Shade RV: A Hot Weather RVing Must-Have

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An RV with a Shade RV on the roof during the summer months.
Source: Shade RV

A battle RVers often face, especially during summer, is heat. It can be a constant struggle to keep temperatures down inside a rig. But many have found the answer to their prayers: Shade RV. 

If you’re tired of sweating or a constantly running air conditioner, this might be just what you need to stay cool during your adventures.

Today, we’re sharing everything you need about the Shade RV. Let’s get started!

What Is Shade RV?

Shade RV is a fabric cover that sits atop an RV roof. It can protect the roof, caulking, and plastic vent covers.

The monofilament yarn and tape combined with a lock-stitch pattern create an incredibly durable material. When installed, it blocks the UV rays and provides room for air circulation for roof-mounted AC units.

It can give your air conditioners the extra boost to keep you cool inside. One customer claims, “Even on days that were a 100+ temp, the camper still held the desired temp within one to two degrees!”

This product benefits those in parks, campgrounds, and other areas with minimal trees. Keeping the elements off your rig can make you more comfortable and extend its life.

How Much Is a Shade RV?

The Shade RV is a premium product that delivers superior results. So it should be no surprise that it also comes with a premium price. However, this is an instance where size does matter. The larger your camper, the more expensive it will be.

Prices start around $900 plus tax for vehicles 20 feet or less. Prices incrementally increase as the length increases. If your setup measures 44 feet, it’ll cost around $1600 plus tax. They can accommodate larger sizes, but you must work directly with them.

An RV with a Shade RV on the roof during the summer months.
Source: Shade RV

Benefits of Shade RV

There are several reasons why people owners love their Shade RV. Let’s look at the benefits of using it on your recreational vehicle.

Hail Protection

Hail can do a tremendous amount of damage to materials and plastic pieces on a roof. We’ve seen owners with busted skylights and destroyed vent covers resulting from hail.

Fortunately, Shade RV can help absorb the blow from the chunks and drastically reduce damage. You won’t have to worry about severe weather in the forecast.

Will it offer 100% protection from Texas-sized hail? Absolutely not. But it can protect against encounters with smaller pieces of ice falling from the sky.

Blocks UV Rays

A big reason many consider this product is its ability to block UV rays. If you’ve sat under a shade tree during the summer, you understand the benefit of shade. Despite the sun being 94 million miles away from Earth, its UV rays still have an impact.

Keeping these harmful UV rays off your roof lowers the temperatures and protects the various materials. While you still need to do routine maintenance, it reduces the wear and tear on multiple components. Your air conditioners won’t have to work as hard, and silicone seals and plastics last longer.

Close up of a Shade RV on the roof of an RV.
Source: Shade RV

Repels Rain

Water is an enemy that owners often underestimate. Moisture can find its way inside your camper if you have a hole or failing seal. Shade RV acts as an additional barrier against water and potential damage. 

Does this mean you don’t have to worry about inspecting or maintaining seals? Absolutely not. However, keeping the rain off your roof is an effective way to protect your investment.

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Can Reduce Utility Costs

AC units require a tremendous amount of power and are very inefficient. Naturally, the more you run them, the more energy you will use. During the hottest months, it’s not uncommon for individuals on metered electricity to receive bills for hundreds of dollars.

As mentioned, the Shade RV keeps UV rays off your roof and helps AC units run more efficiently.

This helps extend the life of the materials and reduces utility costs. It can help soften the blow each month when you receive the utility bill in the mail.

Is Installing a Shade RV Hard?

Installation is relatively easy and typically takes 30 to 60 minutes. The length of your installation will depend on the size of your rig and your physical abilities. Additionally, having a second or third set of hands doesn’t hurt.

Thankfully, Shade RV provides a walk-through video on how to complete the installation. The entire structure fastens in several places to the vehicle. This helps it withstand some pretty extreme conditions. The company even goes as far as to claim it can withstand 70 mph winds.

Can You Make a DIY Shade RV?

While it may be highly effective, it’s also costly. However, even those who can’t afford it must stay cool. We’ve seen individuals create DIY versions to save money. 

Typically, this involves a canvas material and PVC piping to support it. While these may be a fraction of the cost, they’re not nearly as portable, easy to set up, or practical. If you’re not careful, you could do more harm than good.

We know of an owner who experienced severe damage to their rig during a wind storm due to a DIY version. While it may be possible, it’s not always the best idea. You may want to trust the experts on this one.

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Is a Shade RV Worth It?

A Shade RV can be an effective way to keep temperatures down and protect your investment. However, it’s not for everyone or every situation.

They’re best for those in areas with minimal tree coverage and who enjoy longer stays. If you move every few days, constantly setting up and taking it down could become a pain.

It’s also important to consider that some RV parks and campgrounds may prohibit them. Rules and regulations regarding using these types of devices vary by location.

Before you spend a chunk of change, it’s best to check with the locations where you typically park your rig. If not, you might be wasting your hard-earned money on a product you can’t use.

However, there are plenty of times when having it could be helpful. If the sun makes for a miserable time using your camper, it might be for you. 

Could a Shade RV help you during your travels?

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