What Is a Toy Hauler?

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If you’re in the market for a new RV, you’ve probably considered a toy hauler. The garage feature is fantastic because it’s so versatile. It can be used to bring along your favorite toys, converted to an office, used as the kids’ bedroom, and more.

However, they don’t work for everybody. You need to know a few things before signing on the dotted line on that beautiful new RV. Let’s take a look at what you should consider to avoid experiencing buyer’s remorse. Let’s get started.

What Is a Toy Hauler?

A toy hauler is a type of RV with a rear garage space. The back door of the RV folds down to allow users to load and unload large toys.

Some toy hauler garage doors can also serve as an elevated patio. The garage can serve as a multi-purpose space that can easily adjust to fit any need.

What Is the Point of a Toy Hauler?

Toy haulers are a great option for RVers wanting to bring golf carts, motorcycles, and off-highway vehicles with them. However, toy haulers are also popular choices amongst full-time RVers.

They’ll convert the garage space into an additional bedroom or office. Some models include Happijac beds built onto a lift that raises and lowers, so it’s out of the way when not needed.

You may find it difficult to take large toys with you on RVing adventures without a toy hauler. You may need a second vehicle to haul them from point A to point B. However, using the garage allows you to bring large equipment to your camp with relative ease. 

Keep in Mind: A toy hauler isn’t for everyone. Check out the top 5 regrets of purchasing a toy hauler.

A man riding a UTV  in the desert that he brought with him in his toy hauler

What Toy Hauler Is the Best?

When buying a toy hauler, you don’t want just any RV. You want to get the best bang for your buck and a well-built, reliable rig. There are many great toy haulers, but the Grand Design Momentum line comes out on top, especially the 376TH.

With a massive common area, you can move about the RV with relative ease when hosting guests. It has plenty of seating for you and your guests to kick your feet up and relax. There’s also a tremendous amount of storage in the multiple pass-through storage compartments.

We love that Grand Design stands behind their products enough to warranty them no matter your type of travel lifestyle. Some manufacturers will void the warranty if you use it for extended living or full-time traveling. However, Grand Design makes their products high-use friendly. 

Pro Tip: If you decide to go with a toy hauler, make sure you go with the best! Check out the best small toy haulers in 2022.

Is There a 4 Season Toy Hauler? 

Yes, several manufacturers produce toy haulers with a four-season rating. However, you won’t find that rating on every toy hauler. Some of the best companies making high-quality four-season toy haulers include Keystone, Grand Design, Lance, and Alliance.

What Should I Look for in a Toy Hauler?

Like any other type of RV, not all toy haulers are equal. There are a handful of things you’ll want to consider. Let’s look at something you’ll want to think through before signing on the dotted line. 

Garage Size

Depending on the RV, the garage size will vary from one to the next. Larger RVs will typically provide you with more garage space. A typical toy hauler garage measures 7.5 to 8’ wide and 10 to 14’ long. Some of the largest tri-axle toy haulers can have massive garages up to 20 ft long.

Travel Trailer Versus Fifth Wheel

You can find both travel trailers and fifth-wheel toy haulers. You’ll want to consider your tow vehicle and its capabilities when choosing between a travel trailer or a fifth-wheel toy hauler. You’ll need a beefier truck to tow most fifth wheels, especially when fully loaded.

Travel trailer toy haulers work great for easily loading kayaks, bikes, and other camping equipment. However, they can’t typically haul larger or heavier toys.

Smaller travel trailer toy haulers also combine the main living space with the garage. So you’ll need to unload items once you arrive at your site to use the area fully.

Sleeping Capacity

As with any RV, you want to ensure you have enough sleeping space for everyone traveling with you. You may need to fold out a couch or convert a table into an additional sleeping space on some occasions.

Many RVers make the mistake of buying a larger RV to take grandkids and other family members camping regularly. However, they often find these spaces get very little use and that their rig doesn’t truly fit their needs. 

GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)

You may find a toy hauler that has the perfect layout and checks all of your must-have boxes. However, if it has too low of a GVWR, you may discover it doesn’t work for you.

The GVWR is the maximum weight the trailer can have when fully loaded. This will include all your toys, camping gear, and full tanks.

Getting a toy hauler with an insufficient GVWR means you’ll have to reduce your weight. This may mean leaving your toys at home or eliminating other camping supplies. Exceeding your GVWR can cause issues with your suspension and potentially void your RV’s warranty.

The inside of a a toy hauler with the rear open and a dining room table

How You’ll Use It

This may sound like common sense, but think through how you plan to use your new toy hauler. The needs of someone traveling full time in their RV are very different from someone taking their rig out for a handful of weekend adventures each year.

You’ll also want to think through the future possibilities of using your toy hauler. If you have a growing family, you can plan for the future. As children grow, so do their toys. 

You may have no issues storing multiple child-size bikes now. But in a few years, they’ll peddle larger bicycles and possibly even motorized toys. You’ll likely own your RV for years, so give yourself some room for growth.

A toy hauler kitchen with white cabinets and black appliances

Buy a Toy Hauler for Awesome RV Adventures

Owning a toy hauler can allow you to take your RV on some pretty epic adventures. You not only get to live comfortably, but you can have plenty of space for items that will enhance your experience while RVing. 

You may want to explore the area on your motorcycle or bicycle, ramp over a dune, or enjoy a sunset from your patio. A toy hauler can undoubtedly help you enjoy some awesome RV adventures. What would you store in a toy hauler garage if you had one?

  1. In my opinion you’re leaving out the absolute best 5th wheel toy hauler made and that is the DRV Fullhouse! 3 ½” side walls insulated with rock wool and a frame the is a massive 15”. The brakes are all disk and uses the Moryde suspension.

  2. I’m so glad you’ve recognized the luxury and remarkable configuration of the ATC Toy Hauler in almost every picture you featured. We have an ATC and know the all aluminum construction is by far the least worrisome of all toy haulers. Absolutely no anxiety about water leaks and wood rot. If a leak happens, merely raise the tongue and let it drain out the rear. The leak isn’t an emergency in an ATC.
    Just wondering why the ATC pictures were featured but no mention in the article?

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