Our Honest Review of Thousand Trails Lake Conroe

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Thousand Trails is a membership network that many RVers are familiar with. Whether you’re a member or not, you can stay at Thousand Trails Lake Conroe in Willis, Texas, for an enjoyable and convenient Lonestar State experience. Let’s look closer at what we love (and don’t) about this Thousand Trails location!

What Is Thousand Trails?

Thousand Trails is a network of campgrounds that members can visit without paying a nightly fee. Instead, you pay an upfront membership fee and annual dues to remain active. 

Depending on the membership level, an RVer can stay up to 21 nights for free, traveling from park to park. This membership is a great way to save money on campground fees. It’s perfect for full-time RVers as well as weekenders.

There are over 80 different campgrounds within the Thousand Trails system and another 100+ campgrounds with the optional Trails Collection add-on.

A screenshot of a map showing the Thousand Trails park locations in Texas.

Are There Different Membership Levels?

The cheapest option is the Thousand Trails Camping Pass. This membership costs $670 for the year. However, you can get $100 off with our discount code

Members at this level can stay up to 14 days at one location within the network. Then they have to exit the Thousand Trails system for seven nights before returning to stay at the same location or another Thousand Trails location. 

Campers can only stay within a specific zone of the United States. To add an additional zone is $90. This is an excellent option for weekend warriors or families looking to take one or two week-long camping trips a year.

The most expensive membership level is the Thousand Trails Adventure Membership, which costs around $17,000. Yes, it’s expensive, but this initial cost is only paid once. Then each year, the member pays $670 in annual dues. 

The Adventure Package members have the most perks, like 21-day stay limits, the ability to go from park to park without any time out of the Thousand Trails network, access to all five camping zones, and a larger booking window of 180 days. The Trails Collection is also included in this package.

There are other memberships between the Camping Pass and Adventure Package. Each one has a different booking window and other benefits like free cabin rentals and perks for family and friends.

RVers can choose the membership level that best suits their travel lifestyle and budget.

Where Is Thousand Trails Lake Conroe?

Address: 11720 Thousand Trails Rd., Willis, TX 77318

Thousand Trails Lake Conroe is located about 45-50 minutes north of Houston in Willis, Texas. There are 360 campsites, and the campground is open year-round. 

Thousand Trails Lake Conroe is part of the Southwest camping zone of Thousand Trails. The 22,000-acre lake is at your doorstep with jon boats, paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes available for rent. 

Additionally, you have easy access to I-45 to make day trips to Houston, which is less than an hour away.

Newly added sites with large paved sections at thousand trails lake conroe.
Source: Trip Advisor/Rocky B.

How Many Thousands Trails Locations Are In Texas?

There are seven Thousand Trails campgrounds in The Lonestar State. Most of them are within an hour’s drive of a major city like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin.

In the southeastern tip of the state are about a dozen Encore RV resorts that are available with the Trails Collection add-on. However, most of these properties are only for guests aged 55 or older.

Most of the Thousand Trails locations in Texas require an upgrade fee of $3-5 for 50amp service. Generally, members can stay for free without paying a nightly fee. But if you want access to 50amp service, you’ll have to pay a small fee. 

Overall, paying $63-105 for a 21-day stay at a campground is still much better than what you’ll have to pay at other Texas RV resorts.

The Pros of Thousand Trails Lake Conroe

This Thousand Trails campground is beautifully located on the shores of Lake Conroe. But even if you’re not a water person, the amenities and close proximity to Houston make this location an ideal campground for many travelers.


You have access to paddle boats, kayaks, and other rentals, and you can fish Lake Conroe from sun up to sun down. It’s a great campground for people who enjoy water recreation. 

Thousand Trails Lake Conroe is less than an hour from Houston, making trips to the Houston Zoo, Minute Maid Park, or the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo easily doable. The campground is also convenient to drug stores, grocery stores, and big box stores.

Lots of Campsites

With the new section, now there are lots of campsites that offer 50amp service. Again, you have to pay the upgraded fee, but enjoying large, paved sites that can accommodate any size rig is well worth it. 

Even if you don’t get a campsite in the new section, there are plenty of gravel sites near the activity center, basketball court, and swimming pool. It’s a popular location for families, so campsites do fill up quickly. Make sure to get your reservation booked well in advance.

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Nice Amenities

Thousand Trails locations aren’t known for their luxurious amenities. They aren’t RV resorts, after all. But this campground at Lake Conroe has all of the amenities you need for an enjoyable stay. The laundry facility is great for a campground this size. There are several washers and dryers available for all to use. 

In addition, there’s a dog park, basketball court, pickleball court, activities center, swimming pool, hot tub, and bike trails. Plus, you have the water recreation and rentals of a lakeside campground.We consider them to have one of the best pools in the Thousand Trails system. We love their hot tub, loungers, and small cabana areas. 

A photo of the cabanas and lounge chairs, located at the thousand trails lake conroe pool area.
Source: Trip Advisor/Sandy E.

Great Cell Coverage

All of the major carriers have great cell coverage. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are all super fast.  

Starlink also works well because there aren’t a lot of trees around the campsites. Especially in the new section with the huge, paved sites, there are ono obstructions to block the connection. 

If you need to have a video call, answer emails, complete school work, or stream movies, Thousand Trails Lake Conroe offers good connectivity.

The Lake

Finally, Lake Conroe is probably the most significant amenity of them all. From fishing to paddling to picnicking, the lake is great for hours of fun. You’ll also have some beautiful, colorful sunsets at your doorstep.

The Cons of Thousand Trails Lake Conroe

But even with these perks, Thousand Trails Lake Conroe isn’t perfect. There are a couple of drawbacks worth mentioning that might prevent an enjoyable stay.

Tight Sites

Although this only pertains to certain loops, there are some locations where the sites are tight. You feel like your awning extends over into your neighbor’s campsite. If you’re lucky enough to get a site in the new section, you won’t have this problem. But if you arrive late and there are only a couple of sites to choose from, you may get stuck in a less-than-desirable campsite.

Two RVs parked extremely close to each other at the thousand trails lake conroe RV park.

Muddy After Rain

Again, this only pertains to specific loops, but if you find yourself in a muddy site, it can completely ruin your camping experience at Thousand Trails Lake Conroe. 

Because the new section is paved, you won’t have to deal with muddy sites. But you might be dealing with a mess in the other parts of the campground after heavy rain.

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Is Thousand Trails Lake Conroe Worth Visiting?

In our opinion, Thousand Trails Lake Conroe is one of the best campgrounds in the Thousand Trails network. It’s undoubtedly one of the best in Texas. 

So the next time you want to visit Houston, consider staying at Lake Conroe. From the beautiful sunsets to the easy access to I-45 to the convenient amenities, you’ll enjoy your stay in Willis, Texas.

Have you ever visited Thousand Trails Lake Conroe?

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