Man Faces Online Backlash for Highlighting a Peculiar RV Habit

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Sometimes, people post something online and instantly regret it. A fellow RVer recently experienced this exact situation.

However, the person behind the post only pointed out an odd RV habit. Unfortunately, the RV community got defensive, and things went south for the original poster.

The post generated more than 250 comments from some angry and upset campers. What exactly did they say?

Let’s look and see!

New RVer Roasts Full-Time RV Community

An individual new to RVing took his rig out on a 6,000-mile adventure to spend time in nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

However, during his travels, he noticed that other campers didn’t share the same love for being outside. 

Looking around at the surrounding campsites, he noticed he was often the only one sitting by a campfire.

So what does he do?

He jumped on Facebook and started flaming the RV community.

Shocked By the Behavior of Others

The RVer was shocked by the behavior of others and how they spent so much time inside.

He said, “I can’t believe the number of people that stay in their RVs and don’t sit outside.”

He took it further and said they “may as well stay home.”

However, the comment appeared in a massive Facebook group. The group is specific to full-time RV living and contains 161,000 members.

As you might assume, the post didn’t go over well. 

The RV Community Responds

It didn’t take long for the RV community to respond. Many members were offended and angered by the post.

The general feeling was that the individual had no idea what he was talking about. Many claimed he didn’t understand the community.

Many countered his “you might as well stay home” with the fact that their RV is their home.

Just like people don’t constantly sit outside their homes, RVers don’t spend every second outside. They have other things they need to do or want to enjoy.

Some of the members even asked if he was aware of where he was posting his comment. Many members don’t see themselves as camping, but that they’re simply living life.

They also took the opportunity to remind the user about why so many people love RVing. Many enjoy the fact that there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy the lifestyle.

What works for one person may not work for others. Everyone is welcome and able to enjoy themselves how they see fit.

How do Full-Time RVers Spend Their Time

So, what exactly do RVers do while enjoying the lifestyle? In reality, there’s no limit to the activities.

However, there are some popular things that you’ll often find them doing.

Working and Schooling

Over the last several years, remote work and learning have become incredibly popular.

As a result, if you don’t see RVers outside, they could be working or doing schoolwork.

When we full-timed, we primarily worked inside our RV all day and rarely sat outside unless it was an exceptionally lovely day. We had lots of comments when we would take our dog Carmen for a walk that our neighbors didn’t know if anyone was actually home.


Like many people who enjoy camping, full-time RVers also spend time relaxing.

However, how they choose to relax can vary from one individual to the next.

Some may enjoy relaxing in one of their recliners with a good book or crawling into bed and binge-watching their favorite shows.

Because there’s no right or wrong way to relax, how they relax is entirely up to them.

We’ve always enjoyed scoring campsites that allowed us to string a hammock between two trees. There are not many things more relaxing to us than enjoying the sounds and views of the campground from a comfortable hammock.


Another thing that many full-time RVers enjoy doing is adventuring. This could be hiking, kayaking, or many other adventurous activities.

These can depend significantly on the area and what’s available.

It can be an excellent opportunity to try new adventures that may not have been available otherwise.

This was our main reason for traveling by RV. If we weren’t working, we were out adventuring and exploring what was around us.

Connecting with Others

Extroverted RVers often enjoy connecting with others in the campground.

Some facilities even host events like BINGO, community gatherings, and other fun activities for everyone to enjoy.

This can be a great way to connect with others and hear about their adventures.

There are few things that RVers enjoy talking about more than where they’ve been or where they plan to go.

This can be a great way to plan future travel destinations or sites to see along the way.


Just because people like to RV doesn’t mean that’s their only hobby. Reading, cooking, photography, and music are common hobbies in the RV community.

RVers don’t have to give up their hobbies just because they hit the road in a recreational vehicle.

Additionally, gaming is another popular hobby now, with Starlink and other high-speed internet becoming more readily available. Gamers can compete against others no matter where they park their rig.

Maintenance and Upkeep

You don’t have to own an RV for long before discovering that maintenance and upkeep can seem neverending.

There’s always something that needs fixing or maintaining.

Luckily, many of these tasks are easy to do at a campsite.

Funnily, this is what we spent the most time outside for. Most of our maintenance was performed outside of our RV, so that is when we would be talked to the most.

There’s No Right Way or Wrong Way to Enjoy RV Life

Thankfully, this new RVer quickly learned his lesson that there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy RV life.

If you’d rather spend all of your time inside, it’s completely fine.

Save yourself the trouble, and don’t worry about how others spend their time.

Instead, make the most of your time by doing what you enjoy.

  1. I totally agree with the author about RVers who never exit their coaches to explore the beauty around them. Those who are full-timers, to me, doesn’t mean staying in the same place forever. I stay for 2 weeks at a destination and then move on to the next adventure. If I’m just staying overnight, then yes get the rest you need to leave the next day.

  2. Perhaps it’s seniors thst stay indoors more. When you’ve children or pet while camping one will see folks outside doing something most of the day. Tent camping isn’t as glamorous so one wants to hang outside of the tent. Some folks spend many thousands of $$$$$$ for lovely RV’s & enjoy the new digs to the max. Personally, at home or camping my hubby & I are outdoors 75% of the time. When mosquitoes come around though we go in!! Happy RVing all🎯⛄️

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