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We're Jason and Rae Miller the founders of Getaway Couple! We provide daily content covering all aspects of camping from the smallest tent stake to the largest luxury RV. We've been camping for over 30 years and love to share our knowledge with you on this blog on our YouTube channel. We also write for RVSnappad.com, HWY.co, and are correspondents for the RV Show USA radio show. If you're looking for a little more structured learning on RVing, you can also find us as course instructors on RVMasterclass.com. If you are looking for a winter snowbirding destination you may enjoy our book Snowbird Travel Guide: Arizona
The Corn Palace
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What Is Inside Corn Palace?

We’ve seen our fair share of unique places all across the country. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to…
Close up of an East to West RV
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Who Makes East to West RV?

With so many RV brands and new names hitting the industry over the last few years, it can…
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How to Find Yourself a Free RV

Many dream of finding a free RV. The prices for RVs have skyrocketed over the last couple of…
A person at the beach wearing reef safe sunscreen
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Is Reef-Safe Sunscreen a Scam?

If you haven’t heard of reef-safe sunscreen yet, it’s time you do. You’ve probably heard of mineral sunscreens…
The Aliner LXE a pop up camper with bathrooms
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10 Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms

Are you looking for a budget-friendly camper with a toilet? You’re in luck! There are plenty of pop-up…
A woman walking into her RV after replacing her RV lock on her door
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How Do You Replace an RV Door Lock?

We’ve done plenty of upgrades over the past several years. However, replacing our RV door lock was one…