Top 5 Regrets of a Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel

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A fifth wheel toy hauler lit up in a dark camping spot.

Many part-time campers and full-time RVers love toy hauler fifth wheels. But do you ever wonder if owners ever have any toy hauler regrets? This style of camper may have some benefits, but they have downfalls, too. 

This article examines the top toy hauler regrets and five reasons you might want to stay away from this RV class. Let’s dig in.

What Is a Fifth Wheel? 

Fifth wheels hitch in the bed of a truck instead of at the bumper. They’re the largest RV trailers and offer the most versatility and variety in size, floorplans, and price. 

Fifth wheels offer a more stable towing experience than other towable RVs and many full-time RVers and families prefer them for their size and amenities. 

What Is a Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel? 

A toy hauler fifth wheel is a particular type of RV with a garage space in the back for carrying equipment like dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and more. They have much more cargo-carrying capacity than other models. Garage space and ramp sizes vary. 

RVers working remotely like to use the garage space of a toy hauler as a mobile office. Some come with screens and a gate to use the ramp as a patio for hanging out outside. 

A fifth wheel toy hauler is overwhelming to many RVers due to it's large size.

Top 5 Toy Hauler Regrets

Toy haulers are fantastic and versatile rigs, but they have downsides too. Here are the top five toy hauler regrets. 

1. You Need a Big, Expensive Truck

Toy haulers are heavy, and when fully loaded, they can weigh upwards of 20,000 lbs. That means you need a truck big enough to haul it

For a toy hauler fifth wheel, you can expect to need a one-ton truck or larger. The bigger the vehicle, the higher the price. New one-ton truck pricing starts at around $60,000. 

2. Sacrificed Living Space

Toy hauler fifth wheels may look long, but don’t let the exterior fool you. These models have smaller living spaces than you’d expect because up to one-third of the trailer is cargo space. 

Some toy haulers feature a bunk room on top of the garage, but even those floor plans have limited room. 

3. Depreciation

Fifth wheels lose value and depreciation more than other RVs. Some estimate that they lose up to 50% of their original value after 10 years.

Every type of RV will depreciate over time, but fifth wheels tend to lose more of their value faster than others.  Some will have regrets about getting a toy hauler when it comes time to sell.

A regret for many fifth wheel toy hauler owners is how large their RV is and how much gas it guzzles traveling down the highway.

4. Gas Mileage Is Terrible

You won’t get good gas mileage when pulling a camper trailer, and even more so when it’s fully loaded. If you haul toys, prepare to fill up often. Poor gas mileage is a given with most RVs, but toy haulers have the most noticeable effect since they weigh more. 

5. Limited Floorplans

Fifth wheel RVs are the most versatile when it comes to floor plan selection and availability. However, toy haulers don’t offer the same versatility as regular fifth wheels. 

The garage space, located in the back of a toy hauler, doesn’t allow for much room or a variety of floorplans. 

The bedroom is usually in the front with the kitchen in the middle, and the living area in the back, against the garage space. A few models break this rule, but not many.

How Much Do Toy Haulers Cost?

Some have toy hauler regrets because they can cost anywhere from $60,000 to upwards of $200,000 brand new. Since fifth wheels depreciate rapidly, you can find a used toy hauler for much less. Toy haulers come in many RV classes.

In fact, you can find motorhomes, class C RVs, and travel trailers in toy hauler models. Travel trailer ones cost the least, ranging in price from $20,000 to $100,000 brand new. 

Pro Tip: Toy Hauler travel trailers might be the answer to the complaints above. Check out the Best Small Toy Hauler RVs On The Market Right Now!

Is a Toy Hauler Worth It? 

If you have equipment or toys to bring camping or you want a versatile office, playroom, or multi-use space, a toy hauler is a great RV type. You can safely and comfortably tow your RV filled with your toys, or you can convert the large garage space into whatever you want. 

Toy haulers can carry all your cargo and have an excellent outdoor patio space for enjoying a sunset, letting little ones play outside, and more. 

You may have regrets with any kind of RV, but if the advantages outweigh the cons, we say go for it. Check out our article on truck camper regrets too!

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  1. We made our toy hauler into a wonderful looking living/ sleeping area. We laid carpet that can be rolled easy if need to hauler motorcycle or golf cart in it. Decorated so it’s appealing and with sink and bathroom not in one room, made appealing for anyone when entering.

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