Best Grand Design Transcend Floorplans

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Grand Design Transcend Travel Trailer parked in forest campground

The Grand Design Transcend floorplans are innovative and practical. They’re all under 37 feet but pack in a lot. If you love options from a trusted brand, you’ll want to check these out. Keep reading to find out why the Transcend has us applauding. We’ll explore the versatility of this model and point out what we think are the best of the best floorplans.

Who Is Grand Design? 

Don Clark, Ron Fenech, and Bill Fenech founded Grand Design RV. After 25 years in the industry, they realized they were having difficulty keeping in touch with customer needs. When they left their previous company in 2011, they wanted to pursue their dream to reconnect personally with customers and dealers. Grand Design now has more than 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Middlebury, Indiana. 

How Many Grand Design Transcend Floorplans Are There? 

Grand Design’s Transcend Xplor family of travel trailers includes 11 floorplans. Each has a full bath and kitchen. There are three bunkhouse floorplans and one with rear living. One of the floorplans has a rear kitchen, and two have a full rear bath. As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from.

What Makes Transcend Great

Grand Design built the Transcend Xplor with its customers in mind. The floorplans have a functional design, plus options for any type of RVer. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a family, you’re likely to find something that will work for you. 

Transcend Xplor gets you into a quality Grand Design travel trailer while keeping the weight down. The smallest floorplan has a dry weight of 4,796 pounds, gross vehicle weight rating of 6,995 pounds, and hitch weight of 480 pounds. This offers a broader range of options for a tow vehicle. 

Best Grand Design Transcend Floorplans

We’ve narrowed down the best Grand Design Transcend floorplans to help you sift through the variety of options. To begin, check out these four favorites.

Best Bunkhouse Grand Design Transcend Floorplan: 321BH

Grand Design Floor plan with the best bunkhouse.
Transcend Xplor 321BH via Grand Design

The 321BH includes a bath and a half. It’s 36 feet 11 inches long from the hitch to the rear bumper. The UVW (unloaded vehicle weight) is 7,738 pounds, while the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) is 9,295 pounds, and the hitch weight is 728 pounds. It has a substantial 62-gallon freshwater tank, which is beneficial for a family or multiple people traveling together. And both the gray and black holding tanks each have a 78-gallon capacity.

The bunkhouse has two sets of bunks in the rear with a half bath. There’s also a queen bed in the front master bedroom with a full bath that extends the width of the trailer. A full kitchen, entertainment center, dinette, and theater seating sit between the two bedrooms. Plus, this bunkhouse has an outdoor kitchen. 

Smallest Grand Design Transcend Floorplan: 200MK

Smallest Grand Design Transcend Floorplan.
Transcend Xplor 200MK via Grand Design

The smallest Transcend is the 200MK at only 24 feet 11 inches. The UVW is 4,796 pounds, GVWR is 6,995 pounds, and hitch weight is 480 pounds. Although it’s small, the 200MK has a freshwater tank capacity of 62 gallons. That’s a significant benefit for camping with city water hookups.

The floorplan features a queen bed in the front and a u-shaped dinette that folds into a bed. It has a large kitchen for its size with adequate counter space. There’s even a full bath.

Best Grand Design Transcend Floorplan with Rear Living: 245RL

A Grand Design Transcend Floor Plan with rear living room.
Transcend Xplor 245RL via Grand Design

The only floorplan with a true rear living room is the 245RL. It has a 70-inch tri-fold couch on the back wall and a u-shaped dinette on a side slide-out with an entertainment center on the opposing wall. The full bath and queen bed are in the front master bedroom. This floorplan has two entry doors, one in the back and one in the front.

The 245RL is 30 feet 8 inches. It has a UVW of 6,327 pounds, and the GVWR is 7,695 pounds, with a hitch weight of 618 pounds. 

Grand Design Transcend Floorplan with No Slides: 247BH

A Grand Design Transcend floor plan with no slides.
Transcend Xplor 247BH via Grand Design

The 247BH has no slides, but it’s pretty roomy. Large bunk beds make up half of the rear, and the full bath is on the other half. There’s a sofa and dinette in the middle. The full kitchen sits between the living area and master bedroom at the front. 

The trailer is 29 feet 11 inches. It has a UVW of 5,392 pounds and a GVWR of 6,995 pounds, with a hitch weight of 546 pounds. Grand Design does a great job with another trailer on the small side, giving it a 62-gallon freshwater tank.

Transcend Is a Truly Versatile Model

Without a doubt, Transcend Xplor is one of the most versatile models out there. Each of the Grand Design Transcend floorplans provides something a little different. We love that they give consumers choices that are practical and modern at the same time. 

We hope you have an opportunity to check out one of the Transcends. Take a virtual tour on Grand Design’s website if you like, and be sure to walk through one in person if possible. Which floorplan would you buy?

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