Is Lance Camper a Good RV Brand?

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If you’ve been in the RV industry for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of Lance Camper. They’re a reputable brand with a commitment to quality and the environment.

If you own a fifth wheel or motorhome, you might have never looked at a Lance camper before. They certainly don’t meet the needs of every traveler. Their niche is in the truck camper market, although they also released a line of top-quality travel trailers. 

Let’s take a closer look at Lance and why this company has been the leading truck camper manufacturer for years!

About Lance Camper 

Lance Camper has been manufacturing truck campers since 1965. Since then, they’ve added lightweight travel trailers to their lineup. Lance prides itself on developing eco-friendly, toxin-free campers, a testament to the company’s “Quality Comes First” philosophy.

The entire lineup is top-rated among customers and Consumers Digest. Lance is the country’s number one truck camper manufacturer.

Interior kitchen of a Lance camper

Who Owns Lance Camper? 

In January 2018, REV Group purchased Lance. Co-owners Jack Cole and Jeff Souleles wanted to find a company to continue the tradition and sustainable legacy that made Lance successful.

Although its previous acquisitions are in Elkhart County, Ind., the RV Capital of the World, REV Group knew Lance’s eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives were worth pursuing. Under stricter California regulations, the company also knew the success of Lance was connected to its top-quality production.

About REV Group 

REV Group began in 2010 as Allied Speciality Vehicles when Collins Industries, E-One, Halcore Group, and Fleetwood Enterprises merged. Just a few short years later, ASV acquired the entire bus business previously owned by Thor Industries. Then in November 2015, ASV changed its name to REV Group.

REV Group purchased various vehicles over the years, including firefighting, apparatuses, ambulances, commercial buses, and RVs. In addition to Lance, it also owns other RV manufacturers such as Renegade RV, Midwest Automotive Designs, American Coach, and Fleetwood Enterprises. Lance is the only company not located in Indiana.

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Where Are Lance Campers Made?

Manufactured in Lancaster, Calif., Lance campers come out of a 141,000 square foot facility on a 22-acre campus. If you’re interested in knowing more about the process, factory tours are available by appointment on the first and third Wednesday mornings of each month.

Due to its success, Lance is expanding to Decatur, Ind., and is establishing assembly and warehouse facilities to support dealers in the Midwest and the eastern U.S. Considering the other REV Group brands are in Indiana, this comes as no surprise.

Interior shot of a Lance truck camper dinette booth

Lance Camper Features

Lance is known for producing top-quality campers. Showing its commitment to using eco-friendly materials, Lance uses Azdel, a lightweight product that replaces wood that’s also a formaldehyde-free product. Not using wood also reduces the chance of mold and substantially decreases the weight. This offers lightweight alternatives for weekenders who want to tow campers with their SUV or short bed truck.

To create a strong, sag-resistant floor, Lance uses rigid block foam insulation. In addition, the LanceLock feature of the truck camper lineup connects all of the exterior panels to form a perfect puzzle. Finally, the four-season models feature dual pane windows, heated tanks, and insulated hatch covers.

Lance’s dedication to the environment isn’t evident in just their products. The facility in California is certified green. Because of their advanced engineering, Lance produces very little waste during the production process. The campers are also mercury-free. Even the literature is on recycled materials.

Carefree awning on a Lance Camper presented at an RV show

The Lance Camper Lineup 

The truck camper and travel trailer warranties include a two-year structural limited warranty and a one-year limited warranty. The roofs are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material, and the fiberglass exterior walls are fully laminated. The aerodynamic nose caps consist of thermoplastic olefins (TPO), which makes them resilient against the rough terrain of RVing. Let’s look more specifically at the travel trailers and truck campers. 

Travel Trailers

Lance produces eleven travel trailers ranging from 14 ft 10 in to 24 ft 11 in long. Although all of them are constructed with aluminum framing (which means they’re all lightweight), the lightest option is a mere 2,600 lbs. The heaviest option is 6,830 lbs. Whether you’re a solo traveler or a family, the Lance travel trailer lineup offers a floor plan that accommodates every need.

Every travel trailer features a dedicated sleeping space. The 2185 and 2445 units even have bunk space for the kids. Each travel trailer also features a full bathroom. Nine of the 11 models also have one slide out, creating even more room to spread out and enjoy your camping adventures.

A travel trailer Lance Camper pulled to the side off the road with trees and mountains in the background

Truck Campers

The original lineup, the truck campers, is Lance’s bread-and-butter. With nine different floor plans available, Lance has an option for you if you’re looking for a truck camper. A short bed truck can haul some models. These include a 6-foot 10-inch unit weighing just over 2,000 lbs up to an 8-foot 11-inch unit weighing just over 3,000 lbs with one slide out. These short bed options have a wet bath, dinette, kitchen sink, and refrigerator.

More options are available for long-bed trucks. The 1172 model is the longest, with an 11-foot 11-inch floor length and weight of 4,318 lbs. This is the only model that features a sofa separate from the dinette. The three longest models – the 975, 1062, and 1172 – have a separate shower in the bathroom. The other models – the 850 and 960 – only have the wet bath. The 960 model is also unique in that it offers two swivel chairs instead of a sofa.

The best thing about the Lance truck campers is the quality craftsmanship. But another great feature is that trucks of all sizes can haul a camper. Whether you own a Toyota Tundra or a Ford-350 dually, you can find a truck camper that fits your specs.

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Lance Camper Is a Trusted Name in the RV Industry 

Lance Camper has been around for decades. Even though the company is owned by REV Group now, it’s still a brand RVers trust. Owners are loyal to the brand, and many truck campers built decades ago are still on the road today. This is a testament to the quality of Lance campers.

So if you’re in the market for a truck camper or travel trailer, check out Lance. They are more expensive than other brands, but the higher cost reflects their commitment to quality and eco-friendly initiatives. Put Lance at the top of your list if you have the budget. 

Have you ever considered a Lance camper?

  1. Hi, I have Lance on my list for a small travel trailer because of the low or non-toxic material that they use. I don’t plan to buy one right away, because I don’t need it till a few years from now. I plan to live in it full time. I want a trailer that doesn’t set off my allergies. I sold my tiny house and I think the spray foam insulation was an issue for me. I was concerned about formaldehyde in a future RV.

    1. You won’t be sorry Heather! We have a 2020 Lance 1475S and absolutely Love it! For being small (around 15’) it has everything we need (including a bathroom) with all the electronic convenience we appreciate for longer trips.

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