Who Makes Heartland RV?

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It’s essential to do your homework before making an RV purchase. After all, you want to get a rig from a reputable manufacturer. The RV world has several major players, but you wouldn’t know it at first glance. That’s because many big-name companies own smaller RV companies. Today, we’re going to cover who makes Heartland RV. 

About Heartland RV

Heartland RV is a newer RV company that has gained in popularity. In 2003, Brian Brady, a veteran RVer himself, founded Heartland RV. With the introduction of the Cyclone toy hauler in 2006. Heartland RV grew 225% and opened a new facility in Elkhart, Indiana.

Heartland acquired DRV and Cruiser RV a few years later and expanded production outside of Elkhart and Howe, Ind. Most recently, the company had a rebranding campaign centered on Launching Life’s Journeys. Thus, a new logo, new brand colors, and a new story were created.

There are six travel trailer models, five fifth wheel models, and four toy hauler models currently in the Heartland RV lineup. From 21 feet 8 inches to 44 feet 6 inches in length and 3,150 lbs to 17,400 lbs in weight, these units are as varied as you’ll find within the same brand. You’ll find an RV for every type of traveler within the Heartland lineup.

Then in 2010, just seven years after starting, Thor Industries purchased Heartland RV. In the years since Heartland has grown exponentially. 

Who Makes Heartland RV? 

As mentioned above, Thor Industries purchased Heartland RV in 2010. It was the company’s largest purchase at that time. In 2012, Brian Brady retired, and Chris Hermon replaced him as the President of Heartland RV.

So, even though Thor Industries owns Heartland RV, the company still operates with its own President. In fact, Heartland RV may appear to be its own self-governing brand to the outside eye. 

Since Thor Industries owns so many larger RV brands, this is a common perception because each brand has been so successful.

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About Thor Industries

The RV empire Thor Industries wasn’t always a massive conglomerate of RV brands. It got started on the right foot in 1980 with the purchase of Airstream, one of the most iconic brands in America. As the company continued to acquire brands throughout the years like Dutchmen in 1991 and Keystone in 2001, it expanded into the leading manufacturer of RVs in the world. 

Since adding Heartland RV to its family of brands in 2010, Thor Industries has also acquired KZ, Jayco, and Tiffin. In total, Thor Industries currently owns 17 North American RV brands and numerous European brands.

Currently, Thor Industries is the largest RV manufacturer in the world. They own 18 different RV companies, but they do much more than RVs. They’re all about the travel experience. That’s why they own several travel-related companies as well. 

From RV purchasing to RV road trip planning to finding friends on the road, Thor provides it all.

Thor Industries logo on the website homepage with a magnifying glass over the logo, Thor is who makes Heartland RV.

Common Features Found in Heartland RVs

Heartland RV creates towable RVs, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. Heartland commits to making its RVs differently. They’re one of the top manufacturers of towable RVs and consistently design best-selling products. 

They use high-quality materials, and design for all their RV builds. The result is a structurally sound RV. Plus, they back all new RVs with a three-year warranty.

Heartland RVs don’t have carpet. Instead, they have woven flooring that’s easy to clean. If you have allergies, it’s a must-have.

They also use Azdel composite for interior walls. This patented paneling is lightweight and stands up to any temperature. They also offer triple seal protection for their slide rooms. This technology keeps dirt, dust, and water out of your RV. 

Heartland RV also provides nationwide service. This is important for full-time RVers because if something happens when you’re on the road, you don’t want to be stranded. With Heartland RV, you can get help anywhere in the country. 

interior picture of a Heartland RV fifth wheel kitchen with a residential fridge and two ovens

What Campers Are Made by Heartland RV?

Thor gained a vast lineup with the purchase of this popular manufacturer. No matter what your budget, the size of your family, or what amenities you need, you’ll find the right model for you.

Heartland RV offers it all, from ultra-lite travel trailers you can tow with a small SUV or truck to massive fifth wheels or toy haulers. Heartland can deliver. Let’s look at a few options.

Travel Trailers

One of the best features of the travel trailer lineup is that some models can be towed with an SUV and others need to be towed with a truck. It’s always important to know the towing capacity of your vehicle and the GVWR of your RV to make sure you’re safely transporting your RV.

The North Trail Ultra Lite, Mallard, Sundance, Prowler, Trail Runner, Pioneer, and Mallard Pathfinder are all models within the Heartland RV travel trailer lineup. The MSRP ranges from under $30,000 for a Pioneer to over $57,000 for a Sundance.

The weights also range from 3,500 lbs for a Mallard Pathfinder to 7,300 lbs for a Sundance bunkhouse model. However, a standard truck can tow most of these travel trailers, which is great for campers who don’t want to spend lots of money on a heavy-duty truck.

The Mallard Pathfinder is the only single axle travel trailer. These are the smallest units and feature a front queen-sized bed and full bathroom. They’re great for campers who want to squeeze into smaller campsites for weekend getaways. 

On the other end, the North Trail lineup has the longest and heaviest options. There are also 20 different floor plans to choose from, with some units featuring rear bunk rooms for the kids, as well as other options featuring fifth wheel-type living spaces with multiple sofas and a kitchen island.

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Fifth Wheels

Within the Heartland RV fifth wheel lineup, there are Landmark, Bighorn, Big Country, Elkridge, Milestone, and Bighorn Traveler units. Like all fifth wheels, these require a special hitch and must be towed with a heavy-duty truck. The Heartland products range in weight from 10,700 lbs to over 16,000 lbs.

The first fifth wheels produced by Heartland RV were in the Landmark series. These units feature a tilting king-sized bed and lots of entertainment space for guests in the living area. They’re also the most expensive, with the cheapest unit starting at around $180,000 MSRP.

On the other end, the Elkridge fifth wheels start around $86,000. These units cater more to families as they have several floor plans with bunk beds and separate rooms.

Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels 

The Cyclone, Road Warrior, Torque, Fuel, and Gravity lines produce toy hauler fifth wheels. The shortest units are 38 feet 6 inches long, whereas the longest units are over 45 feet.

The most expensive RV type, a Cyclone, has an MSRP of over $173,000, while the cheapest unit, a Fuel, is priced under $93,000. The Cyclone and Road Warrior lines offer both double and triple axle units.

A couple of the Fuel units have a garage space under 13 feet, and one Cyclone unit has a garage even smaller at 11 feet. But in general, most units have at least 14 feet to 16 feet of space in the rear. With the larger garage space, many units have additional sleeping and lounging options with flip-down sofas and HappiJac beds.

A few of the toy hauler fifth wheels feature an additional side patio, which provides more outdoor living space. These patios can also be used as an area for small children to play or a safe place to keep your pets.

A man in the desert opening the back of a Cyclone Heartland RV toy hauler
Photo courtesy of Heartland RV

Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

There are four toy hauler travel trailer lineups from Fuel, Lithium, Torque, and Pioneer. All have double axles. The lightest option, a Pioneer, is 5,200 lbs, whereas the heaviest option, a Torque, is 10,000 lbs.

As with all toy hauler models, they feature a garage area in the rear, with the Pioneer having the smallest garage at 11 feet. Several units across the lineup have over 16ft of garage space.

These models vary in floor plans. They all have a dedicated sleeping space in the front, while some also offer additional sleeping space in the garage. All of them provide living room seating like chairs or a sofa.

The kitchen space varies the most. Depending on the length of the units, you may have a larger space to prep meals and eat together or a much smaller space with no designated eating area.

Now that we know who makes Heartland Recreational Vehicles, you might wonder what other brands Thor owns. One of the most well-known is Airstream. Even people outside the RV world know the name Airstream. After all, you can hardly miss these shiny silver bullets traveling down the road. 

Another famous brand Thor owns is Tiffin Motorhomes. Tiffin produces fifth wheels and many luxury Class A motorhomes, like the Allegro models. 

Thor also owns CrossRoads RV, another leader in the towable RV industry. CrossRoads is well-known for its luxury travel trailers and fifth wheels. 

These are just a few of the RV companies in the Thor RV family. Jayco, Keystone, Dutchmen, Entegra, and more are also part of their holdings. Among all these companies, Thor manufactures more RVs than any other company in the world. 

Interior shot of a fifth wheel kitchen with a dinette booth, fridge, and sink

How Much Does a Heartland RV Cost?

RVs always have a huge range in pricing based on each unit’s make, model, floor plan, and amenities. In general, you’ll find new 2022 models that cost anywhere from $29,000 on the low end for a Pioneer travel trailer to over $190,000 for a Landmark fifth wheel.

What Is Heartlands Top of the Line RV? 

The Landmark fifth wheel is the top-of-the-line RV made by Heartland. All five models are over 43 feet long, which provides substantial living, wardrobe, and kitchen prep spaces. Three of the five units feature a kitchen island, but they all have residential appliances, large pantries, and separate eating and lounging spaces. 

Residential finishes aren’t just in the kitchen, however. Throughout the units, you’ll find beautiful touches, stunning cabinetry, and a washer/dryer prep space that make these Landmarks feel like home. The MSRP for the Landmark fifth wheels is $180,000 to $190,000.

Is Heartland RV a Good Brand? 

Heartland RV has been focused from the beginning on manufacturing RVs for all campers. For this reason, they’ve produced numerous types that fit different needs.

RVers founded it for RVers, so the company clearly understands the needs of different travelers. They have captured those experiences in their travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. 

The amenities also range to provide basic, weekend getaway units for travelers looking to escape a few times a year and more luxurious, higher-end models for travelers who want to make longer trips or travel several months out of the year.

Exterior shot of a Heartland fifth wheel at an RV show

Consider Heartland RV When RV Shopping 

Now that you know who makes Heartland RV, you can feel confident with your purchasing decision. It’s important to know who owns what manufacturer as you work through the decision process and learn about each company.

If you’re looking for a new RV, you should definitely check out the Heartland RV lineups. With so many options, floor plans, and price ranges, you’ll find a model that fits your lifestyle.

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  1. Locking to purchase a Pathfinder trailer with all the bells and whistles installed. Can we purchase at factory – factories ?
    Thank you
    Frank & Cathy

  2. No, heartland is not a high quality product, just another Thor cookie cutrer mass produced RV. I have the documents from Lamesa Rv and heartland to prove it. LCI WAS THE ONLY ONE TO STAMD UP AND HELP. So buyer beware and better be handy.

  3. We purchased a Heartland Sundance in 2020. Completely disappointed with the poor quality and continuous issues from day one. I won’t buy another Heartland product.

  4. Wondering why the 7600# GVWR on our new trailer is riding on stock C rated tires that have dual rated load capacity of 6248# ?
    This not only sounds like the manufacturer is chintzing on the quality but in fact posing a danger to the owner and the tow vehicle and all others on the road.

    1. The way that they can do this is that the tongue of the trailer handles some of the weight.

  5. Heatland is Absolutely the worst quality I have ever experienced. I’m so angry at myself for falling into this trap. I’m stuck with this piece of junk.

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