages, the class C Jayco we ordered in early January didn’t arrive until late July and ended up being the next year’s model and a much pricier one than we ordered. But we finally got the motorhome we dreamed of and started our adventures. We love our Jayco Redhawk 26XD! We’ve had several issues with it, small ones that our Jayco dealer took care of pretty quickly, and larger ones with the Ford motor, which are not handled by the Jayco dealer and are handled by authorized Ford dealers. Fortunately, the Ford issues happened just before our last planned trip, so we were not stranded somewhere! We will winterize the RV when we get it back from Ford, but have had several great trips this summer and fall in our Jayco.

  2. We owned a Class C Greyhawk 2018 29MV. We loved it but since it was my sister, Belle our dog and myself we needed a bed, the couch did not cut it, so we turned it in for a Starcraft Superlite 214BH. Not a fancy but has plenty of room for us. Next Spring is already planned out.
    Jayco as been my sisters choice for all the years they traveled. The sales team was good and very helpful

  3. Just bought a Jayco Eagle 321rsts. Camped twice in it so far..
    Rear window shattered not sure how,furnace stopped working and blinds falling off.Jayco will not cover broken window. Been waiting over two months for an appointment to get repaired. Not a happy camper right now.

  4. I really like my Jayco 26.5 bunkhouse. Love that it came with the Goodyear tires. I have more piece of mind when traveling, as I had a blow out on my 18 ft bunkhouse made by Starcraft very scarry in heavy traffic. Damaged the wheel well and side of camper.
    No more maypops for me. My only issues with Jayco are small but annoying issues. (Walls open up inside, fender skirts bow out, holes around front bed into cargo area, etc.). Like a said small issues.
    What I like is how amazing the refrigerator works, lots of cargo space with inside access, outside tv hook up, good strong roof, although the steps are very sturdy (great for my 89 year old Mom) they can be a little trying to get them just right so the door closes ok. Tows very well. No sway. Whenever I have questions my dealer is very helpful and knowledgeable. Back up camera is great looking forward to getting side cameras. Likes are too much to list.

  5. I have a 2019 Jayco whitehawk 32KBS, great trailer, I love it. I’d give it a 9.5 out of a 10. However, I have encountered one major issue, the hangers for the leaf springs has cracked twice on the rear of my trailer. I found the issue during an inspection after a 1500 mile trip. This is the 2nd time. This is a major problem that can cause a horrible accident. I contacted my dealer and have been patiently waiting to find out how it’s going to be repaired. Appears that inferior steel or terrible welding, was used in the leafspring hangers which has caused a very weak point on this fabulous trailer. This is the only issue I have with this trailer. Jayco I’m waiting on a repair please respond asap I’m stuck with a trailer I cannot move.

  6. If Jayco represents quality construction, the RV industry is in big trouble. Quality control appears to have been totally absent in the 2020 Melbourne. I will never consider a Jayco product in the future.

  7. We can’t use our 2020 Eagle
    We need the regulator from recall
    We make our payment but can’t
    Use it …Valley RV in Kent Was.
    Said Jayco had not shipped any
    We’re mad

  8. I purchased a jayco White Hawk in August. That purchase has proven to be one of the biggest purchase mistakes I’ve ever made.
    It look good on the dealer lot, as that is very fitting considering it spends just as much time there being repaired as I get to use it.

  9. We purchased a class C ten years ago and love our Jayco…she’s 20 years old now and sad to say we are retiring her and because we were so happy with our Jayco we have just purchased a 2018 octane toy hauler and plan to do some cross country traveling with our SxS😁 can’t wait
    .in 2 weeks we will be doing our first trip with her…we already know it’s gonna be a great Jayco experience ❤️

  10. If Jayco could only find sober, quality oriented employees this company would be untouchable. The quality of workmanship of the product at dealer facilities should be embarrassing to any corporate officer.

  11. I have a 2019 Jayco 27.5 RLTS (31.5 foot 5th wheel). Just completed a 11,000 mile cross country trip. Part of trip was a visit to Jayco factory. I was impressed with materials and process, however several things surprised me regarding my RV. Sawdust and dirt appeared in all recessed light lenses and several storage compartment. I had a single brake failure on tandem axles. Was able to get replacement parts on the road to continue trip. That was late August 2021. Attempts to get it repaired started with call to dealer who said “call Jayco”, who told me to call the axle/brake mfgr. Several phone calls and a number of emails with pictures, and still no resolution. Failure was under warrenty. After listening to other RV”rs on the road, I consider my issues to be somewhat insightful ificant. Compared to failures and issues reported to me by other RV’rs Jayco DOES seem to be a quality builder. I would buy another one.

  12. I don’t believe there are many if any well made RV’s anymore. We own a Jayco and it has it’s own quality issues. They start with a well built framework then start to cut corners. In my opinion.

  13. I bought a Jayco Eagle in 2016 and have had many problems. Contacted Jayco numerous times with no response. I have replaced faucets, furnace, a/c, refrigerator, and warped doors. Not at all impressed with dealer or Jayco trying to rectify any of these problems. I have talked with other Jayco owners and their experience is same as mine

  14. We purchased a used Jayco 2018 Pennacle last year. We traded in a Cougar. The Jayco is so top notch. It has cherry real wood cabinets. So roomy. Everything is top notch. We love it!!

  15. I purchased a 2016 Jayco 27.5 HT fifth wheel for all the reasons mentioned in the article, but especially because of the warranty. I love the trailer but have had constant issues over the last 5 years such as needing a roof replacement, black and grey water valves seeping, slide out problems, added shocks to help stabilize towing, and interior trim issues. My latest problem is that the axel capacity verily handles the empty weight of the trailer. They’re 4400 lb and should at the minimum be 55-5800 each. It now appears that I will have a new cost to figure out how to pay for. Also starting to see some minor delaminating in a couple of areas. But as they say, their built to have about a 5 year life and then hang on. My divorce didn’t cost me what this camper has cost me, but still owe too much on it to get rid of it. You definitely want to be a Jack of all trades to own one or the RV Companies will eat you up in labor costs.

  16. For what its worth as a consumer we have had 2 Jayco’s over the years. Many years ago a tent trailer and in 2015 purchased new a 30′ Whitehawk. Spent a bit more than the Cougar we almost bought but well worth the extra in the long run. We’ve had a few minor issues which I cured as a DIY guy. We are not full-timers; but use it 1x a month for 4-5day trips, a coule of 2 week trips in the Summer and a 5-6 week snowbird trip in the Winter. We would have no hesitation at buying another one in the future.

  17. Bought a new Jayco this year and nothing but problems. Water leaks ..fridge that didn’t work ..toilet valve now spraying everywhere and now issues with theater recliner. Always a big fight trying to get anything resolved.

  18. We own a 2019 27RL Jayfeather travel trailer. I have made some storage upgrades by fabricating and installing draws under the dinette benches and under the kitchen counter near the rear entry door. I also installed sliding rev-a-shelving next to the refrigerator. Quite the improvements.
    This floor plan has the center bathroom and I changed the swing of the door to in-swing instead of swinging into the living space. A couple things I miss is a front window. I did replace both door windows to ones that can be seen through. Also, why does Jayco use a smaller door for the bedroom entrance? Makes no sense to me as there is room for the same entry door as the rear door and this would also save Jayco from having to stock different door.

  19. We traded our 2018 Keystone for a 2021 Jayco Jay flight 265TH back in April 2021. We wanted a toy hauler and went with Jayco mainly for their reputation and warranty, we had no idea what we were stepping into. We were able to use the camper 3 times before noticing one of the lights in the ceiling flickering when we cut on the lights only to find the light and multiple others in the rear cargo area were full of water. Two days later we had a heavy rain and when I went out to check the inside found the right side sofa soaking wet, the ceiling had leaked all the way across the seam, the one window that only has a small piece that rolls out was full of water on the inside and the ramp door had water come out around the bottom area bolts/brackets on the face of the door when we laid it down(so this meant water had gotten inside the door). We later saw wrinkles in the wall from water running down the inside of that. When we looked at the roof there are bubbles where the roof is not sealed down. The camper has been at Campingworld since Sept 30, they tried to say a seal in the door was the problem which we can agree may have let the water in the door but there’s no way it would allow water to run uphill into the ceiling, so they now say there is still nothing wrong with the roof and are trying to get approval from Jayco to replace everything that was wet, which is very frustrating since they still have not clearly found where the water inside is coming from….never ever did we think that making the decision to go with a Jayco Jay flight would lead to this nightmare

  20. Problems, problems, problems… Purchase a Jayco Seneca 37M in Feb 2021. Unit had many issues the first day. The dealer would not address any of them. For example, regarding a fridge issue the dealer stated call Whirlpool, not us. Jayco wasn’t much help either. We scheduled a factory service and they earliest they could get us in from Feb/March timeframe was July 20th. They then had the unit for 6 weeks repairing all of the issues. When we got our coach back some of the issues were not resolved and we also had brand new issues. Would I buy a Jayco again??? NEVER!!!!

  21. We bought a 2022 Jayco 321rsts in May 2022. It was our dream to buy a Jayco when we retire and stay in it for the winter months. We used it for the first time and had nothing but problems with it. The bathroom door fell off, the bedroom door didn’t close properly and the screen door had big gaps in it that let bugs in. The fridge doors hit the wood frame and didn’t open all the way, the water valve is on backwards, the back window doesn’t close properly, the awning toppers hold water, the water pump turns on randomly and the list goes on…. We are so disappointed with the quality of our camper. We would never recommend Jayce. We to anyone

  22. We bought a brand new 2022 Jayco White Hawk 27RB and have had nothing but problems. Their quality control must have been on holidays ans they still shipped out the trailer. Where do we start?!?! Having to deal with Jayco US and the dealership in Ontario, has been a nightmare. Waiting weeks and weeks for parts and living in out trailer fulltime, they could care less. We will never buy another Jayco and make sure everyone we talk to from Canada and the US know that. Nothing but issues.

  23. We own a 2020 Redhawk and have had no issues. I firmly believe that all rvs have issues the best way to prevent the frustration of the issues rv manufactures have is to have a quality rv dealer. Just my 2 cents.

  24. Have you solved the lack of room in the drivers and riders seats of the class C gasoline units. I am definitely NOT saying that your class C units are uncomfortable. I am simply looking for a Class C that I can drive long hours like I can in the Mercedes View. We want to purchase a class C and trade in our View. I am hoping that you have some units that us big guys can drive and enjoy.

  25. I am reading all these comments and wondering if anyone with complaints has elevated them to the President of the company. Being ignored and not having your issues dealt with is very unprofessional of them. I was considering a Jayco but will look elsewhere. Unfortunately, my best friend is in the throws of filling out purchasing paperwork for used 2019. I hope all goes well with her 5th wheel!

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