These Campers Have RV Office Space Already Built-In

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For travelers who want to hit the road but need a dedicated office space to make the lifestyle work, it can be challenging to find a floor plan that fits their needs.

Many have thought of RVing as an escape from work. But with more digital nomads and remote workers in today’s society, an RV office has become necessary.

Renovating a space can be costly and time-consuming, so here are ten campers that already have an RV office ready for you. Let’s take a look!

What Is an RV Office?

An RV office is similar to a home office. It’s a dedicated workspace that doesn’t have to be transformed day in and day out.

It can get frustrating unpacking work equipment every morning and packing it up every night. Some travelers have to use the dinette as their workspace, so they pack up several times a day for their family to eat meals.

However, having an RV office means having a separate space where the computer screen can stay up, you can store files in a drawer, and the noise is minimal.

An RV office set up

What Are the Benefits of Having RV Office Space Built-In?

Having an RV office built-in means no renovations. It can be fun and exciting for some people to dream up a renovation project and carry it out.

But for many people, a renovation is exhausting and too costly. These floorplans with an RV office space give that time back to travelers.

Plus, there’s no concern over weight limits. Every time you do a renovation project, you must consider how much weight you’re taking out and how much weight you’re adding.

Slides can only hold a certain amount of weight. Entire campers have ratings for a specific weight. When you start changing things out, weight can be an issue.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Built-In RV Office Spaces?

Even though it’s advantageous to buy a camper with an RV office space, there are a couple of negatives.

One, you’re stuck with the RV office the manufacturer created. Maybe it’s not in your preferred location, or you don’t like the layout. You might have to renovate after all or bite the bullet and deal with the space as-is.

Two, built-in RV office spaces mean the manufacturers removed something else, or you might have to buy a longer RV than you originally wanted.

To maintain a small space, when something is added, something else is deleted. This may mean extra pantry storage or a kid’s bunkroom. If the manufacturer has increased the RV length to create an office, then your tow vehicle may not be able to pull it.

You might also want to stay under a specific size to get into more campsites.

10 Campers With Built-In RV Office Space

Below are ten RVs with built-in RV office spaces. These are great options for travelers who don’t want to deal with a renovation or figure out what works on the road looks like.

1. KZ Connect C292RDK

About This Camper: The KZ Connect has a GVWR of 9,175lbs and a cargo-carrying capacity of over 2,000lbs. This means you can load up quite a bit of stuff inside this 32’5” travel trailer. It features a kitchen island, booth dinette, sofa, fireplace, large pantry, and king bed.

The Office Space: The office space is in the rear and features a desk in front of the rear window. You could have a great view while working on a project or answering emails.

The walk-in pantry is to the left, so you could use a shelf for storage or insert a small filing cabinet at the bottom.

Keep in Mind: If you’re looking for a job on the road, here’s where to find legitimate workamping jobs!

2. KZ Durango Gold G356RLQ

About This Camper: Another option by KZ is this Durango. It’s a much larger camper at 35’6” and GVWR of almost 15,000lbs. This fifth wheel features a kitchen island, free-standing dinette, theater seating, sofa, and washer and dryer prep space.

The Office Space: The office space is an optional add-on. Instead of the free-standing dinette, you can choose to insert an RV office with a desk and two chairs. You could have a great view with the sizeable window directly in front of the desk.

However, if you have younger children and need the dinette, you might want to find a different floorplan.

3. Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS

About This Camper: Another fifth-wheel option is the Pinnacle made by Jayco. This model features a separate mid-room with office space. It’s 41’8” in length and has a GVWR of almost 17,000lbs.

You’ll need a heavy-duty dually truck to tow the Pinnacle 37MDQS. Other features are similar to the Durango, with a kitchen island, free-standing dinette, theater seating, sofa, and washer and dryer prep space.

The Office Space: The addition of the mid-room makes the Pinnacle longer and heavier than most models on this list. However, it adds privacy. The room has a couch with overhead storage and a desk with cabinets on either side.

A loft is above the room for additional sleeping or storage space. If you need a more private location for work, this Jayco Pinnacle provides a great RV office space.

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4. Jayco North Point 377RLBH

About This Camper: Another very similar floorplan by Jayco is this North Point. It also features a separate mid-room with office space. It’s even longer at 43’ and has a GVWR of under 17,000lbs.

The features are the same as the Pinnacle listed above. The most significant difference is the layout of the mid-room itself.

The Office Space: Like the Pinnacle, the added mid-room increases the length and weight of this fifth wheel but adds privacy. However, this mid-room is a bit different.

It has a flip-up bunk above the couch. This means you can use the RV office space in the North Point as a bedroom for a child. This could be a good thing for traveling families. The desk and closet are across from the sofa.

5. CrossRoads Volante VL3251RD

About This Camper: At 36’3”, the Volante is one of the shorter fifth wheels on this list. It doesn’t have the mid-room like the Pinnacle or North Point. The GVWR is just under 14,000lbs.

This layout features a campside kitchen with an entertainment center and fireplace. There’s a kitchen island, pantry, free-standing dinette, theater seating, sofa, king bed, and washer and dryer prep space.

The Office Space: Like the KZ Connect, the Volante has the RV office in the rear next to the pantry. There’s a nice expansive window over the desk and overhead storage.

The addition of the overhead storage makes putting away equipment or filing papers easy.

6. Keystone Montana 3855BR

About This Camper: Another model with a mid-room floorplan is the Montana 3855BR. With this addition, the length is right under 41.’ This unit by Keystone has the same features as the other fifth wheels on this list, like a fireplace, free-standing dinette, and king bed.

The Office Space: This RV office is in the rig’s center like the Pinnacle and North Point models. There’s a couch, closet, and barn doors to separate the space from the kitchen.

However, the desk is longer than the previous two units. It stretches almost the length of the wall, which also means taking away some storage room. There’s a loft above this mid-room for additional sleeping or storage space.

7. Tiffin Allegro Red 33A

About This Camper: Moving on to Class A motorhome, this Allegro Red by Tiffin features a rear bedroom with a queen bed and plenty of storage.

The living space features a sofa bed and booth dinette with a fireplace and flat-panel TV. You’ll love the luxurious tile floor and handcrafted cabinetry. This Tiffin is 35’2” in length.

The Office Space: Like the KZ Durango, the RV office space is an add-on. You can replace the booth dinette on the campside of the coach with a computer workstation or an even larger dining bar with an overhead shelf.

This second option provides storage space for a printer, files, and equipment. With a window facing your campsite, it’s another excellent option with a view.

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Inside of a Tiffin Motorhome with an rv office
Source: Tiffin Motorhomes

8. Fleetwood Discovery LXE 36HQ

About This Camper: This Discovery by Fleetwood measures 36’9” and has a GVWR of 36,400lbs. It features two 60” sofas, a kitchen island with dishwasher, and a king bed with two wardrobes in the rear bedroom. The breakfast bar also functions as a desk.

The Office Space: Sitting between the residential fridge and a sofa, the breakfast bar has two chairs facing the window. This space doubles as an RV office, which is best if you’re looking for a multi-purpose space.

However, if you’re looking for privacy or a place where you can keep your computer screen set up, this floorplan may not work for you.

9. Palomino River Ranch 392MB

About This Camper: Another long fifth wheel option is this River Ranch by Palomino. It’s 42’ and has a GVWR of 18,000lbs. Like the Pinnacle, North Point, and Montana, you’ll need a heavy-duty truck to tow this unit.

It also features many of the same amenities as those three models, including a kitchen island, fireplace, and king bed with a large wardrobe.

The Office Space: This is another model with a mid-room floorplan. However, because the shape of this room isn’t quite square, the desk space is smaller than the previous mid-room fifth wheels on this list.

There is overhead cabinetry above the desk. Like the North Point, it has a flip-up bunk and sofa behind the desk.

Courtesy: Palamino RV

10. Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB

About This Camper: Airstream is one of the most iconic RVs. This Flying Cloud model features a back office where two bunk beds are in the other 30FB model. The rest of the layout features the typical front bedroom, U-shaped dinette and sofa in the kitchen, and rear bathroom.

The Office Space: Located in the rear beside the bathroom, the RV office space is one of the larger spaces on this list that still has some privacy.

There’s a cushioned chair beside the desk that converts into a bed. There’s also a large closet beside the desk that can double as a pantry and work-related storage.

Work on the Road in Your RV Office 

Although many campers seek the outdoors to get away from the office and escape computer screens, emails, and text messages, other travelers need to bring their work on the road.

They could be full-time travelers or travelers who want to venture out for weeks at a time. Having a built-in RV office is an excellent perk. It helps with storage solutions and eliminates the hassle of packing up equipment every day.

Do you take your work on the road? Do you have a dedicated RV office?

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  1. I would love to see an article about workspaces in Class A coaches with privacy for Zoom meetings and such. We’re planning on going full time next year, and I still work full time and have frequent meetings.

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