A Breakdown of the Winnebago Boldt

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Winnebago Boldt parked in a desert boondocking location

Have you heard of Alexander Von Humboldt? Probably not, but this German naturalist is seen as “the father of ecology” and “the father of environmentalism” for his dedication to the development of biogeography. While we’re not going into the science of his research, we are highlighting an RV named after him: the Winnebago Boldt.

Named in his honor, this camper van captures the essence of his adventurous spirit and desire to protect the environment. With a diesel engine and lithium power system, this Class B is the most expensive in Winnebago’s lineup. But for some RVers, it ticks all the boxes and more. Let’s dive in and learn more!

Who Is Winnebago?

In 1958, Modern Industries launched in Forest City, Iowa. Two years later, it adopted its present-day name: Winnebago Industries.

The company focused on travel trailers during the first few years but introduced its first motorhome in 1967. By 1986, Winnebago ranked tenth in innovation on the Fortune 500 and built its 200,000th unit.

Over the years, Winnebago has grown into a well-respected brand in the RV industry.

In 2004, it surpassed an annual sales of $1 billion for the first time. The company continued to grow and expanded with the acquisition of Grand Design RV in 2016 and Newmar in 2019.

Winnebago also dipped its toe into the marine industry by purchasing Chris-Craft in 2018. It also added Barletta in 2021 to solidify its footing in the recreational boating industry.

What Types of RVs Does Winnebago Manufacture?

Today, Winnebago manufactures travel trailers and motorhomes. Its trailer lineup includes the popular Micro Minnie and Hike. There are eight total lines, including the newest addition – the Access.

Winnebago’s Class A line has eight options, two of which are limited edition National Park Foundation units. There are seven Class C and ten camper van lines. If you’d like to know some of our favorites, check out the off-road capable Revel, the Winnebago Solis, the Winnebago Travato, and the Winnebago View.

We also love that Winnebago has developed two accessibility-enhanced models so that RVers in wheelchairs can experience the outdoors. The Roam and Inspire feature wider hallways, wheelchair lifts, and accessible bathrooms.

What Is the Winnebago Boldt?

The Winnebago Boldt is named after German explorer and naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt. It’s an energy and fuel-efficient, diesel-powered camper van that starts at $245,587.

The Boldt is Winnebago’s most expensive Class B unit, so it’s not for everyone.

The high R-rated insulation, in-coach water lines, and Truma Combi Eco Plus heating allow owners to experience all-weather camping year-round. The Winnebago Boldt also features a mobile workstation that doubles as a dinette, which is ideal for remote nomads.

This camper van comes with over 12,000 useable watt-hours of clean, quiet power with the lithium-based Pure3 Advanced Energy System. If you’re looking to camp off-grid and have the budget, the Winnebago Boldt is a fantastic compact motorhome.

A Breakdown of the Winnebago Boldt Lineup

There are only two floorplans in the Winnebago Boldt lineup. Both are built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4WD chassis and have a 3.0 L 6-cylinder, 188-hp turbo-diesel engine. There’s also a 5,000-pound trailer hitch and the option to add an on-demand 4WD with low range, electronic stability, and traction control.

The cab includes an MBUX touchscreen multimedia infotainment center with navigation, a WiFi hotspot, intelligent voice control, and a rear camera.

The power-adjustable seats swivel, slide, and recline and feature heating coils. Let’s look at each floorplan in more detail!

Winnebago Boldt 70BL

Length: 22 feet 11 inches
Sleeps: 3
MSRP: $245,587

The Winnebago Boldt 70BL features two rear twin beds with a place for the front adjustable/removable pedestal table to go in between if desired.

One bed is 74 inches long, while the other is 81 inches long. In the center of the unit is a wet bath and kitchenette, which includes a microwave, single-burner cooktop, sink, and a 4.3 cubic-foot 12V single-door compressor-driven refrigerator/freezer.

Behind the cab is a booth with an adjustable/removable pedestal table.

Winnebago Boldt 70KL

Length: 22 feet 11 inches
Sleeps: 2
MSRP: $245,587

The Winnebago Boldt KL is the same size and price as the 70BL but has a different layout. It still has two twin beds, but instead of sitting against the back walls, they’re positioned more toward the center of the unit.

Behind each bed is a wardrobe, which we love so that each person can have their own closet. In the rear corner is the wet bath, so it’s moved from the center to the back of the camper van.

The kitchenette is moved to the opposite wall behind the driver’s seat. There’s a flip-out countertop to provide additional meal prep space.

The adjustable/removable pedestal table can go between the twin beds or behind the passenger seat.

Who Is the Winnebago Boldt Good For?

Most camper vans are designed for solo travelers or couples. Because of their compact size, it’s hard for a family to comfortably camp in one without adding a pop-up top.

The Winnebago Boldt is an ideal option for traveling friends or spouses who don’t want to share a bed. The twin options create a longer hallway, which can make the unit feel more spacious. 

Owners have everything they need with the wet bath and kitchenette so they can camp anywhere they like without needing outside sources.

If you’re more of a boondocker, the 70BL offers larger tank sizes with a 24-gallon black tank and a 26-gallon gray tank. Both units have a 21-gallon freshwater tank.

Does Winnebago Make Other Class B Vans?

Winnebago is well-known for its Class B lineup. The Boldt is the most expensive option, but there are nine other options if it doesn’t suit your needs.

The Solis Pocket is the most affordable and the smallest camper van at 17 feet 9 inches long. (link to Solis Pocket article) Six Winnebago Class Bs have gas engines and are considerably cheaper.

The Revel, Winnebago + Adventure Wagon, and Era are the only other diesel-engine options.

Enjoy the Innovation and Comfort of the Winnebago Boldt This Camping Season

Winnebago is a trusted brand in the RV industry. Whether you’re looking for an off-road capable camper van, a family-friendly travel trailer, or a luxurious Class A, Winnebago has plenty of options.

The Winnebago Boldt is a powerful camper van with a turbo-diesel engine, and coming in under 23 feet means you can easily maneuver it around in parking lots and city streets. The twin beds provide a unique sleeping area with individual privacy and storage options. But is the Boldt the right Class B option for you?

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