RV Trip Wizard: The Secret Weapon For Successful Trip Planning

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guide to rv trip wizard

RV Trip Wizard will save you time and money while planning your perfect RV trip. From maximizing RV club discounts to planning your fuel stops before you hit the road, RV Trip Wizard does it all. Now with the ability to seamlessly import your trip into the RV Life GPS app you will also get to your destination safe by using RV-safe turn-by-turn directions.

RV Trip Wizard Review

RV Trip Wizard has been an invaluable tool in our arsenal for successful RV trip planning. Since we full-time, we need to continuously plan throughout the whole year.

We originally started our trip planning in Google Maps, but with the limit of only 10 destinations on a map, we quickly ran into a problem of having too many maps. It got confusing on which map we were supposed to be looking at that week. Since it didn’t have anywhere for notes, we had to also use a separate spreadsheet to track our cost, site numbers, and other notes.

Since it is web-based, you can access it on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any internet-connected device. Check out all of its features and benefits below:

RV Trip Wizard Planning and Routing

The main purpose of RV Trip Wizard is an RV trip planning and routing. Since it was built around RV planning it takes into account some of the nuances of RV travel.

Add your RV height and weight in RV trip wizard for custom trip planning

Customize Your RV Height and Weight

When driving your RV, you generally want to avoid low clearances. The thing about low clearances is that the definition of “low” changes for every RVer. RV Trip Wizard gives you the ability to customize your route planning and routing to your RV.

After you input your specific RV height, width, weight, and if you are carrying propane, the system will take into account and avoid low clearances, steep grades, and propane restrictions.

Settings in RV Trip Wizard for specifying your driving distances

Driving Distance and Times

One of our favorite features of RV Trip Wizard is the driving distance circles. When creating a trip, you input the miles that you are comfortable driving and it will display three circles from the currently selected campground showing mileage away from it “as the bird flies”.

This is one of those amazingly helpful features for RV trip planning that you didn’t know you needed. At a quick glance, it shows you roughly where you should be looking for a next stop based on your travel style.

Since we normally like to drive only 200 miles with a max of 500, we have circles that show us 150 miles, 250 miles, and 500 miles away from our last stop. When travel planning, it allows us to quickly find campgrounds between the 150 – 250 mile radius that is perfect for our driving preferences.

If you would rather plan your days around the max hours you like to drive, you can specify that instead of miles. RV Trip Wizard also allows you to input other routing options like if you want to avoid tolls, ferries, or tunnels. If you’re the type of person who loves to take the back roads, there is even an option to avoid highways.

RV Trip Wizard showing your a fuel warning when you have met your estimated fuel reserve

Fuel Limit

When routing, it estimates when you will need to refuel based on the reserve you set. This adds additional security to your driving so that you don’t get stuck out of fuel on the side of the road.

Since we like to refuel when we have around one-third of my fuel left, we were able to set a reserve of 10 gallons. The fuel marker shows up on our route where it estimates we should fill up.


RV Trip Wizard is owned by RV Life, the same company that bought CampgroundReviews.com. They have integrated the two so that you get all the independent RVer submitted reviews and comments available to you.

If you are like us and love to read reviews about campgrounds before making a decision, this makes trip planning a breeze.

Campground Filters

With over 20,000 campgrounds available to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to choose where to stay. The great news is that you can filter out all the campgrounds that don’t meet your specific travel criteria.

RV Clubs and Camping Memberships

This single campground filter is our secret to saving thousands of dollars every year while full-timing. We absolutely love RV clubs and campground memberships for the discounts they provide but they can be forgotten when planning sometimes.

Since we have so many memberships, we love being able to limit campgrounds to only those that we would receive a discount from for our first pass at travel planning.

We can also prioritize those that save us more in RV Trip Wizard. For example, our Thousand Trails membership grants us camping for a $0 nightly rate so we choose those ones first. Next on our list is Passport America with its 50% savings, then Good Sam Club, Escapees, FMCA, etc. with a 10% discount per night.

This allows us to save money with our RV clubs when it fits into our trip but we can always disable the filter to see any of the other 20,000 campgrounds if they would better fit our plans.

RV Park Type

If you prefer to camp in the Army Corps of Engineering campgrounds, National Park campgrounds, or State Park campgrounds you can filter on those options as well.

Our trip planning hack is to use the filters for City and County RV parks during the summer holidays when we didn’t make reservations early enough. We have been able to find availability in them since they are less well known when all the private campgrounds in an area are full.

RV Trip Wizard filters based on campground ratings showing only 5 star rv parks

Park Rating

Only like to stay in 5-star RV parks? You can filter based on the sum of review ratings from CampgroundReviews.com. This is also useful to eliminate the parks that have bad reviews from showing while trip planning.

Park Features

Want a pull-thru site? Want to know if pets are allowed? Only want to show boondocking sites? This filter allows you to show only campgrounds on RV Trip Wizard that have features you want.


Looking for a campground that has propane available? Do you want to do laundry on-site? Need showers or a restroom? The amenities filter allows you to see only the RV parks that have what you want.

Park Price

On a budget? The park price filter on RV Trip Wizard lets you see only campgrounds that fall into your price range.

Points of Interest in RV Trip Wizard

While campgrounds get the main focus while trip planning, they are not the only thing you need to think about for a successful trip. You need to think about other points of interest like fuel, rest areas, and attractions in the local area.

RV Trip wizards point of interest filter showing Fuel stops


The fuel filter in RV Trip Wizard will default to showing you all fuel stations in its database. While great to see all you options, the power comes from being able to filter down to the fuel stations where you can save the most money.

If you have the amazing money-saving fuel discount card from TSD Logistics, you can filter to Love’s and TA truck stops where you get the best discounts.

If you are a Good Sam Club member, you can choose to just see Pilot and Flying J where you get a $0.05 – $0.08 discount per gallon.

Those with a Costco membership can filter to see only those stores for great fuel savings.

Overnight Parking

If you are traveling between destinations and only need a place to stop overnight, this filter is a great tool. It defaults to showing you all the overnight parks locations but they might not all apply to you.

If you are Elk or Moose Lodge members, you can display only those.

Need some supplies? Filter to show only Walmarts, Super Walmarts, and Sam’s Clubs.

We personally love staying at Cracker Barrel’s or Casino’s so will usually use that filter to see our options for those along our route.

Rest Areas

Want to stop along your route to stretch your legs or each lunch? RV Trip Wizard allows you to filter on Rest Areas allowing you to quickly spot places that are easy to pull off the interstate for a break then get back to your drive.

Dump Stations

Have you been boondocking and need to find a dump station on your way to the next destination? Use the dump station filter to find those gas stations and other points of interest along your route in RV Trip Wizard.

Area Attractions in RV Trip Wizard

The area attractions filter is super useful for planning those “life” things you need.

We will use the grocery store filter to find a place to restock on our way to more rural parts of the country. This is also useful to find pet stores for Carmen.

You can also find activities likes zoos, aquariums, museums, and more to explore during your trip and have them all in one place in RV Trip Wizard.

RV Trip Wizard trip planning and cost estimating view

Trip Cost Estimating

This feature of RV Trip Wizard was super useful for planning our trips. It has trip cost estimating like the old Microsoft Streets and Trips program that allows you to estimate the food, fuel, and camping costs of your route.

This is something you don’t get with any other trip planner, the ability to see your estimated fuel costs, campground costs, and food costs will allow you to stay within budget.

It also shows the fuel costs between segments of your drive so you can see if that out of the way detour is worth it to you for the extra fuel cost.

RV Life GPS app with the RV Trip Wizard planned trip automatically imported

RV Life RV-safe GPS App

Planning is only half the battle. When it is time to take your trip, you need to arrive safely. While RV Trip Wizard allows you to export the route to use in RV GPS units like Garmen or Rand McNally, they are expensive.

RV Life (the company behind RV Trip Wizard) has recently released the RV Life RV-safe GPS app. It can be used as a standalone app, routing you to a single destination or you can log-in and import your RV Trip Wizard trip.

Access to it is included with your RV Trip Wizard/RV Life Pro account.

It also allows you to download the maps before hitting the road so you don’t have any issues in areas with no cell service. You still get accurate, RV specific, turn-by-turn instructions for getting to your next stop.

They have done a great job with this app and it is one one the nicest campground and routing apps available.


RV Trip Wizard has an annual cost of $49. However, you can save 25% off your membership, by using the code “GETAWAY25” during checkout! This includes access to the trip planning website and RV-safe turn-by-turn GPS.

That’s only $3.06 a month with our exclusive discount.

Should You Buy RV Trip Wizard?

RV Trip Wizard and the RV Life GPS app are necessary tools in your RV trip planning toolbox. They help you save money, stress less, and enjoy your trip.

This planning tool is useful regardless of your travel style. From those planning weekend trips to larger summer break extravaganza’s to those like us who travel full-time, RV Trip Wizard will make your life easier.


What does RV Trip Wizard cost?

The annual fee is $49 which grants you access to trip planning in RV Trip Wizard and RV-safe GPS routing with the RV Life app along with everything else included in RV Life Pro.

Does RV Trip Wizard have an app?

No but you can access the web based tool in any browser. Once you have created your trip though you can import the route into the RV Life GPS app.

Is RV Trip Wizard the best planning and routing software for my RV trip?


Does RV Trip Wizard work in Canada?

Yes. You can see both private and public commercial campgrounds in Canada. There are also filters available to show only Canadian National Park campgrounds or Canadian Provincial and Preserves.

Stop Wasting Money on Unnecessary Memberships!

While every RV club offers something great, it’s not always applicable to every RVer. Find out which clubs and memberships will save you money and which ones will be useless for your travel style.

Sign up for our completely FREE RV club e-mail course today!

  1. I am interested in Trip Wizard but I really need to be able to go to it before I pay to make sure that this is what I want, I don’t like buying a pig in the poke. So if there is a way I can do this please let me know. We were supposed to go on an 8000 mi trip this summer but had to cancel because of Covid-19. We are going next summer and this might be very helpful.

  2. I had RV Trip Wizard and found that using it was not intuitive I.e. fairly steep learning curve. I let my subscription lapse. Are there tutorials on YouTube For example showIng how to use the product have improvements been made that make RV Trip Wizard easier to use, is there support for the product? What is the difference between RV Trip Wizard and the app that you mentioned? Thanks for your help.

    1. It can definitely be a little overwhelming when you first use the website. There are definitely tutorials out there and we may add those to our to-do list. The app is called RV Life and is an RV GPS and campground listing. You can use it by itself for point to point RV safe driving directions OR plan your route using RV Trip Wizard then route between your already planned route.

  3. Hello,I’m also interested in this service we have been traveling full time for 5 years. Would love to try it before buying it. I do use RV life app. To do a lot of my planning with it. Did I read you are part of this? If so if you join RV Trip Wizard does it include off line?

    1. Correct! You can research and plan your campgrounds and route than in the RV Life app, import and use the GPS function

  4. Jason, RV Trip Wizard lists Thousand Trails and RPI Campgrounds but I do not see the Trails Collections campgrounds. Is there another way to show those campgrounds?

    1. The closest you can get is to filter by Encore parks. Not all Encore parks are Trails Collection, but all Trails collection parks are Encore.

  5. I am new to both products (recent subscriber).

    I am not able to figure out howto export our planned RVTW trips into the nav portion of the RVLife app on our iPhones .

    Also, is there some way to export it to the nav system on our 2020 Chevy 3500?

    Thanks a bunch. GREAT PRODUCT!

    1. At the bottom of the RV Life app, click the red bar at the bottom to have a list expand. Click RV Trip Wizard and it will display all the trips you have created.

  6. I am considering this product but we are not campground folks, we will be traveling to BLM land, boondockers sites, and occasional national or state parks. Can I use this product by putting in an address versus selecting a campground? Love the features just not interested in the campground info.


  7. My wife is starting to plan our summer RV trip and I told her about RV Wizzard. If she gets it can she share her Information with me and can I input from my phone?

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