Is an Airstream Bambi Worth the Money?

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A man with a camera shoots out of the front door of his Airstream Bambi travel trailer.

Have you heard of the Airstream Bambi? You might like it. 

In a society where mass consumption is the norm, sometimes it’s nice to scale back and evaluate what’s important. The same is true when buying an RV. While you could go out and buy a class A motorhome or 40-foot fifth wheel, at the end of the day, do you really need all that space? What if a small and agile travel trailer could provide you with the same quality luxuries–would you consider it? 

If so, join us as we take a look at the Airstream Bambi. These classic tiny campers may surprise you with their innovative design and open feel.

An isolation of a shining metallic Airstream Bambi travel trailer on white.

What Is the Airstream Bambi? 

Bambi is Airstream’s line of short, single axle travel trailers. There are four floor plans, ranging from 16 to 22 feet in length. A Bambi is a good choice for anyone who wants luxury amenities but prefers tiny living. 

Every Airstream Bambi includes a kitchen, bathroom, memory foam bed, and a dinette that converts into extra sleeping space. Each unit can sleep up to four people. And with overhead storage throughout the campers, there’s plenty of room for gear.

Bambi travel trailers look like traditional Airstreams on the outside–just smaller. They have the classic curved aluminum body that’s known to stand the test of time. Additionally, you’ll find a storage compartment, outdoor shower, and retractable awning on the exterior.

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How Much Is an Airstream Bambi? 

Quality construction doesn’t come cheap. The smallest 2022 Bambi Airstream, the 16RB, starts at $56,500. The largest floor plan, the 22FB, starts at $66,100. 

Because Airstreams hold their value, you can expect to pay between $35,000 and $70,000 for a used Bambi, depending on age and condition.

Airstream Bambi Floor Plans

As mentioned earlier, Airstream offers four Bambi floor plans. Each is versatile and has everything you need in an RV. The right trailer for you will depend on how much space you need and which layout you like best. Let’s explore all four.


This 16-foot travel trailer is an excellent choice for solo travelers, weekend warriors, or tiny home enthusiasts. Despite being the shortest model in the Bambi lineup, this camper doesn’t miss a beat regarding amenities.

A dinette for four can convert into a bed for two in the front of the 16RB. Moving to the center of the rig, you’ll find a galley kitchen on one side. The kitchen has a two-burner stove, sink, microwave, and 12-volt refrigerator. On the other side is a wet bath. The trailer’s rear has a 48” x 78” bed and a wardrobe closet.


One step up from the 16RB is the 19-foot 19CB floor plan. This unit is for the camper who can’t stand the thought of using a wet bath. While the rear corner bed is slightly smaller at 48” x 76”, it allows for a separate shower and toilet. Plus, this unit has a sink and vanity in the bedroom area.

Like the smaller floor plan, you’ll find a convertible dinette in the front living area. The galley kitchen has a stove, sink, microwave, and 12-volt refrigerator. Above the fridge is extra counter space for food prep. 


Up next is the 20’ Airstream Bambi. Unlike the other floor plans, this one has a large corner kitchen in the rear. Those who love to cook and entertain friends on the road will appreciate this RV. In addition to the 12-volt fridge, microwave, and two-burner stove, there’s a double sink. The L-shaped kitchen design offers plenty of extra countertop space for small appliances.

Opposite the kitchen is a complete dry bath, which also has extra counter space. The four-seater dinette sits between the bathroom and bedroom. In the front are the full-size bed and wardrobe cabinet. Owners of the 20FB will have a gorgeous view of their campsite every morning with windows that wrap around the bed.


Last, we have the largest Bambi unit, coming in at 22’ in length. The 22FB is a good option for full-time travelers or weekend warriors with kids. The master bed is the stand-out feature in this mode, with a sizable 54” x 80” pillow-top memory foam mattress.

The convertible u-shaped dinette in this travel trailer serves as an eating, sleeping, and lounging space. The galley kitchen has a 12-volt refrigerator, two-burner stove, double sink, and microwave. At the rear of the trailer is a large dry bath and wardrobe closet. 

Pros and Cons of the Airstream Bambi

Airstreams are all-around good campers. However, they’re not without their pros and cons. Here we’ll dive into a few things you should consider before purchasing an Airstream Bambi.


Small And Nimble

These compact trailers can go where larger trailers and motorhomes can’t. So, if you love to camp in the backwoods or explore beyond paved roads, you’ll appreciate the nimble design. Airstream Bambis are also perfect for tight campsites or even parking in a driveway. 

Floorplan Variety

Airstream has put careful thought into its floor plans. Each Bambi varies in size, layout, and functionality. No matter your travel style, you’ll likely find a model that meets your needs.

Classic Airstream Look

Airstream is an icon in the RV world and beyond. Many people can identify with an Airstream, even if they’ve never owned an RV. And while the brand has branched out in recent years with designs like the Basecamp, the Bambi line still maintains that classic Airstream look. 

A man uses his digital table at the dinette in his Airstream travel trailer as the sun shines through the windows.


Can Feel Cramped

The interiors of Airstream trailers feel light and airy, thanks to their modern design. Still, it’s a small space. For RVers used to big rigs or folks transitioning from a house to a travel trailer, the Bambis can feel cramped. And if you add kids or guests into the mix, you might even start feeling claustrophobic. 


We wouldn’t call a $60,000 travel trailer cheap. Airstreams, in general, are not budget RVs, and the Bambi lineup is no exception. If you have the money, you likely won’t be disappointed in the product’s quality. However, the average RVer will probably have to turn to other brands to find an affordable travel trailer. The other option is to hunt down a good deal on a used unit.

Better for Short Trips

Typically, small RVs are better for short trips, like weekend getaways or summer excursions. This is again due to the lack of interior space. Some individuals can manage to live long-term in a small trailer. Others can’t even imagine it. If you’re planning on traveling for a year or more, thoughtfully consider if a Bambi is the right rig for your adventure.

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Is an Airstream Bambi Worth the Money? 

Bambis are as cute and classic as they are luxurious and functional. They’re made with the same care and attention to detail as other Airstream trailers. If you want a reputable camper with a high resale value and durable construction, an Airstream Bambi is worth the money. On the other hand, if luxury is low on your list of RV needs, you might be better off spending your money elsewhere.

Of course, if you’ve always dreamed of owning an Airstream, who are we to tell you not to invest in a Bambi? Life is short, and our dreams will always be dreams if we don’t pursue them.

What do you think of the Airstream Bambi?

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