Is an Airstream Basecamp Worth the Money?

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A woman stands in front of her campsite and ponders if her Airstream Basecamp trailer is worth the money.

Although it’s relatively new on the scene, the Airstream Basecamp has been making waves since its redesign in 2016. And with the addition of the Basecamp X upgrade in 2021, this travel trailer is perfect for off-roading. In this article, we take a closer look at the Airstream Basecamp floor plans and their best features in an attempt to answer the question: Is the Airstream Basecamp worth the money? Let’s find out.

What Is the Airstream Basecamp? 

The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer is a relatively new and incredibly unique single axle camper from Airstream. The Basecamp travel trailer caters to adventurers who want to take their camper to remote places but still camp in comfort. 

There are two different floor plans for the Airstream Basecamp. Although the exterior is the same shiny aluminum and rivets that the Airstream “Silver Bullet” is famous for, the similarities stop there. This camper is versatile and aerodynamic. Both floor plans are easy to tow, with most small to midsize trucks and SUVs. 

A red truck tows the Airstream Basecamp travel trailer through a grassy meadow surrounded by trees.

How Much Is An Airstream Basecamp? 

New Airstream Basecamp models start around $43,100 for the Basecamp 16 base model and $50,700 for the Basecamp 20 base model. Used Basecamp models sell for anywhere from $29,000 to upwards of $45,000, depending on the model, year, and options. Factors that affect the pricing of an Airstream Basecamp include the floor plan, size, year, and any additional upgrades or modifications. 

Basecamp Floorplans and Specs

There are two different Basecamp floor plans, the 16 and 20. Each model is available in a base option or with upgrades. In addition to the base option, Airstream also offers the Basecamp X upgrade for both floor plans. 

The Basecamp X upgrade offers additional features like an increased departure angle for easier maneuvering, a large rear cargo hatch, a three-inch lift kit, all-terrain tires, and more. The Basecamp X Upgrade is perfect for the off-the-grid camper

Standard features on both models include two stabilizer jacks, 12V tank heaters and a heated underbelly for winter camping, a custom-molded propane tank cover, dedicated sewer hose storage, and more. Optional upgrades include a 180-watt solar package, an air conditioner with a heat strip, a microwave, and other creature comforts. 

Basecamp 16

Length: 16 feet two inches

Weight: 3,500 pounds

About: The Basecamp 16 is the smaller of the two floor plans. This camper has a 21-gallon freshwater tank onboard for cooking, cleaning, and washing up. There’s a wet bath with a combined gray and black water tank with a total capacity of 24 gallons. The Basecamp 16 can comfortably sleep two people with a convertible rear dinette. 

The interior of the airstream basecamp 16 is small but efficient with overhead and under-seat storage spaces and lots of windows.

Basecamp 20

Length: 20 feet two inches

Weight: 4,300 pounds

About: The Basecamp 20 is the larger of the two floor plans, and it can comfortably sleep four people. The Basecamp 20 has a 23-gallon freshwater tank, a 28-gallon gray water tank, and a 21-gallon black water tank. This makes it better suited for longer trips. This model has a convertible rear dinette and a convertible front dinette for a variety of sleeping options. 

The interior of the Airstream Basecamp 20 has more storage space and slightly more room than the other model.

What’s So Great About the Basecamp? 

The Basecamp is the most rugged travel trailer offered by Airstream. The company wants to appeal to the off-grid and overlanding crowd. Paired with the optional Basecamp X upgrade, this travel trailer is perfect for hitting the trails. The single-axle design and lightweight enable any small to midsize SUV or truck to pull this camper. 

It has classic and high-quality Airstream construction and aesthetically pleasing interior design. There are plenty of windows for natural light, too. This camper stands out as one of the best off-road travel trailers on the market today. 

Pros of the Airstream Basecamp

While the pros of an off-road camper from Airstream might seem obvious, here’s what really makes this travel trailer shine. 

Easy to Tow

The Airstream Basecamp is incredibly easy to tow. These campers are lightweight and have an aerodynamic design that makes towing and pulling a breeze. 

Versatile Floor Plans

There may only be two floor plans for the Basecamp, but you can configure them to meet any need. You can choose to convert the dinette into different types of beds, for example. Choose two single beds in the rear of the 20, a full bed in the front, or a giant bed that spans the rear. 

Looks Amazing

You honestly can’t beat the Airstream aesthetic. These campers look great both inside and out. 

A red truck tows the airstream basecamp trailer down a narrow dirt road in the forest.

Cons of an Airstream Basecamp

Sure, the Basecamp is an awesome travel trailer, and Airstream is an iconic and well-loved brand. That doesn’t mean there aren’t downsides. Here’s what we know. 

Small Space

Even the biggest Basecamp is only 20 feet long, and the interior space can feel cramped. There’s no separation between the areas in the RV other than the wet bath. However, the wet bath itself is pretty tiny, too. 

High Price

Airstreams are notorious for being expensive, and the Basecamp is no exception. Even a used model that’s a few years old can be pricey.

Best for Short Trips

If you want an off-road camper that’s suited for full-timing or extended trips, the Basecamp probably isn’t for you. Sure, this camper has lots of amenities and looks great. But it doesn’t fit the bill of a great long-term traveling rig. 

Is an Airstream Basecamp Worth It? 

If you love Airstream and want a capable off-road camper that looks amazing, then the Airstream Basecamp is worth it. People know Airstream for having a high standard of build quality and beautiful interior design. The Airstream Basecamp is like a luxury off-road RV. This camper is perfect for overlanding, remote camping, boondocking, and more. If the price doesn’t deter you, you won’t regret getting a Basecamp travel trailer. Have you ever considered one of the Basecamp models?

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