What Is a Skottle Grill?

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If you’ve been camping for any length of time, you’ve probably seen a Blackstone griddle or Camp Chef grill. You might have smelled the bacon or burgers coming from next door. Others prefer the traditional method of roasting over a campfire or using a cast iron skillet. But have you ever heard of a skottle grill?

These simple gadgets originated in South Africa but have made their way into the camping industry in the U.S.

Let’s take a closer look at just what a skottle grill is, the pros and cons of using a skottle grill, and then you can decide if it’s right for you! Let’s dive in!

What Is A Skottle Grill?

Although there are accessories you can purchase to make your skottle grill practically anything you need, the basic idea is a flat disc on top of a tripod.

This cooking device operates like a skillet with a burner underneath the cast iron disc. It looks like a giant frying pan with legs. It’s simple yet versatile.

Where Did the Skottle Grill Originate?

South African farmers created the skottle grill. They wanted to reuse old harrow discs of farm equipment. So they repurposed these discs that are used to till the ground as hot plates. Now, overlanders and backpackers use skottle grills all over the world.

What Can You Cook On A Skottle Grill?

You’re not limited to what you can cook on a skottle grill. Anything you can cook in a cast iron pan or grill, you can make on a skottle.

From vegetables to burgers to fajitas, you can cook it all. It’s important to note that skottle grills cook quicker and hotter than traditional camp stoves. So start your flame low and keep cooking oil on hand.

What Are the Pros of A Skottle Grill?

First, skottle grills just look cool. But there are serious pros to using one of these versatile cooking tools.

Many overlanders like using a skottle grill because of the ease of use. It’s an all-in-one pan that can be a skillet, grill, or burner.

The legs also make it easy to use. Some legs are adjustable, which allows you to create a safe and convenient cooking space that is adaptable to wherever you’re camping.

What Are the Cons of A Skottle Grill?

However, skottle grills are expensive. Not everyone will find them worth their cost; many choose a cheaper alternative.

They’re also heavy and bulky, which isn’t ideal for backpackers or overlanders. You want something lightweight when you have to carry in your stuff to a campsite.

Also, if you want to prepare multiple dishes for dinner, you’ll unlikely be able to use this type of grill. The single burner means you cook one thing at a time.

How To Cook On A Skottle Grill

Each skottle grill is different, but there are a few commonalities regarding how to set one up and get cooking.

First, assemble the legs if they’re not permanent. Then put the burner underneath the disc plate and attach the fuel source. Most skottle grills use iso-butane or propane.

After you ignite the flame, you’re ready to start cooking.

You can buy baking racks, lids, steaming racks, or other accessories to enhance the cooking experience and allow you to cook a variety of foods.

There are also skottle cookbooks you might be interested in to help you with your first few meals.

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The Best Skottle Grills For Camp Cooking

We have four good options if you think this grill is ideal for your camping lifestyle.

Remember that skottle grills are more expensive than camp stoves or portable burners. But our last suggestion is a budget-friendly option if you want to save money.

iKamper Disco Series

At $490, the iKamper skottle grill is an investment. One of the best features of this grill is the adjustable anodized aluminum legs. They have rubberized feet for optimal stability and can adjust to any terrain.

The skillet is made of enamel-coated Meehanite cast iron and measures 15.75 inches in diameter. The total weight of this option is 27 pounds.

ORIS Cooking System

ORIS is one of the most well-known brands of skottle grills. This full cooking system includes the skottle, lid kit, and carry bags.

At $329, it is a bit cheaper than the iKamper skottle grill. The cooking surface is also larger at 17 inches, allowing you to cook more food for more people at once.

The stand is made of heavy-duty all-steel; however, the legs aren’t adjustable. This model measures 32 inches in height.

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Tembo Tusk Adventure Kit

The biggest rival to the ORIS skottle grill is the Tembo Tusk adventure kit.

This pan is much smaller at 12 inches in diameter, so you won’t be able to cook as much food at one time. But if you’re a solo traveler or only cooking for two, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The skottle and aluminum legs only weigh two pounds, which is great for backpackers and overlanders. The legs aren’t adjustable and measure 12.5 inches in height. This option costs $295.

Budget-Friendly Option: Bayou Classic Campers Cooker Set

At approximately $180, this is one of the cheapest options you’ll find.

The huge frying pan measures 17 inches. This is great for group camping when you need to feed more than a few people.

The wind guard is ideal for keeping the flame burning, and this model comes with stainless tongs and a spatula. If you want to dip your toes into the world of skottle cooking, this is a great starter kit.

Should You Use A Skottle Grill For Your Next Camping Trip?

This grill is a great option for camping alone or only cooking single dishes. If you want to prepare a 3-course meal, you’ll want to check other cooking alternatives.

You also want to consider portability. If you need something small and lightweight, a skottle grill isn’t your answer.

On the other hand, skottle grills are fun to use and a unique way to camp. If that appeals to you, check out the options we mentioned and try cooking on a skottle grill the next time you head to the campsite.

Is a skottle grill right for you?

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