The Good Sam Trip Planner Is Back–But Is It Any Good?

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In April 2019, the popular Good Sam Trip Planner was put out to pasture. However, if you thought that was the last you’d see or hear of it, you’d be wrong. Recently, Good Sam Trip Planner popped back up, and it’s making a splash when it comes to planning RV trips. 

This tool’s sudden resurgence has many former customers asking, “Is it any good?” Well, let’s take a look and see! 

What Is the Good Sam Trip Planner?

The Good Sam Trip Planner specifically helps RVers route their adventures. Users can input unique vehicle dimensions to avoid low clearances or unapproved roads. While it’s loaded with features for keeping you and your RV safe, that’s not all it can do.

The Good Sam Trip Planner is an excellent option for those who like to keep their travel details organized. Seeing your entire route on a map can help you find unique stops along the way, like Atomic City in Idaho, or make adjustments as needed. Being organized is essential, whether you want to save fuel with a more straightforward route or you hope to see the world’s largest of something.

What Happened to Good Sam Trip Planner?

At the start of 2019, users were busy using Good Sam Trip Planner to plan their spring and summer routes. They were giddy with excitement over the possibilities of where their travels would take them and what adventures they might find. 

However, in February 2019, users began to panic as they received word that Good Sam Trip Planner would go offline in April. The company provided no reason, but users were given hope that it would return in the future.

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Users were disappointed as they couldn’t access previously-created routes. They reached out to Good Sam for some insight into the situation. Good Sam informed them that the vendor used to provide service for the tool was increasing their rates. The new rate would be three times the amount they previously paid, which was too unreasonable for the app creators. 

They decided to pull the app to focus on making improvements while they looked for a new vendor. The only way to avoid shutting it down was to pass the increased cost on to members or to cut other member benefits; neither option would have likely gone over well, so they felt pulling it all together was the best option for the moment. 

The Benefits of the Good Sam Trip Planner

Using the Good Sam Trip Planner can be extremely beneficial and improve your experiences while traveling. The point-to-point feature for trip planning can help you plan your route to precision so you can make the most of your time. 

You can also use the built-in search feature to find Good Sam Parks and points of interest along the way. By putting in your RV’s unique dimensions, you can filter routes to avoid highways, tolls, and low clearances. No longer having to worry about these items means you can travel without this added stress.

One of the best things about the app is that it’s included with a Good Sam club membership.

Pro Tip: Looking for the right RV club to join? Check out The Ultimate Guide to RV Clubs to help make your decision.

Hear a quick review from a full-time RVer on the Good Sam membership benefits.

The Disadvantages of the Good Sam Trip Planner

While many users loved the old version and will likely love the new, it’s not perfect. Many feel that it isn’t as user-friendly and the filtering features are lacking. Alternative trip planners do a much better job here, so many former customers are sticking with the alternatives.

If you’re not a Good Sam member, the Good Sam Trip Planner likely won’t convince you to spend the money. Memberships typically cost $30 per year and come with discounts and other benefits. The app is a nice added benefit to your membership but wouldn’t likely be able to stand on its own compared to other options.

Keep In Mind: If you’re considering becoming part of the Good Sam club, you need to read the top 5 regrets of buying a Good Sam membership first.

How Does the Good Sam Trip Planner Work?

The Good Sam Trip Planner lets you create your RV route from start to finish. You start by plotting your destinations. You might need to include overnight stops, and the planner can help you filter and find a spot to stay for the night.

There are many options for places to eat, activities to do, and even odd places to visit. You can plan your entire trip through the app and ensure you don’t pass by a stop that you’ll later regret. It’s a powerful tool to maximize your RV trips and create a great experience.

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Is the Good Sam Trip Planner Any Good?

While the Good Sam Trip Planner decided to take a siesta for a bit, not everyone missed it. While it can do the job, there are other more capable options available. RV Trip Wizard, which was already around at the time, stepped up to help RVers plan their trips. With turn-by-turn directions and more detailed trip planning, it’ll be hard for Good Sam to win those users back.

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While we think the app could be helpful for some RVers, RV Trip Wizard is leaps and bounds ahead and will likely try to make up lost ground from taking a timeout for so long. 

Which trip planning resource do you use to maximize your RV adventures?

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