5 Epic Toy Haulers With an Outdoor Kitchen

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A group of friends having a good time eating after cooking with their toy hauler with outdoor kitchen

Most toy haulers house all your necessities inside, including the sleeping space, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

But many of us still crave a fun, authentic camping experience where we can bring our toys and cook outside under the stars.

Luckily, a toy hauler with an outdoor kitchen can provide the best of both worlds.

It can provide a comfortable place to sleep, plenty of space for your four-wheeler or dirt bike, and a convenient way of preparing food outdoors.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the five best toy haulers with outdoor kitchens on the market right now. 

What Is a Toy Hauler? 

A toy hauler is a rugged RV designed to house a living area and an area to store “toys,” such as four-wheelers, side-by-sides, and dirt bikes.

They can come in the form of motorhomes, but by far, the most common type of toy hauler is a fifth wheel or travel trailer.

Because toy haulers carry the extra weight, they’re usually heavier and more robust than other RVs.

They come with a reinforced platform in the back and plenty of tie-downs.

There’s also a back ramp that allows you to load up your equipment easily, and it sometimes turns into a deck. 

Pro Tip: While Toy Haulers have some amazing benefits, they do have some drawbacks also. Check out the biggest regrets of owning a Toy Hauler.

What Is an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is any outdoor setup containing a kitchen’s essential components.

This can include everything from a refrigerator or cooler, a sink, a cooktop, and even some counter space.

Nevertheless, many outdoor kitchens are much more minimal, containing only a burner, mini fridge, and a small space for preparing food.

Like RVs, outdoor kitchens vary based on how large the toy hauler is and whether or not there is an interior kitchen. 

Exterior RV door open showing an outside RV kitchen

Pros of an Outdoor Kitchen 

If you’re searching the internet for toy haulers with outdoor kitchens, you’re probably well aware of the many pros.

For one, you don’t have to lug all your essentials outside every time you want to cook outdoors and constantly run inside whenever you forget something.

You also have much more interior living space (assuming the toy hauler doesn’t have an indoor kitchen). 

But perhaps the biggest convenience is that you won’t have to risk heating up your indoor space every time you want to cook a meal.

We all know that frying bacon first thing in the morning is bound to smell up your camper and increase the temperature inside.

With an outdoor kitchen, you won’t have to worry about this. 

Cons of an Outdoor Kitchen 

There are also reasons to think twice about an outdoor kitchen.

For example, if you don’t have an indoor kitchen at all, you’ll be forced to cook outside in inclement weather.

And even if the weather isn’t that bad, you’ll still have to drag yourself outside on the laziest mornings.

What’s more?

Outdoor kitchens require vigorous clean-up after each use – unless, of course, you want a bunch of critters visiting your campsite. 

One thing’s for sure: sometimes indoor kitchens are just plain convenient, especially if you were sitting around the campfire all night.

Pro Tip: Get ready to start cooking like a pro with your RV outdoor kitchen with our these tips and products!  

5 Epic Toy Hauler With Outdoor Kitchen Models

Ready to see some epic toy haulers with outdoor kitchens? Get comfortable, grab a drink, and keep scrolling.

1. Heartland Cyclone 3713 

MSRP: $148,475
Garage Length: 13 feet
Total Length: 44 feet 7 inches

Outdoor Kitchen Features: Outside mini fridge (some models), propane quick connect for BBQ grills, Industry-first Grill and Go 25” Residential Pull out three-burner griddle grill combo

If you’re looking for a true home on wheels, the Heartland Cycle is for you.

This rig is stunning inside, with light interior colors, a modern design, and plenty of sleeping space.

There’s also a large indoor culinary kitchen and a full primary bathroom. 

A Heartland Cyclone toy hauler with an outdoor kitchen
Source: Heartland RV

2. Grand Design Momentum 376THS

MSRP: $156,091
Garage Length: 9.75 feet 
Total Length: 41 feet 1 inch

Outdoor Kitchen Features: Two-cooktop burner, mini fridge, entertainment area – including a TV and speakers 

The Grand Design Momentum is another stunning, massive home on wheels.

It features plenty of living space at the front of the RV (including an entertainment system, two tri-fold sofas, and theatre seating).

It also has a beautiful culinary kitchen with an island, dinette, and a “below-deck” garage space.

A Grand Design RV toy hauler with an outdoor kitchen

3. Keystone Raptor 423

MSRP: $140,086
Garage Length: 13 feet
Total Length: 44 feet 

Outdoor Kitchen Features: Mini fridge, two-burner cooktop, outdoor TV

The Keystone Raptor is another epic toy hauler with just about everything you’ll need.

It has a spacious primary bedroom and bathroom combo and an electric bed and sofa area in the garage for extra sleeping space.

It also features a fireplace in the living room, washer/dryer prep, and a huge garage that can handle even the largest toys. 

4. Keystone Fuzion 427

MSRP: $145,389
Garage Length: 14 feet 6 inches
Total Length: 44 feet 11 inches

Outdoor Kitchen Features: LP quick connect, outside refrigerator, outdoor entertainment center – including an LED TV

Need to bring your entire family and a car? You’ll have no problem in this rig.

The Keystone Fuzion has the largest garage space out of the lineup, so this one is perfect if you bring a vehicle along or have multiple toys.

The garage also features two sofas and a loft bed for extra sleeping.

It also includes one and a half baths, a spacious primary bedroom, and a functional kitchen with an island and swing-out stools. 

Keep in Mind: Before you purchase a Keystone RV, let’s take a look at Who Makes Keystone RV!

5. Alliance Valor 40V13

MSRP: $144,883
Garage Length: 13 feet
Total Length: 44 feet 6 inches

Outdoor Kitchen Features: Mini fridge, smart TV

The Alliance Valor 40V13 is another toy hauler you can easily compare to a house on wheels.

You’ll have plenty of room for the kids, relatives, or anyone else who needs to stay over, as this rig can easily sleep eight adults.

It also has one and a half baths, a massive walk-in closet, a fireplace located centrally in the living room, and ample garage space for all your equipment. 

The inside of an Alliance RV with a toy hauler outdoor kitchen
Source: Alliance RV

Get Cookin’ In Your Toy Hauler With Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re looking for an epic toy hauler to hold your toys, your entire family, adventure gear, and plenty of food, you’ll be all set with any of these rigs.

With convenient outdoor kitchens, updated designs, plenty of sleeping space, and spacious interior living, you’ll be camping in comfort.

So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping and let us know which one you choose in the comments below!

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