Monthly Income Report – June 2018

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Monthly Income Report June 2018

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Yay! It’s monthly income report time! We had a great month with income from our Travel brand but our consistency suffered. We released less content this month than last month and didn’t build up a backlog like we wanted. We just reviewed our monthly goals and will work this month on creating a backlog again so we are not rushing to get content published day-of. We did cut ourselves some slack since we were in Mexico for a week for my 30th birthday and in New York City for a wedding over one of the weekends. This month also had paid Sponsorship work which took priority. Learning to balance these will be a priority for us in the future.

Travel Summary

We live in our RV, a 2018 Grand Design Solitude 375RES, full-time and travel around North America. We currently move every other week (about 200-300 miles at a time) as we explore this beautiful country we call home. Below are some of the details of our travels in June:

  • 554 Moving Day Miles
  • 3 Campgrounds:
    • Harbor View RV Campground
    • Circle M RV Campground
    • Mays Landing RV Campground
  • 3 States:
    • Virginia
    • Pennsylvania
    • New Jersey

Big Wins

  • Announced as Grand Design Ambassadors
  • Broke 2K profit from our travel brand
  • Booked sponsored posts
  • Completed first giveaway

Let Downs

  • Lost backlog of content
  • Didn’t post consistently
  • Didn’t focus any time on our Amazon product

Getaway Couple Travel Brand

This is a round-up of all income earned from our travel brand. This includes our blog, YouTube channel, and social media accounts.

Social Media:

We use CoSchedule to keep up with our Social Media posts. It has been a life-saver for us and freed up so much time. We have been heavily relying on its Editorial Calendar functionality to organize and schedule our content. The social media campaign templates allow us to quickly ensure we post on all of our social media platforms. It has become necessary for us to run our business!


  • Facebook Posts: 36
  • Facebook Followers: 651
  • Facebook Engagement Rate: 4.01%


  • Instagram Posts: 12
  • Instagram Stories: 48
  • Instagram Followers: 12,813
  • Instagram Engagement Rate: 4.10%


  • Twitter Posts: 76
  • Twitter Engagement Rate: 0.40%
  • Twitter Followers: 326


  • Pinterest Pins: 425
  • Pinterest Engagement Rate: 19.3%
  • Pinterest Followers: 155


If you are interested in starting a blog then start now! We ran Getaway Couple for two years before we hit the road discussing weekend getaways from Los Angeles.

  • Blog Articles Published: 8
  • Blog Pageviews: 11K
  • Mailing List Subscribers: 441
  • E-mails Delivered: 1,392
  • E-mails Opened: 36.3%
  • E-mails Clicked: 11.3%


  • YouTube Subscribers: 9,884
  • YouTube Videos Published: 10
  • YouTube Impressions: 3.2M
  • YouTube click-through rate: 4.1%
  • YouTube Views: 237.6K
  • YouTube Watch Time: 1.3M

Amazon Products

  • Orders: $151.64
  • Units Shipped: 6


  • Total Profit: $2769.57

We made $2769.57 extra income this month. How much extra did you make?

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