RV Trip Wizard vs. Roadtrippers: Which Is Better for RV Trip Planning?

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Today, we’ll look at RV Trip Wizard vs. Roadtrippers and see which resource is better for planning your next vacation. When it comes to meeting the unique needs of RVing, you can’t rely on just any old trip planning software. Using the wrong resources can put you in uncomfortable or even dangerous situations during your trip.

RV Trip Wizard vs. Roadtrippers at a Glance

Planning an RV trip can be incredibly difficult. It’s not surprising that the popular saying, “There’s an app for that,” rings true regarding RV trip planning.

Today we’re comparing RV Trip Wizard vs. Roadtrippers head-to-head. Let’s take a look and see which one of these trip-planning apps could help make planning your next trip a little easier.

Woman using a map and her phone to find the best route to drive.

RV Trip Wizard

RV Trip Wizard is not just an app on your phone but an online resource as well. Those who prefer making plans on a desktop or laptop will appreciate that they can do the majority on the big screen. Then, when they’re on the road, they can access information from the app. 

When you use RV Trip Wizard, you get a visual plan of your future route. You can plug in the campgrounds where you plan to stay, and this resource can customize your route. A custom route will help you avoid low clearances, steep grades, toll roads, or other annoyances while RVing. You’ll have an accurate picture of how much your RV trip costs you, as RV Trip Wizard also allows you to keep track of your travel-related expenses.

A screen shot of the RV Trip Wizard planning app showing their best features

If that’s not enough, RV Trip Wizard’s mobile app is also an RV GPS, so you’ll have access to fuel stops, campgrounds. Plus, you get the security of knowing you’re only traveling on RV-friendly roads. This mobile app is a game-changer for your travel days, whether you’re using a phone or tablet.

RV Trip Wizard is subscription-based and requires an annual fee. While an RV GPS can easily cost several hundred dollars, RV Trip Wizard is $59 per year.

Additionally, you can save 25% off your annual membership, by using the code “GETAWAY25” during checkout! This includes access to the trip planning website and RV-safe turn-by-turn GPS.

That’s only $3.06 a month with our exclusive discount!

RV Trip Wizard is Best For RV Trip Planning

RV Trip Wizard is by far the best resource for RV trip planning, as it’s easy to use and affordable. You can access a massive library of campgrounds, fuel stations, and points of interest. If you want a convenient place to stay overnight, you can find locations like Walmart, casinos, and rest stops as well.

Many RVers set a limit to how many miles they want to drive in a day. RV Trip Wizard allows you to set the maximum amount of miles you’d like to drive before stopping. Once you change your settings to preferred travel distance, you’ll see a circle on the map to help you see what cities are within that traveling radius.

One of the scariest experiences any RVer can face is approaching a low clearance point at high speeds. RV Trip Wizard has a tool where you can record your RV’s dimensions, and it will only suggest safe roads for you and your RV. This includes weight and length restrictions as well! 

Please note that you should still pay attention to signs while driving and be sure to obey all posted regulations.

Camper driving down the highway in the mountains.


Now let’s discuss Roadtrippers in our RV Trip Wizard vs. Roadtrippers battle. This app helps users organize stops along the route. The Roadtrippers app allows offline maps, which is essential when your road trip takes you through remote locations where there’s no cell signal.

Roadtrippers lets you plan your road trip and put in potential places you’re planning to stop. One fun quality of Roadtrippers is the 8 million points of interest in its massive database. With such a robust database, you’ll have little trouble finding something to do at each stop. Who knows what hidden gems you’ll discover by using this resource to plan your trip.

Roadtrippers is a free resource to use but has a premium option available. The benefits of the $29.99 include an ad-free experience, longer trip planning, offline maps, and collaboration with friends.

Roadtrippers is Better for Car Road Trips

When it comes to RV Trip Wizard vs. Roadtrippers, Roadtrippers is a great app, but it’s best for car road trips. There’s a tremendous amount of information on things to see and do in the area, but this resource lacks many essential features for planning an RV trip. 

For example, It doesn’t consider height, weight, or length restrictions for vehicles. Not having these essential features can get you into dangerous situations, especially if you’re in a large RV.

It can be a great planning resource if you’re in a car or know the areas well enough to safely drive your RV there. You’ll easily find plenty of fun and exciting activities to do along your route. We love that this app also gives live traffic conditions, which is missing from the RV Trip Wizard GPS.

Group of friends on a road trip trying to find out which is better rv trip wizard vs. roadtrippers.

RV Trip Wizard vs. Roadtrippers for RV Trip Planning: And the Winner Is? 

When it comes to RV Trip Wizard vs. Roadtrippers, we can easily declare RV Trip Wizard the winner today.  Hands down, RV Trip Wizard best meets the needs of new and experienced RVers when planning their trips!

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Why RV Trip Wizard Is Better for RV Trip Planning

If you’re planning an RV trip, you want your trip planning software to have the unique needs of RVing in mind. RVs can’t travel on every road or fuel up at every fuel station (speaking of fuel, here’s how we save money on diesel). RVs are big and require considerable room for safe maneuvering. RV Trip Wizard can factor this into its planning and ensure you’re not in a dangerous situation.

RV Trip Wizard also has a massive amount of RV-related content in its database. This means you can quickly and easily find information on campgrounds, nearby waste dump stations, or even potable water locations. 

When it comes down to the basics of RVing, there’s really no contest regarding RV Trip Wizard vs. Roadtrippers.

What Apps Do You Love for RV Trip Planning? 

When it comes to RV Trip Wizard vs. Roadtrippers, our winner is clear. We love that technology can make planning RV trips easier. Software developers are fine-tuning their apps and gathering incredible data from various sources to create apps that meet the unique needs of the RVing lifestyle. 

What’s your favorite app to help with planning an epic RV trip?

  1. RV Trip Wizard has evolved and continues to do so. My biggest frustration with it is that it talks over my audiobook that is playing. And it seems to do it at the worst possible moments in the story. It can be really bad when there are a bunch of turns within short time.

  2. I’ve used Roadtrippers for years and it is indeed a wonderful tool. As stated there is a very large database of locations, however it should also be noted that ofttimes I’ll cross-reference a site in Roadtrippers against Google Maps only to find that the Roadtripper entry’s location is in error and submitting an update is neither easy nor intuitive. I haven’t tried RV Trip Wizard yet, will look into it. There are a lot of web sites and apps, all competing for your attention…and your dollars…;-).

  3. We’ve used RV Trip Wizard since we started full time travel. When they merged with RV Life it just got better. The gps is accurate. And since they use your info on your RV, the travel times are usually longer than what you would find in Google Maps or Waze. I love the quick access to campground reviews and the articles from RV Life.
    It’s worth the money to have this level of information available to us quickly and easily!

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