Is QuickZip Legitimate?

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A couple laying on their bed in their RV with QuickZip sheets on

RVers who travel for extended periods frequently avoid changing the bed sheets because of how cumbersome it is. Bunk bed linens are the worst.

Because the size of the beds isn’t typical, it can be difficult to find sheets that fit and are easy to get on and off. This is where QuickZip comes to the rescue. 

Let’s take a look at what QuickZip is and how this product helps RVers with the dreaded task of changing out the bed linens!

What Is QuickZip?

QuickZip sheets come in all sizes, which is a welcome relief for RVers who struggle to find sheets to fit their short queen or twin XL bunk bed. 

When ordering from QuickZip, you get a base around the entire mattress. You also get a zip sheet which is a flat sheet to lay on top of the base. It zips around the edge of the base to securely attach.

Whether you’re an RVer or someone who runs an AirBnB and needs to change sheets often after each guest, QuickZip makes it easy to unzip the top sheet, throw it in the wash, and replace it with a clean top sheet. 

Kids can zip the top layer onto the base. Travelers who struggle with arthritis don’t have to deal with picking up mattress corners and trying to pull down a fitted sheet. QuickZip stays on snugly and is a simpler alternative to standard sheets.

Why Is Finding Sheets Difficult For RVers?

RV mattresses aren’t the same size as residential ones. Some travelers choose to replace their RV mattress with a residential one, which can eliminate the problem of finding correctly fitted sheets. 

However, many travelers have a short queen or two bunk beds smaller than twins. Regular sheets slide off or come unattached because they aren’t made for those sizes.

What Are the Key Features of QuickZip Sheets?

QuickZip sheets make a good option for some RVers who struggle to make their beds.

Kids who have the upper bunk may find it difficult to reach the corners of the mattress to pull up the fitted sheet. Putting a fitted sheet back on is equally tricky. Here are four key features of QuickZip sheets.


QuickZip sheets, made of 100% cotton, come preshrunk to fit even after washing. They have a 400 thread count from sateen-weaved fabric. 

The zipper is also hidden and protected, so you don’t have to worry about getting something caught on it.


These aren’t the most luxurious sheets. But quality isn’t sacrificed for convenience. It has strong stitching and a securely-fastened zipper. No matter how often you zip and unzip, the tracks won’t pull from the base sheet.

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Because QuickZip sheets come preshrunk, this helps with durability. They can go through cycles and cycles of washings and remain true to their color and size. 

You may have slight shrinking, but nothing significant enough to cause them not to fit the mattress. The company has worked hard to ensure the zippered parts remain strong after years of use.

A cat laying on an RV bunk bed with QuickZip sheets


If you sweat a lot at night, QuickZip sheets may not be the best option with the 400 thread count since they aren’t as breathable as other options.

However, they are very soft and feel like hotel bedding. These thick and durable sheets come in all sizes so everyone can have a comfortable night’s sleep.

What Are the Pros Of QuickZip Sheets?

The biggest pro to QuickZip sheets is the ease of replacing the top sheet. If you have a child who has night accidents and have to change the sheets often, QuickZip can simplify your task. Zip on and zip off.

Because they’re preshrunk, owners don’t have to worry about reducing the quality or size of the sheets during each wash. And once they’re clean, QuickZip sheets easily fold up to put away.

What Are the Cons Of QuickZip Sheets?

The biggest con to this bedding system is the price. It’s not something everyone can afford. Additionally, this bedding may not be the best choice for people who need to sleep with cooling fabric. The thicker material won’t be as heat-resistant.

Finally, if you don’t need a solution to replace your sheets, you can find higher quality, better options. For regular folks who live in a house and have standard-sized mattresses, you can spend the same amount of money on a superior product. 

You’ll also have access to many more prints and colors. QuickZip offers minimal color choices.

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An RVer laying on their quickzip sheets with their dog

How Much Are QuickZip Sheets?

An RV queen set costs $145 on the QuickZip website. A full bed set costs $135, while a twin set is $120. The company only has a handful of colors available, and depending on the size, there may be no choice.

QuickZip Versus Beddy’s Bedding

Another popular brand among RVers is Beddy’s bedding. This company also uses the zipper method to make taking sheets on and off easier. Beddy’s has an RV collection designed to help travelers keep their bedding securely attached.

However, unlike QuickZip, Beddy’s bedding is a full set, including a comforter, fitted sheet, pillow case, and sham. This would be like the bedding kits you’d buy in large plastic bags at a department store. 

As a result, they’re much more expensive. A twin set costs around $300, while a king set costs over $400.

Are QuickZip Sheets Worth It?

If you struggle to reach tight corners of your mattress to take off and put on sheets, QuickZip sheets might suit you.

If you have to replace sheets often due to a child going through potty training or having accidents at night or because you rent out your RV frequently, QuickZip sheets might be a good option.

They’re simple and convenient yet don’t lack quality or comfort. So if you’re tired of the hassle, check out the options!

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  1. Con: you probably will have to iron the sheet if you want the zipper to be covered after you wash the sheet. It tends to curl exposing the zipper.

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