The Best Toy Hauler Travel Trailers in 2022

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Torque Toy Hauler Travel Trailer T281 Interior

If you want a little more out of your camper, maybe investigate what a toy hauler travel trailer can do to spice up your adventures. A toy hauler travel trailer provides far more flexibility for your camping experiences. And you’ll find countless options to consider.

Start thinking about what your travel adventures are missing, and dive into a little extra info on toy hauler travel trailers. 

What Is a Toy Hauler Travel Trailer? 

If you’re not too familiar with the world of travel trailers and RVs, all the varying terms and definitions could get pretty overwhelming.

A toy hauler travel trailer is simply a recreational vehicle with a big opening in the rear.

It also typically has a metal ramp and some extra space in the back purposed for carrying your ATVs or motorcycles. 

Are Toy Haulers Cheaper Than Travel Trailers? 

Whether toy haulers are cheaper than travel trailers is quite a subjective question. What you pay for your recreational vehicle has everything to do with what you want it to have and little to do with the type of RV. 

You could feasibly find a toy hauler and a travel trailer that cost the same, depending on the options and upgrades each one has equipped.

Just know that you’ll need in the tens of thousands to get started on a toy hauler travel trailer. 

A toy hauler travel trailer outside

What Should I Look for in a Toy Hauler?  

What makes a good toy hauler changes for everyone.

Ensuring the toy hauler has everything you need in an RV is the key.

You’ll generally look for a wide-open garage space in the rear or side with a big ramp door that can double as a patio deck. 

Consider whether or not the garage space had a design where you can repurpose the area.

You might want to look for fold-away sleep options.

Also, look for rugged and oil-resistant floors, tie-down fasteners, and protective wall panels. That should make for a pretty decent toy hauler. 

The Best Toy Hauler Travel Trailers in 2022

If you’re already dreading the research it takes to find the right toy hauler travel trailer, let us do a little of the digging for you.

Check out these five suggestions first, and see if you can find what you need on your first stop. 

1. Heartland Torque 281 

MSRP: $69,152
Garage Size: 16’4” 

There’s certainly no issue with comfortability in this toy hauler travel trailer.

First, the Heartland Torque 281 comes standard with a 98-gallon fresh tank, 57-gallon gray, and a 30-gallon black tank. It’s always important to know about your water situation.

The RV measures 32’8” long, 12’10” high, 8’6” wide, and sports a 4,798-lb cargo capacity.

The inside of this fancy fortress has a fully equipped kitchen space with a huge fridge and a full range and oven.

You’ll also get a king-sized bed in the main sleeping area and a power queen bed above the bench seating in the garage. 

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2. Forest River No Boundaries 19.1

MSRP: $46,052
Garage Size: 10’6” 

The Forest River No Boundaries 19.1 weighs only 4,264 lbs. It measures 24’11” long, 7’4” wide, and 9’11” high.

Furthermore, it has a 30-gallon fresh, gray, and black water tank for washing and watering.

Other features include a 16’ awning, a true queen bed, a dry bath, and a full kitchen area. 

3. Jayco Octane 222

MSRP: $53,438
Garage Size: 8’6” 

The Jayco Octane 222 has a GSWR of 8,250 lbs. It is 26’6” long, 8’6” wide, and 11’2” high with the AC unit.

It has a 53-gallon fresh tank and a 39-gallon gray and black tank.

Additionally, you’ll get an 18’ awning on the exterior.

And the interior offers two queen sleeping areas, a full kitchen with a three-burner stovetop and oven, a dry bath, and a bar top seating area. 

4. Coachmen Adrenaline 29SS

MSRP: $77,944
Garage Size: 15’7”

The Coachmen Adrenaline 29SS is the toy hauler travel trailer you want if you need a lot of space.

It’s 36’4” long, 8’8” wide, and 12’4” high, with a whole 18’ of coverage from the awning. You won’t be short on space. 

It also comes with two sleeping areas.

The bedroom has a king-size bed, and it has a queen lift bed over the dinette area.

You also get a living space with a sofa and two chairs, a full bathroom, and a kitchen. 

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5. Coleman Lantern 251TQ

MSRP: $41,840
Garage Size: 13′

The Lantern has a 16’ exterior awning and measures 29’11” long and 11’5” high.

It has a cargo capacity of 3,918 lbs and carries 60 gallons of fresh water and 42 gallons of gray and black water.

Additionally, the inside has a queen sleeping area, a full dry bath, and a small kitchen space with two comfortable chairs for seating. 

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Bring Your Toys With a Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

Concluding our exploration, the right toy hauler travel trailer will help you craft the perfect outdoor adventure.

However, take a close look at the specs of several different models before making your final decision.

You don’t want to get stuck with a toy hauler travel trailer that doesn’t really work for your outdoor lifestyle. Now get out there and explore.

Which toy hauler looks best to you?

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