What Is The Airstream eSTREAM?

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An airstream parked in the desert with solar panels on the roof.

In January 2022, many new floor plans, amenities, and technologies were introduced at the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa. One of the biggest headlines was the unveiling of electric RVs! Airstream released their eSTREAM and Winnebago released their e-RV.

These advancements in technology aren’t just eye-catching and cool; they open up doors to new adventures and possibilities in the travel industry. They could change the way RVers plan and camp. Let’s take a closer look at the Airstream eStream!

What Is An Airstream?

Airstream is one of the most iconic American companies in history. There is no doubting what brand the trailer is when you see an Airstream going along the highway. The silver bullet, space-like design has turned heads for decades.

Airstream travel trailers range in size but not in quality. They’re some of the best-built RVs ever made. And the Airstream community is loyal. They love the vintage feel and remain faithful to the company because of the quality craftsmanship. Owners can rely on their Airstreams to last for decades.

What Is The Airstream eSTREAM?

Airstream’s eStream travel trailer is all-electric powered by high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. From the solar panel roof to the smart, all-electric chassis to the advanced sensors, the eStream is moving the RV industry into the 21st Century.

Features like self-propelling motors, Alexa-enabled technology, and a user-friendly digital interface system make the eStream truly one-of-a-kind.

The airstream estream is the new electric trailer that brings the future to the present.

Who Owns The eSTREAM? 

Airstream manufactures the eStream. Founded in the 1930s by Wally Byam, Airstream’s first factory was established in Culver City, California in 1931. By the 1950s, Airstream had outgrown its facility and moved to Jackson Center, Ohio, where it continues manufacturing travel trailers today. In 1980, Wade Thompson and Peter Orthwein acquired Airstream and began a new company called Thor Industries.

About Thor Industries

Thor Industries, one of the largest manufacturers in the RV industry, has been in the RV business for over 40 years. Since acquiring Airstream in 1980, it has acquired numerous other RV brands.

Situated in Elkhart, Indiana, Thor’s brands include Jayco, Tiffin, Dutchmen, and Heartland. They manufacture RVs of all types, including luxurious Class A motorhomes to small travel trailers.

How does the Airstream eSTREAM Work? 

RVers today are looking for design and safety but also innovation and convenience. The eStream delivers. The digital tools and smart home technology make towing and camping simple and stress-free. 

Roadpass Digital optimizes the vehicle’s range and helps owners plan their routes. A smartphone app controls the eStream and brings it to the tow vehicle when ready to hitch up. This means no more backing up. Just a swipe of your finger remotely moves the trailer to where you need it.

Once on the road, the electric drivetrain propels the eStream to make the drive more fuel-efficient. These built-in motors reduce drag by assisting the tow vehicle. The smart, all-electric chassis and lithium batteries improve towing range and gas mileage, which means fewer stops on travel days and more time for adventure.

As long as you’re traveling under 300 miles, you should be able to reach your destination without stopping to recharge. At the campsite, use the app to remotely set up the eStream in the perfect location. Now you’re ready to enjoy a weekend of camping.

Does the eSTREAM Really Park Itself? 

Although the eStream has a remote control function, the owner still has to drive it with the aid of the app. It’s not a button you push, and then the eStream is automatically set up.

However, you can get out of the tow vehicle and use the app to unhitch, back up, maneuver around trees or rocks, and place the eStream in the perfect location.

This also means if you want to wake up to a beautiful sunrise, you can position the eStream quickly and easily. And then, if you’re going to eat dinner while peering out the front windows enjoying the sunset, you can simply turn the eStream around with the app to be in a different position. There is no more hassle of hitching up, backing up, and trying to maneuver in a tight space.

Additional Features of the eSTREAM

The remote control function and electric drivetrain are certainly turning heads. But there are a few more features worth mentioning. For RVers looking for innovative technology, intelligent voice control allows you to speak commands to Alexa. Although not necessary to the camping lifestyle, this technology will make you feel like you’re at home.

Another key feature is the digital interface. RVers can quickly see how many miles are left before the next charge, how much energy is being used, and how much energy is stored. While this might not be important for weekend trips to a local campground, for RVers who dry camp often, this is a game-changer and a welcome innovation.

Finally, solar panels can provide up to two weeks of power. While you’re out hiking, biking, fishing, or visiting local towns, the solar panel roof generates power for your trailer. Again, for boondockers, the ability to travel anywhere will change their travel lifestyle.

When Will The eSTREAM Be On The Market?

We don’t know when Airstream will release the eStream units. Many RVers are patiently – or not so patiently – awaiting their arrival to the market. You can be sure that the eStream will sell quickly as travelers want these advancements in technology.

Many environmentalists welcome the emissions-free travel lifestyle and applaud Airstream and Thor’s endeavors to create a trailer that will leave a smaller footprint. Whatever the timeline is, the release date can’t come soon enough.

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The Future of RVing Could Be Electric 

The RV industry is responding with a bigger focus on environmental protection recently. Winnebago has joined the electric RV race as well. We can predict that the future of RVing will look more environmentally-friendly while also providing better technology for added safety and convenience. 

No one enjoys having to back into a tight campsite four times while the neighbors are staring and smirking. Who wouldn’t want to get out of the vehicle and remotely control the travel trailer to the perfect spot? But beyond the “cool” factor, Airstream seems to be focused on creating camping spaces that are comfortable and convenient for RVers. Will you be eyeing the eStream when it becomes available for purchase?

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