Avoiding Passport America? Why The RV Membership Is Worth It

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What is Passport America

Passport America is one of the top-rated discount camping clubs, offering a whopping 50% discount at almost 1800 campgrounds in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

So, if you like to stay in RV parks or resorts while on the road and like being flexible. This membership is a good idea for you.

One of the best features is that you can use their free mobile app, go to their website, and check out their camping directory even before you sign up. You’ll be able to see current prices, features, pictures, and any restrictions on the discount. There is also a trip planning feature (but we prefer using RV Trip Wizard).

On the downside, many of the campgrounds don’t give the full discount, or don’t offer it during holidays or certain days of the week, or don’t give the reduced rate at all except during off-peak times. The length of your stay is generally limited to a week or two.

Family sitting at Passport America campground have a good day.

Passport America Membership Includes

Discount Camping

The membership includes between 5% and 50% discounts to nightly camping rates at over 1800 campgrounds nationwide.

RV America Magazine

There are four issues a year; articles are written by RVers for RVers, with puzzles, recipes, and product information, as well as stories on travel and the RV lifestyle.

Access to Caravans & Rallies!

Some RVers, whether new or experienced, like handing over the planning and scheduling duties to someone else, especially for a major trip. And they also love traveling in a group and making new friends. If that sounds like you, then sign up for one of the rallies or caravans.

Passport America rallies take place in one location and last about a week: the fee to take part covers camping costs, many of the meals, entertainment, and tours.

A Passport America caravan can be for two to six weeks and will cover an entire section of the country. It will include all historical sites, monuments, and attractions in that area. Caravans are a terrific adventure and a great way to make sure you get to see everything there is to see. The cost covers many meals, admission to live events, entertainment, camping fees, and tours. If you tried to plan all this on your own, it would take hours, and you’d be sure to miss things.

Yearly membership cost

The annual membership cost is only $44! Since the average nightly rate for campgrounds is around $50 across the U.S. it will only take an average of 2 nights to make this membership worthwhile.

Older man with smile on his face with money falling from the sky because he saved money with Passport America.

Average Savings

This membership varies based on the park but is known for its 50% discount. It can be a little confusing at first since each campground sets up its own policies. Once you become familiar with it, you’ll be able to see the restrictions easily when looking through the directory on the app or hardcopy camping directory.

Number of participating campgrounds

The number is always changing but there are around 1800 participating campgrounds nationwide in Passport America right now. This is one of the larger discount programs behind Good Sam but has one of the best discounts.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! At $44 a year, this membership is extremely easy to recoup the cost. Just a two night stay at any 50% off campground will start to save you more money than the membership costs.

Passport America campgrounds displayed on Allstays Camp and RV app.

Are the campgrounds easy to find?

We use the Allstays Pro on our computer or the Allstays Camp and RV app to filter campgrounds across the United States & Canada based on membership. The picture above shows the number of options you have. The Allstays Pro website allows us not only to filter for Passport America parks though but our other campground memberships as well.

They also have their own app and physical campground directory that showcases all the parks including discounts and restrictions.

Is Passport America Right for You?

The low cost and high discount make this membership a must-have for anyone who camps more than 3 nights a year.

Other Memberships

Passport America is a great way to augment other RV clubs. It pairs really well with Thousand Trails to help fill in those areas where there are no Thousand Trails campground. We use it (with Harvest Hosts) for that exact reason.

If you are the extrovert type who wants to meet people on the road, consider a Boondockers Welcome membership.

Looking for a little more community on the road? Escapees RV Club has cultivated one of the best RV communities in its members.

Looking for discounts on more than just camping? FMCA and Good Sam Club offer discounts on camping accessories, tires, fuel, and more.

Plan your trip and save money staying at campgrounds where you get discounts using RV Trip Wizard.

Need help picking the right campground membership for your travel style? Sign up for our free RV club e-mail course below.

Stop Wasting Money on Unnecessary Memberships!

While every RV club offers something great, it’s not always applicable to every RVer. Find out which clubs and memberships will save you money and which ones will be useless for your travel style.

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