Save Big Bucks On Diesel for Your RV with the TSD Logistics Fuel Card

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Diesel Fuel Pump in front of RV

If you are heading out on the road in your RV this summer, fuel will be one of your largest expenses. With the TSD Logistics Fuel card, you can save over 50 cents per gallon of Diesel. Sorry gasoline engine owners, it only works with diesel but for the lowest rates on fuel in your area check out the free Gas Buddy app.

We love saving money on our basic monthly necessities like campground fees (with RV Club memberships) and fuel with this card! It lowers our cost of living so we can spend more on experiences.

TSD Logistics Fuel Card

TSD Logistics is a truck logistics company based out of Texarkana, Texas. As part of being a logistics company, they negotiate fuel rates with truck stops around the U.S. based on the amount of fuel they purchase. The more fuel, the lower the rate they pay.

In 2019, they decided to open their fuel program to RVer’s and they have been growing ever since. With more fuel being purchased, they are able to continuously negotiate better rates with truck stops.

The fuel card is currently available to anyone who purchases diesel from truck stops. It can not be used at RV pumps or normal car pumps but only from the commercial pumps.

When you apply, you must submit some personal information but no more than any other credit card. You must submit your social security number since it is used as the control number (more on that later), and in the case TSD Logistics is not able to collect payment and they need it to submit a claim.

You must also submit a routing and account number from your bank since the fuel card only works with ACH. We at Getaway Couple do not like even using our debit card so were a little hesitant to share our routing and account information (not because we don’t trust TSD Logistics, but Jason’s information security background makes him a little paranoid) but that was quickly solved.

We opened up another checking account which is only funded with money for fuel and provided that routing and account number to TSD Logistics. Now we just make sure to keep that account funded.

After you submit your application, you should receive your fuel card in 3 – 4 weeks. If you want it sooner, they do have the option to pay for expedited processing for an additional $20 and overnight shipping for $50.


There is no set discount since it varies from brand to brand. We have received discounts up to $1 off per gallon but the average we get is around $0.60 / gallon since we shop around for the highest discounts.

Here is a real-life example: On May 5th, 2020 we purchased fuel from a TA truck stop in Parowan, UT. The total cost listed on the pump was $53.46 for 20.11 gallons or $2.66 / gallon.

Using the TSD Logistics fuel card, we paid a total of $35.35 for 20.11 gallons of fuel or $1.76 / gallon. That is a total savings of $18.11 or $0.90 / gallon which is amazing!

See below how to use the EFS app to find the cheapest rates near you.


The fuel program has no initial fee for applying. It also has no monthly fee or contract. So how do they make money?

The TSD Logistics fuel card charges a 10% fee on the discount they save you. In the example above, that means they would charge you a fee of $1.81. That lowers your discount to only $0.80 / gallon. Still a great deal!

EFS Card and App

When you first receive your card, it can be a little confusing. You open the envelope from TSD Logistics and out drops a card labeled EFS. Think of the EFS/TSD relationship like this: EFS is VISA (payment network), TSD Logistics is Chase (card issuer).

List of Fuel Apps on an iPhone, including GasBuddy and EFS CardControl

In order to find the current prices available to you and find the biggest discount. You will need to download the EFS CardControl app from the App store. Once you log in, click the ☰ in the top left corner then click Price Locator.

EFS CardControl app used by TSD Logistics for their discount fuel program showing the menu selection

The Price Locator page will load a map with a picture of a semi truck showing your current location. It will display any truck stop prices immediately around you. You can use your fingers to pinch and zoom the map to show further down your route. Just click the 🔍to search the currently displayed map.

EFS CardControl App showing the prices of fuel on a map

The pins will show the current prices on the map. It will automatically show the lowest price pin as green so you can quickly identify it. For more information, you can click on the pin. It will display the truck stop’s address, GPS coordinates, latest price, last updated time, and more.

TSD Logistics EFS CardControl App showing the details of a location including the discounted price of fuel

Using the card at the Truck Pump

Your EFS card (by TSD Logistics) is accepted at all major truck stops right at the pump. No more needing to go inside to pay, you can swipe and go following the instructions below.

Insert your EFS card into the credit card slot like normal. After a minute it will ask you a few questions about fuel type. This will usually be between Tractor Fuel or Reefer Fuel.

You will select Tractor Fuel (stands for Tractor Trailer fuel and is used and taxed for on-road use; Reefer fuel is for the refrigerator units on trailers and is taxed for off-road use)

It will then ask you if you need DEF if there is a DEF pump available.

Next, it will ask if you want to use your cash allowance. This will allow you to withdraw cash like an ATM. If you say yes, they will have it for you at the cashier inside. You will say no for a normal transaction.

Finally, it will ask for your control number. TSD Logistics sets this as the last 4 of your social security number. Once input, it will allow you to start filling your tank with fuel.

If it asks for a unit number, just enter 0000. This is for commercial truckers.

When you are finished, ignore the dollar amount on the pump. You will be charged the lower price stated on the EFS app. Your receipt of purchase is usually available within a few minutes of fuelling.

You will then receive an e-mail receipt from TSD Logistics detailing the transaction and charging your bank via ACH within a few days of filling up.

  1. I’ve been using it for a little while. What I’ve noticed is that the savings have been getting smaller. I don’t know if it’s due to so many more fuel affront have been added that they can’t negotiate a better deal our what…it’s that’s the case, they should focus on the the big boys that can offer a better discount. Having more to offer is not necessarily the best option.

    1. Hey Dave, I think the discounts have more to do with the price of crude and the hit the fuel companies have taken over the last few months than anything else.

  2. Oh Jason, I wanted to mention that you did a terrific job describing the process!
    I hope to meet someday at a campground…I like beer!

  3. Thanks for this! We finally hit the road in August with our autistic son. Bought a used 2019 GMC 3500 Denali (was just over 12 months old with 37k miles) and a used 2018 Jayco North Point with the mid-bunk.

    Already put 6k miles on it and saving money on fuel will definitely help! Not having to go inside to pay is icing on top 👍

    On another note… I seem to recall you saying ya were going to start a channel for tech stuff like home automation, did you ever do that?

    Bill aka InMyImage on YouTube

  4. I love the TSD Program. We travel frequently in our truck and fifth wheel. Where can I find an updated list of truckstops that take the EFS Card and give the discounts?

  5. I am a Canadian who travels extensively in the US during the winter months. (not this year obviously). Can the card be linked to a BMO Canadian account with US Funds?

  6. We have tried to find a list of truck stops other than TA that accepts this card. Can you tell us where to find such a list?

  7. What would you like populated, in the “referred by” section, on the application?
    Love to see you all getting out again. Best part of the show… well having a beer with you guys on the live stream is also fun.
    -Tim & Chrissy

  8. We have had issues with the high pressure at truck facilities. Any suggestions for that issue.

  9. Hi Jason, if I only have a diesel SUV not a RV, can I still sign up and get the diesel fuel discount? I haven’t decided whether to buy a RV yet and will retire in 10 days so I plan to do some road trip with my diesel SUV. Hopefully, I could still sign up and get the discount. Thanks and have a great day.

    1. I hope you’ve figured it out by now, it’s a diesel fuel card, so any vehicle using diesel fuel will work.

  10. What a wonderful explanantion of how to use the TSD card. Mine is waiting for me in the mail. Loved the step-by-step explanation of what to do when you get it in the mail and beyond. Thank you for those great tips!! Much appreciated by a novice motorohome owner.

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