RV Trip Wizard vs The Dyrt: A Trip Planning Showdown

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Hitting the open road in your RV without a plan can be a disaster waiting to happen. Campgrounds across the country report record numbers of bookings as RVs continue to fly off dealership lots.

If you can snag a campsite, navigating down a road not suited for your RV will quickly stop you from reaching your destination. Today, we will compare RV Trip Wizard vs The Dyrt to find the best trip planning platform. Let’s get started!

RV Trip Wizard vs The Dyrt At a Glance

RV Trip Wizard and The Dyrt are two well-known resources that many RVers use when planning their adventures. They offer a significant amount of information to help with the research and planning portions of the process, but that’s not enough to be crowned the victor in this showdown.


We’re going to compare RV Trip Wizard vs The Dyrt in six different categories before crowning a winner. We’ll look at subscription fees, RV-specific information, route dragging, campground reviews, camping costs, and an RV GPS. Here we go!

Subscription Fee

You’ll often have a cost for apps or tools that greatly benefit the end-user, especially when it requires regular updates. Both RV Trip Wizard and The Dyrt both have a subscription fee.

The Dyrt charges a $35.99 yearly subscription and RV Trip Wizard charges $59 for their annual membership. However, if you use the code “GETAWAY25” during checkout, you can get 25% off the RV Trip Wizard annual membership, lowering it to only $36.75.

However, remember that just because one costs less doesn’t mean it’s the best deal overall. You want to consider everything it offers to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

RV Specific Information

Both apps provide RV-specific information. However, RV Trip Wizard offers an extensive database of campgrounds and other services that RVers typically look for while traveling.

It has 20,000 campgrounds and 57,000 points of interest. No matter what type of RV resource you need, there’s a great chance this app has it. 

The Dyrt does have a large database of campgrounds and reviews but doesn’t offer as many other resources. RV Trip Wizard wins this category if you need a massive database of RV-specific information.

Route Dragging

Obviously, when comparing RV Trip Wizard vs The Dyrt you’re going to want to look at route planning. Almost every route planning resource will look for the most convenient route possible. However, there’s no way to know that you want to go 50 miles out of your way on your trip to see a friend or family member. Sometimes you’ll want to drag out the route to make minor adjustments to the plan. However, in our RV Trip Wizard vs The Dyrt showdown, only one app allows this.

RV Trip Wizard has the “drag route” feature turned off by default. By turning this feature on, you can easily customize your route and even avoid specific roads. 

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Campground Reviews

Hearing from other campers about their experience at a campground is always important. Many reviews will leave tips or other information to help make your stay better. Having the largest number of reviews helps you understand what to expect when you arrive and how to improve your trip.

RV Trip Wizard has a massive amount of reviews for each campground because of its integration with CampgroundReviews.com. For example, Leasburg Dam State Park in New Mexico has 41 user-submitted reviews on RV Trip Wizard.

However, when you look at the same campground on The Dyrt, you’ll only find seven user-submitted reviews. When it comes to campground reviews in the RV Trip Wizard vs The Dyrt battle, I think we have a clear winner.

Camping Costs

Traveling the country and camping costs can quickly get expensive. RV Trip Wizard allows you to keep track of your expenses while planning your route. It allows you to see how the individual campground fees add up for the duration of your trip. The Dyrt doesn’t offer this feature but will enable you to sort campgrounds while route planning based on their costs. 


There’s a significant difference between a standard GPS and an RV GPS. If you travel on unfamiliar roads in a motorhome or towing an RV, you want an RV GPS. This type of GPS ensures you only travel on safe and legal roads for your RV’s height, length, and weight.

While The Dyrt can export your trip plan to Google Maps, it doesn’t work as an RV GPS. And it doesn’t factor in important details to consider when RVing. However, RV Trip Wizard uses a built-in RV GPS.

RV Trip Wizard’s RV GPS works on most mobile devices, whether you have an Apple, Android, or tablet. This can give you peace and assurance, especially when detouring due to construction or an accident. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a dedicated RV GPS, you can use RV Trip Wizard and save a ton of money.

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RV Trip Wizard vs The Dyrt: The Winner

You have a lot to consider when planning an RV trip. Using a planning app can help you save time. We want to leave you with our recommendation. Now that we’ve looked at each category in detail, we will crown a winner. Are you ready?

Best Overall: RV Trip Wizard

It should come as no surprise that RV Trip Wizard won. This isn’t to discredit The Dyrt for being a quality resource. The winner has more than an RV GPS or route planning resource. With your subscription, you get access to the whole suite of RV life apps. This suite includes the RV GPS, RV Trip Wizard, and Maintain My RV. You have access to so many resources to help you manage life on the road.

While an RV GPS can easily cost several hundred dollars, RV Trip Wizard is only $49 per year. Additionally, you can save 25% off that annual membership fee, by using the code “GETAWAY25” during checkout! 

Save 25%
RV Life Pro

An RV LIFE PRO membership will grant you access to some amazing RV tools. The included features will help you research campgrounds, plan RV-safe routes, turn your phone into an RV GPS, access courses about RVing, and even track maintenance on your RV.

Use the code “GETAWAY25” to save 25% off your annual membership!

Is Buying a Trip Planning App Worth It?

You need to have a plan when you hit the road. You don’t want to find out later that you missed seeing or doing something because you didn’t plan appropriately. While you can’t see or do everything, you want a schedule for how you’ll spend your time.

You also don’t want to find yourself traveling down an unsafe route. Buying a trip planning app helps keep you, your family, and others on the road safe.

Pro tip: Read the full list of 17 Apps Every RVer and Camper Should Have.

Having as much access to quality information helps you make the best of your time on the road. Do you use RV Trip Wizard or The Dyrt to plan your trips? What are your favorite features?

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  1. Hi Guys. Thanks for the comparison. I’d love to get your thoughts on RV Trip Wizard vs. the TOGO RV/Roadtrippers suite of apps.

    Love your videos!!

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