Who Owns Alliance RV?

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An Alliance RV Toy hauler

If you’ve been RVing for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of Thor Industries and Forest River. These two empires own most RV brands, including Tiffin, Airstream, Keystone, and Coachmen. You might have also heard of Winnebago and Grand Design, two other leading players in the RV industry. But what about Alliance RV?

This newcomer to the RV manufacturing world has set out to be a private, independent, smaller company dedicated to providing quality RVs at various price points and meeting the needs of its owners. Let’s learn more about Alliance RV!

About Alliance RV

Alliance RV broke ground in Elkhart, Ind., in 2019, focusing on manufacturing luxury fifth wheels. In just a few short years, Alliance RV has made its way up in the RV industry and has recognition for its quality and dedication to its customers. Owners can join the Alliance RV Group to share stories and get opinions from other Alliance owners.

This communication is critical to the development of Alliance RV as the company listens intently to owner feedback when creating new models and making the Alliance experience even better. To date, Alliance RV has three different lineups: the Paradigm, the Valor, and the Avenue.

Who Owns Alliance RV?

Because Thor and Forest River own so many brands, Coley and Ryan Brady felt there was a need for a private, independent manufacturer in the RV industry. Because of its smaller size, Alliance RV can connect personally with dealers and customers. In fact, Alliance RV only has one dealer in select markets, so dealers aren’t competing with each other. 

Also, because Alliance RV only has one brand per price point, the company can have laser focus to make each of the three brands meet the needs of consumers. The product features are specific to those brands and enhance the RVing experience for those particular owners.

Where Are Alliance RVs Manufactured? 

The production facility sits on 110 acres in Elkhart, Ind., the heart of RV country. Plant tours are available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, beginning at 2:00 p.m. Prospective owners can observe the manufacturing of Paradigm, Valor, or Avenue units and get a better idea of the process and quality of Alliance RV units. They can also get a sense of Alliance RV’s commitment to its owners.

What is Alliance RV Known For?

Alliance RV is known for its quality manufacturing and listening to customer feedback. Customers have recently suggested changes to enhance the RVing experience, and Alliance answered with changes.

The Alliance Paradigm and Valor fifth wheel models come with the Rota-Flex pin box, which reduces chucking and absorbs the road shock of travel. The holding tanks are encased in a steel cage to reduce the chance of them falling out while driving. Steel straps also secure them.

Alliance also builds a drop frame that increases the basement storage by 30% to 35% in its units. Additional features include Dexter heavy duty 4K springs, Dexter 7,000-pound axles, and MorRyde CRE3000 suspension system to better protect the RV and reduce dangerous failures.

Keep in Mind: Installing a MORyde Sliding Cargo Tray is easier than you think! Click the link to learn how!

About the Alliance RV Line Up 

Whether you’re looking for luxury living with all the amenities or looking to transport your golf cart in a toy hauler, Alliance RV has models for all types of RVers. The Paradigm fifth wheels are the top-of-the-line models with everything owners need for entertainment, relaxation, and comfort. The Valor toy haulers are available in both fifth wheel and travel trailer options. The Avenue fifth wheels give owners the Alliance brand’s security while avoiding the Paradigm models’ price tag.

Paradigm Luxury Fifth Wheels

There are eight Paradigm luxury fifth wheels in the Alliance lineup. Seven floor plans feature rear living or rear kitchen layouts and front bedrooms. Only the Paradigm 385FL has a front living space with a rear bedroom. They all feature a kitchen island except the Paradigm 372RK and 382RK, which feature a U-shaped kitchen along the rear of the unit.

The smallest Paradigm, the 295MK, is 33 feet 3 inches long with a dry weight of 11,666 pounds. The largest unit is the Paradigm 390MP, which is 41 feet 11 inches long with a dry weight of 13,546 pounds. All units have a 98-gallon fresh tank, 106-gallon gray tank, and 53-gallon black tank except for the Paradigm 382RK. That has a 106-gallon black tank, and the Paradigm 370FB has two 53-gallon black tanks.

Valor Toy Haulers

Each Valor toy hauler has the generator and battery compartment up front while also providing storage for tools and gear. The Valor fifth-wheel toy haulers are available in six floor plans. The smallest, the Valor 36V11, is 39 feet 8 inches long with an 11-foot garage and a dry weight of 13,903 pounds. The largest, the Valor 42V13, is 44 feet 1 inch long, has a 13-foot garage, and a dry weight of 15,600 pounds. The Valor 41V15 actually has a larger 15-foot garage but is shorter overall with a 43’7” length.

Valor travel trailer toy haulers are available in three floor plans. The Valor 23T15 is 26 feet 11 inches long with a 15-foot garage that extends through the kitchen to the front bedroom door. The Valor 31T18 is 33 feet 11 inches long with an 18-foot garage that also extends to the front bedroom. Finally, the Valor 33T13 is 35 feet 11 inches long with a 13-foot garage that’s closed off with doors and includes a separate half bath. The center living space is separate from the garage and includes a kitchen island.

Inside of a bedroom of an Alliance RV
Source: Alliance RV

Avenue Fifth Wheels

The Alliance RV Avenue fifth wheels are designed for an easier towing experience. They’re lighter than the Paradigm models. That also means they don’t come standard with Rota-Flex pin box, the Dexter heavy duty 4K springs, or the Dexter 7,000-pound axles. However, the Avenue fifth wheels still have the MorRyde CRE3000 suspension system.

There are six floor plans, two of which include bunk beds. The Avenue 36BRM features a rear bunk room with two pocket doors. The Avenue 31BHS also has a rear bunkroom with one pocket door. The bunks are 56 inches by 74 inches in both models. All of the Avenue units feature a front primary bedroom.

The smallest model, the Avenue 26RD, is 28 feet 10 inches long with a dry weight of 7,800 pounds. Two other units – the Avenue 30RLS and 31BHS – are under 10,000 pounds as well. The largest model, the Avenue 36BRM, is 39 feet 5 inches long with a dry weight of 11,700 pounds. All units have the same 98/106/53 size tanks as the Paradigm models except for the smaller Avenue 26RD. That has a 72-gallon fresh tank, 56-gallon gray tank, and 36-gallon black tank.

How Much Do Alliance RVs Cost?

Every Alliance has a three-year limited structural warranty and a one-year limited base warranty. In addition, full-time living won’t void the warranty. This comes with every Paradigm, Valor, or Avenue purchase. But the price range among each of these models varies. 

Because the Avenue is lighter and simpler than the Paradigm, this series will be less expensive. The Paradigm units have an MSRP of $113,000 to $133,000, depending on the model. The Avenue units have an MSRP from the $80,000s to close to $100,000, depending on the model.

The Valor toy haulers will vary between the fifth wheel models and the travel trailer models. The Valor fifth wheels will cost around $150,000, and the Valor travel trailers will be less expensive options.

Keep in Mind: If you’re getting a luxury RV, you’ll need to get these Luxury RV Accessories to go with it!

The living and kitchen area of an Alliance RV
Source: Alliance RV

What Is the RV Training Offered by Alliance RV?

The RV training offered by Alliance RV is a video series produced by National RV Training Academy to help new owners. The series covers the basics and important maintenance for keeping Alliance RVs in tip-top shape. Over five hours of videos will help new owners learn about RVing, including electricity, propane, the HVAC system, and slide outs. 

Alliance RV: The New Kids on the Block, But Not the Industry

Alliance RV may not be the mega giants of the RV industry like Thor and Forest River. Still, the company is making its own name and getting recognized for its superior quality and customer service. If you’re looking for a new RV and want quality over quantity, check out Alliance RV. And when something does go wrong, know you’ll have the customer service to support you along the journey.

Have you looked at the Alliance RV lineup?

  1. We have a 22 Alliance Valor Toy Hauler (42v13 with the side and back patios). We love it. We chose Alliance mainly for their dedication to customer service. It’s literally what sealed the deal over Grand Design for us. They have proven that several times already, over-nighting parts and getting on Facetime with us to help solve issues. While we have had quality issues, and you will with ANY rig, we are very pleased with our experience so far.

  2. We have owned a Paradigm 310 for 2 years and are full-time RV travelers. Although we believe the Alliance brand is better built, I would not place it in the “luxury” class (VanLeigh Beacon, Jayco Pinnacle, Mobile Deluxe Suites, etc). They are very nice and have great amenities, but in our opinion they are in the mid-price range, with many premium features. We think the GD Solitude is a very close comparison. However, the Customer Service at Alliance is heads above.

  3. You need to do a little better research on a product before you write an article about the quality of a product. For a year and a half we have been dealing with leaks, 240 volt readings from 110 volt outlets, slide out roofs not properly sealed and screws not completely. tightened and the nuts on the mini breaker/busbar not tight [only one 1 of 9 nuts were tight the others were just started and left lose] this was causing issues with 12 volt refrigerator. I have so much documentation in pictures, videos and emails of this nightmare of a coach. I have researched and found multiple complaints about this manufacturer. Know I will say this, the person who has been assisting us from Alliance has been helpful but the stress and amount of time dealing with, having to take off work and not knowing when the next problem is going to pop up takes it toll on a persons patience. Quality of workmanship and quality control seems to be a big issue.

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