Who Owns DRV Luxury Suites?

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If you’re looking for a high-end recreational vehicle, DRV Luxury Suites is about as good as it gets.

While they’re full of luxury and comfort, you might be wondering who is the brains behind the operation. So, who owns DRV Luxury Suites?

Today, we’ll dig into this famous company to find out for you.

Let’s get started!

About DRV Luxury Suites

David Fought launched the company in 2002, and they’ve been striving to create top-of-the-line RVs ever since. When you step inside of them, you can feel the difference.

These don’t feel like campers because they use residential components during manufacturing. They have some of the thickest walls and use residential insulation throughout. You’ll appreciate your ability to stay comfortable no matter the season. 

These units sit on 15″ triple tube frames, which are the largest in the industry. They also install a Morryde independent suspension system and use heavy-duty Goodyear tires. You and your rig will roll down the road smoothly and in luxury, too.

Who Owns DRV Luxury Suites?

In 2015, THOR Industries announced that it had acquired the DRV under its Heartland Recreational Vehicles subsidiary. As a part of the transaction, THOR paid $47.4 million for the company and real estate owned by the business.

Despite the change in ownership, DRV Luxury Suites maintains its Howe, Indiana facilities. These are great because Elkhart, the RV capital of the world, is only 30 minutes or so away. Leadership and resources can easily float between facilities as needed.

What Type of RVs Does DRV Luxury Suites Make?

DRV Luxury Suites specializes in high-end fifth-wheel RVs. They use residential materials and features to make these units feel like home.

They currently offer two different lineups, the Mobile Suites and Fullhouse.

If you want one of these units, it won’t be cheap. Both come with massive price tags that hover around $200,000.

The DRV Luxury Suites Lineup 

What are the differences between the two options? Let’s examine each closely and see which might be right for you. 

Mobile Suites

The Mobile Suites lineup starts at 38’7″ with a dry weight of 16,600 pounds.

The beefiest model in their lineup is the MS Orlando, which is 46′ and has a dry weight of 20,860 pounds. Unfortunately, you must have a heavy-duty truck to haul these bad boys.

While they have 12 different layouts in these massive rigs, they only have sleeping spaces for three to four people. If you hope to house more people, consider their other lineup.

bedroom view of DRV Mobile Suites


As its name indicates, the Fullhouse lineup is for those with larger families. These are toy haulers so you can bring motorcycles, kayaks, and other toys for the adventure.

At 46’ long, they range in dry weights from 19,660 to 20,310 pounds. 

With only three floorplans to choose from, you won’t have many options.

How you plan to use the garage space will likely play a significant part in deciding your layout. You may appreciate the extra bathroom space in the LX455 if you’re a larger family.

However, if you’re a couple, you may enjoy the massive open layout of the JX450.

kitchen view of DRV Fullhouse RV

What Does DRV Stand for in Mobile Suites?

As mentioned, David Fought started the company in 2002. However, at the time, he named it DoubleTree RV. Unfortunately, this is also the name of a hotel chain under the Hilton umbrella.

The last thing any luxury RV manufacturer wants is to share names with a budget-friendly hotel chain.

As a result, Fought changed the name to DRV in 2008. This has helped to avoid any confusion with the hotel chain. So, if anyone asks you, you know that DRV is short for DoubleTree RV.

How Much Are DRV Luxury Suites RVs?

Like many luxury vehicles, DRV Luxury Suites aren’t cheap. Unfortunately, because there are many factors that go into building a luxury RV, they don’t display the costs on their website. That’s something they’d disclose with you once they recognize you’re serious about purchasing.

However, we found several listings from dealerships around the country. Depending on the floorplan and upgrades, prices range from $190,000 to $275,000. As we said, they’re not cheap.

Are DRV Luxury Suites RVs Worth It?

Some may look at this massive price tag and say that no RV is worth that amount of money. While they’re not perfect, no dwelling is. Whether you live in a sticks and bricks or RV, fixing things is inevitable.

At least with a DRV Luxury Suites, you can head south and avoid winter. If it’s in your budget, we’d highly suggest considering any of the DRV Luxury Suites.

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