This Fiberglass Travel Trailer Is More Luxurious Than You Thought

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Oliver Travel Trailers are cute but are they luxurious? You might be surprised at all that these tiny campers have to offer. But be warned; if you’re like us, you might just fall in love with these fiberglass gems after reading to the end of this article.

Let’s look at the specs, cost, and features of Oliver Travel Trailers.

What Is a Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailer? 

Oliver Travel Trailers are molded fiberglass. They use a construction technique that makes the fiberglass body the mainframe of the trailer.

So, the bottom or frame is one piece of fiberglass, and the top is another. The two pieces are clamshelled together, and the interior and exterior of the trailer are fiberglass.  Other travel trailers use separate panels for the sides, floor, and roof and are made of various materials. These panels are all screwed, glued, or stapled together.

Since RVs go down the road and move around a lot, the more seams they have, the higher maintenance they require. With a molded fiberglass travel trailer, there’s only one seam which reduces the risk of problems.

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Oliver Travel Trailers Make Luxury Fiberglass Campers

Oliver Travel Trailers is a factory-direct company in Hohenwald, Tennessee. The company started in 2007, making travel trailers that last. It takes over 400 hours to build an Oliver RV from start to finish. The manufacturer takes extra precautions to get things right and safe without cutting corners. 

High-quality is the central focus of their builds, and their double-shelled fiberglass and composite hull RVs last a lifetime. Their luxury fiberglass campers are small but mighty. They offer features like the off-grid package with lithium batteries and solar.

Since Oliver Travel Trailer is factory-direct, you can build to order. In other words, you don’t go through an RV dealer but communicate and purchase directly from Oliver. 

Here’s an example of what Oliver Travel Trailers owners are saying: 

“My husband and I are still impressed with the quality of our new camping trailer and the excellent service we received from first contact through pick-up and beyond. This is a top-notch company with a superior product. We could not be happier.” – Linda B.

How Much Do Oliver Travel Trailers Cost?

With the superior build and luxury features that Oliver Travel Trailers offer comes at a higher price point. Their 2022 models start at $57,000. These tiny campers are a classic case of you getting what you pay for. In this case, it’s high quality, comfortable interiors, and superior customer service.

Oliver Travel Trailers Legacy Elite

The Legacy Elite is an 18’ 5” long single axle travel trailer. Its GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) is 5,000 lbs, and the dry weight is 3,700 lbs. This small fiberglass travel trailer can sleep up to three people. 

The Legacy Elite’s standard floor plan has a full wet bath with a toilet, vanity, and shower. It also includes a 74in by 52in bed that can convert into a dinette or lounge during the day. And there’s an additional small dinette that converts into a single bed. A small kitchen rounds off the interior. 

The floor plan of the Oliver Legacy Elite Travel Trailer set up for sleeping.
Oliver Travel Trailers | Legacy Elite | Standard Floor Plan | Sleeping Diagram
Photo courtesy of Oliver Travel Trailers

If you’re planning to boondock in a Legacy Elite, the freshwater and grey water tank each hold 32 gallons, and the black tank holds 15 gallons. That will keep you off-grid for at least a week if you conserve water wisely. In addition, the off-grid package that offers solar can keep your lights on and electronics charged.

Oliver Travel Trailers Legacy Elite II

The Legacy Elite II is a 23’ 6” long dual axle travel trailer with a GVWR of 7,000 lbs. It’s dry weight is 4,900 lbs. So you can pack about 800 more pounds of cargo into this travel trailer than the Legacy Elite. However, it does have the same size holding tanks as the Legacy Elite.

The floor plan of the Oliver Legacy Elite II Travel Trailer set up for sleeping.
Oliver Travel Trailers | Legacy Elite II | Standard Floor Plan | Sleeping Diagram
Photo courtesy of Oliver Travel Trailers

The LE II sleeps three people and can seat up to seven for entertaining at your campsite. Its standard floor plan includes a rear dinette that converts into a 75in by 79in bed, and it has a smaller dinette that converts into a single bed.

There’s also a twin bed floor plan with two twin beds in the back that can transform into a lounge. Both floor plans have a full wet bath with a sink, shower, and toilet. In addition, there’s a small kitchen with ample storage space. 

Luxury Features You’ll Find in an Oliver Travel Trailer

Some of the luxuries you’ll find in an Oliver Travel Trailer include the solar and lithium battery package we’ve discovered. Another item that may be surprising is the thermal pane windows, central heat, and extra interior storage. You can enjoy the double-hulled insulated travel trailer in any season and varying climates because of this.

The travel trailer also has many modern interior features, from high-end upholstery fabrics to floor coverings. You can even work with Oliver Travel Trailers to personalize your RV. The interior also comes with a TV and stereo and quality kitchen appliances.

The main reason molded fiberglass campers are so popular is their relatively low maintenance compared to non-fiberglass travel trailers. Fiberglass doesn’t rust, so taking them in inclement weather isn’t a concern like campers with metal frames. Due to these factors, fiberglass campers have a much higher resale value than other campers.

Do Oliver Travel Trailers Hold Their Value? 

Oliver Travel Trailers hold their value well. It’s not uncommon for people to search all over the country looking for a used one. And chances are there are very few used models available because of their popularity and quality–not to mention the low inventory and high demand.

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If You Want Luxury and Value, You Can’t Go Wrong with Oliver Travel Trailers

Oliver Travel Trailers are luxury tiny homes on wheels. You can’t go wrong with the brand and high-quality build. They’re truly built to last, and when you walk into one you’ll see why. And we think you’ll love the modern decor and cozy vibe. 

If you purchase an Oliver, we’d love to hear about your experience. Send us a note and some photos!

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