The Art Of Naked Camping: How and Where to Participate

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A woman with her back to the camera throws off her top in the desert.

Have you ever wanted to go camping in your birthday suit? If so, there are surprisingly quite a few options available for naked camping. From nudist RV parks to full-blown resorts, we’ve got you covered.

We wouldn’t recommend giving it a try at your local state park or RV park! However, we’re sharing some information about the art of naked camping and a few nudist RV resorts to try out. Let’s get started!

What Is Naked Camping?

Naked camping is exactly what you think it is – camping while naked. It’s a type of minimalistic camping where participants shed their clothes to embrace a more natural way of living. Nudist RV parks are typically private campgrounds due to legal and privacy concerns for those participating.

Where Can I Go Nude In The US? 

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) provides several resources to help you get started. These resources make it easy to find clubs, social networks, nudist RV parks, and businesses that embrace the nudist lifestyle.

They provide information on finding nude beaches in California, Florida, and New Jersey.

A woman's back as she sits naked on a beach with a hat on.

Yes and no. The U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management have no rules or regulations regarding nudity. They seem to punt the decisions to state and local authorities. These officials would then decide where to cite or issue any warnings for going in the buff while camping.

You should do a bit of research and consult with local authorities. The only way to minimize the risk of any issues is to camp on private lands or in a clothing-optional campground.

Naked Camping Etiquette and Tips

If you’re planning to stay at a nudist RV park and give naked camping a try, there’s a bit of etiquette that you should follow. We have a few tips to help you avoid any issues while camping in the nude.

Pro Tip: Naked camping etiquette is an expansion of these 10 camping rules you should never break.

Bring Sunscreen

Most people try to cover up as much skin as possible when planning to be out in the sun. However, that defeats the intention behind naked camping.

So make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen to cover those areas where the sun doesn’t typically shine. Getting a sunburn is never fun, especially if it’s in a sensitive spot.

You’re going to want to apply sunscreen before your nude recreation activities. You should then reapply regularly throughout the day to ensure you’re doing all you can to protect your skin.

If you’re planning to spend time in the water at a nudist RV park, waterproof sunscreen will give you the best results. Make sure to get your vitamin D safely!

Close up of hands squeezing a tube of sun screen getting ready to protect their skin at a nudist RV park

Bring a Towel

You’ll want to bring a towel, but not for covering up. Placing a towel down before sitting anywhere is customary when practicing naked camping. This helps keep surfaces clean and sanitary for your fellow naked campers. 

Most nudist RV parks expect campers to place a towel down before sitting. If you make sure you have a towel with you at all times, you’re sure to have no troubles with this expectation.

Don’t Use a Camera or Your Phone

One of the fastest ways to get in trouble while naked camping is to use a camera or phone. Many campgrounds will even require you to have a sticker covering your phone’s camera lens. This is to help ensure the privacy of all guests who are enjoying a bit of naked camping.

Guests won’t fully relax and enjoy themselves if they are worrying about someone snapping pictures of them.

Nudist RV parks typically have a zero-tolerance policy for guests using their phones. However, some will allow guests to use their phones if a board member or staff is near them and they’re taking selfies with no other campers in the background.

It’s likely going to be best to take advantage of the opportunity to leave your phone behind and relax.

Research Your Location 

You’ll want to be sure to visit a place that’s on the up and up. The AANR is a great place to start. They offer a tremendous amount of information on where you can stay and what you can expect.

You’re likely taking a gamble if you visit a naked campground without doing the proper research. You might find yourself in an uncomfortable situation or circumstance.

A person struggles to take off their underwear in a hammock.

Follow The Rules and Relax

The key to enjoying yourself is to educate yourself on the establishment’s rules. Understanding the rules can help you understand the expectations for you and your fellow campers.

There will likely be a general uncomfortableness if you’re new to naked camping. However, once you get settled in, you can relax and appreciate the freedom it can provide.

Naked Camping Friendly Locations

There are naked camping-friendly locations all across the country. If you’re interested in giving it a shot, below are ten reputable locations that can provide you with a safe and welcoming environment.

1. Valley View Hot Springs in Colorado

Address: 64393 County Road GG, Moffat, CO 81143

Valley View Hot Springs is a clothing optional campground with 23 campsites. Only eight of their sites offer limited power, and some of their sites may be unavailable due to mud and snow during the winter months.

The campground requires reservations, so make sure to make them in advance.

To preserve the natural beauty and provide a place of tranquility, the campground does not allow generators. The campground also requests that campers limit their use of artificial lights so all campers can enjoy the dark skies and peaceful atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a relaxing clothing-optional campground, Valley View Hot Springs might just be it. With breathtaking views of the valley and staff that promote respecting others and diversity, you can connect with nature in a new way here.

A few things to know about Valley View Hot Springs before you go.

Pro Tip: Save money and enjoy free camping in Colorado at these amazing locations. No naked camping at these spots, though.

2. Olive Dell Ranch in California

Address: 26520 Keissel Rd Colton, CA 92324

Olive Dell Ranch is in Colton, CA, between San Bernardino and Moreno Valley. The ranch offers day passes, cabin rentals, or campsites for RVs and tents.

Many guests find the relaxed atmosphere and hospitality to be a great introduction to the nudist lifestyle. They have plenty of activities and events that draw large crowds.

One of their most popular events is an annual Bare Burro 5K run. It helps introduce the lifestyle to more individuals and helps them experience the nudist lifestyle.

The ranch has tennis courts, hiking trails, a swimming pool, and plenty of room for group games and activities. Whether you’re single, a couple, or a family, the Olive Dell Ranch location can be a great way to experience the naturist lifestyle.

3. Glen Eden Sun Club in California

Address: 25999 Glen Eden Road Temescal Valley, CA 92883

Glen Eden Sun Club is a member of the AANR and offers dry camping. While their sites have no water or electricity, they’re a great way to connect with nature and enjoy the club’s amenities, activities, and events.

They hope to provide a welcome atmosphere for each member and guest to enjoy social nudism at their comfort level. You’ll find folks swimming, playing tennis and pickleball, card games, and a musical instrument or two.

Whether it’s your first experience with nudity or you’re a seasoned veteran, Glen Eden Sun Club can help you relax and meet other like-minded people. You’ll find nudists of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and lifestyles at Glen Eden Sun Club.

A person hanging out naked in the woods at a nudist RV park

4. Hidden Lake Resort in Florida

Address: 4414 Wildhorn Trail, Jay, FL 32565

Hidden Lake Resort and its members have nothing to hide regarding their bodies. This nudist RV park allows guests to participate at their comfort level and let the weather guide how much or how little clothing they choose to wear.

The resort is open year-round and offers 25 RV lots with water and electricity. They also offer some sites with full hookups as well. With an 8-acre private fishing lake, paddle boats, and a sandy beach, Hidden Lake Resort can be your home away from home for as long or as little as you like. 

The clubhouse offers a full kitchen, bathroom TV, and outdoor deck. You can also go on some adventures on the hiking trails or be the champion in the game area. Hidden Lake Resort is a natural campground in the midst of the pines. You can’t get more natural than that!

5. Sunny Sands Resort in Florida

Address: 499 Alpha Parkway, Pierson, FL 32180

Want to become one with nature? At Sunny Sand Resort, you can do just that! If you’re visiting St. Augustine or The Villages area, Sunny Sands Resort is the clothing-optional resort to visit.

You can enjoy yourself knowing that safety is a top priority as all guests submit themselves to a background check.

Various options allow you to stay for a weekend or an entire season. You can rent one of their chalets with large beds and comfortable living quarters, bring your tent, or reserve one of their RV sites for rigs up to 42’ in length for some naked camping.

No matter your accommodations, you can enjoy their extensive list of amenities. Want to cool off? Take a dip in the pool. Are you looking for a bit of competition? Play some volleyball, petanque, or horseshoes.

You can even get a workout in at the fitness center or by going for a stroll on the nature trail.

6. Blue Lake Resort in Illinois

Address: 10430 Cooper Road, Erie, 61250

The families at Blue Lake Resort shed their clothing, but not their morals. You’ll love the 20 acres of shaded camp surrounded by 98 acres of farmland.

This camp is open from the first weekend in May until the first weekend in October of each year. They strive to provide a clean and safe environment for families to relax, exercise, and camp. 

Around the resort, you’ll find a clubhouse with a screened-in porch, a deck for sunbathing, and a snack bar and whirlpool room. You can also feel the sand between your toes on their sandy beach on the banks of their chlorinated pond.

Bring your home with you and park your RV in one of their 20 RV sites with water and electrical hookups!

A woman swims naked while camping in the woods.

7. Spruce Hollow Campground in Michigan

Address: 8700 W 6 ½ Road, Messick, MI 49668

Spruce Hallow Campground is a 30-acre campground is Northern Michigan’s only clothing-optional campground. They cater to couples and women and are pet-friendly as well.

While they have a few RV sites with power, most of their sites are rustic and have no water or electrical connections. You can purchase a day pass or buy a combination pass that includes a rustic or power site.

You’ll have no trouble finding something to do at this nudist RV park with various events and activities. If you just want to sit by the pool and relax, you can do that too.

Their annual Halloween Party is a huge hit for guests, and many plan to attend each year. If you’re in Northern Michigan and looking for a place to experience nature while naked camping, visit Spruce Hollow Campground!

8. Shangri La Ranch in Arizona

Address: 44444 N Shangri La Lane, New River, AZ 85087 

Shangri La Ranch is a family-friendly clothing-optional ranch in New River, Arizona. Their goal is to welcome newcomers into the nudist lifestyle by allowing them to embrace the lifestyle at their comfort level.

The ranch emphasizes freedom of choice regarding clothing and selecting activities that suit you. Meaning you can wear some clothing if you like or go fully nude.

If you’re looking for rest and relaxation, the hot tubs, sauna, or pool might be the best option. If you’re new to the nudist life, skinny dipping is a great nude recreation to participate in without feeling embarrassed.

However, if you’re looking to work up a sweat, you can play some volleyball, pickleball, tennis, basketball, horseshoes, or go for a hike on their trails.

If you’re looking to stay at the resort, you can reserve a room or bring your RV. They have monthly sites for RVs as well as dry camping options. Because they are a family-oriented nudist campground, Shangri La Ranch is a great place to test the waters when it comes to the naturist lifestyle and expand your comfort zone at your pace.

9. Lake O’ The Woods Club in Indiana

Address: 1353 Sager Road, Valparaiso, IN 46383

Lake O’ The Woods Club started in 1933 and is currently one of the two oldest continually operating nudist clubs in the United States. The club sits on 130 acres of hills and forests with a 20-acre creek that feeds into Sager Lake.

The club offers a heated outdoor pool, outdoor showers, and a relaxing sandy beach. It’s an aquatic paradise for swimmers, boaters, and anglers. You can even enjoy running or hiking on the 1.4-mile wooded trail navigating the lake.

If you’re looking to stay on the grounds while naked camping, you can rent a cabin, bring your RV, or pitch a tent. RV sites have water and electric hookups, and there’s a dump station on site. All guests are encouraged to leave no trace for all campsites and during their time on the grounds. 

Social nudism is an expectation for all guests. Clothing is not allowed while guests are in the lake, swimming pool, hot tub, or sauna. If you’re going into the clubhouse, the pier, and many lawns and beaches, nudity is also expected. However, the club does allow clothes under special circumstances.

10. Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Florida

Address: 4425 Pleasant Hill Road, Kissimmee, FL 34746

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort has been in the sunshine state since 1964. This 300-acre resort includes a 50-acre lake, 130-acre wetlands, and a 20-acre recreational area.

Grab one of their 84 hotel rooms or a site in their campground and RV park. The resort strives to provide a family-friendly atmosphere respectful of all guests. 

The park offers a tremendous amount of amenities, but you’re also a short distance to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. You’re just a short drive from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, and SeaWorld. Kennedy Space Center is about an hour’s drive if you want to experience a rocket launch or learn some space history.

If you’re in the Sunshine State, Cypress Cove Nudist Resort is a must-see for naturist camping.

A woman walking on the beach at a nudist RV park

Now You’re Ready To Camp In Your Birthday Suit  

When you choose naked camping, you can stop worrying about packing clothes or what you’ll wear. It’s a great way to connect with other campers, meet like-minded people, and be a bit vulnerable at the same time.

Naked camping leaves nothing to the imagination but allows you to embrace the naturalness of nudity. So stay open-minded and have a liberating experience at one of these nudist camps!

Would you ever consider giving naked camping a try?

  1. Thank you for a well written and presented article. You addressed the subject with class, kindness and optimism. Camping in the buff, especially through AANR resorts and campgrounds, is a safe and wonderful way to try something that so many are curious about. Many, if not all, are sensitive to and welcoming to first timers. The only thing I can think to contribute is calling ahead even for a visit is recommended and will often get first time visitors the best service! Thanks again and well done!

  2. Camping naked practically anywhere is possible if you find a secluded place or private land that is large enough to avoid others. We’ve found private hipcamps to be a good option. You just have to do enough research to make sure no one else will be around. Our favorites are Cedar Camp in Washington, Thunder Mountain in Arkansas, and Upper Creek in N Carolina.

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