Where to Find Legitimate Workamping Jobs

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A man works on his computer while camping in his RV.

Have you heard of workamping? Workamping jobs are perfect for RVers who need a little income on the road, those who like working and being involved in campground activities, and for those who just like a free campsite! 

In this article, we take a closer look at workamping and where you can find jobs. 

What Are Workamping Jobs?

Workamping means work plus camping. Essentially you can do these jobs while camping. You can get paid to camp. Although, not all jobs pay. Are you confused yet? Don’t worry; we’ll break it down for you.

Many full-time RVers enjoy workamping jobs as a way to fund their travels, have great experiences, and meet new people along the way. 

Man digital marketing as a workamping job.

How Much Do They Pay? 

As a workamper, they may compensate you in a couple of different ways. The first and most common type of compensation for workamping is a free or comped campsite. In many cases, workampers get a free RV campsite with full or partial hookups and access to on-site amenities like showers, laundry, Wi-Fi, and more. 

Some workamping opportunities also pay an hourly or salary monetary wage in addition to offering a comped campsite. Hours and pay vary due to no industry standard. 

Types of Workamping Jobs

You can do many different types of work as a workamper. Workamping jobs accept couples and singles and fit a variety of skill types and physical abilities. Here are some of the most popular jobs. 

Harvest Work

One popular job is Harvest work, many companies hire workers for this position around the country. Harvest workamping jobs are temporary and seasonal and tend to pay the best, but they also require the most demanding hours and physical labor. 

Many enjoy the sugar beet harvest in Montana and with the rise of recreational and medical marijuana sweeping the nation, marijuana harvest and trimming jobs have become more popular, too. 

Woman performing harvest work at a campground.

Campground Host

Campgrounds need hosts, and many campground hosts are workampers! You can find campground host jobs on almost every workamping job board later on in this list. Some jobs pay while others, like state park camp hosts, only offer a free campsite. 


You can find many jobs working as a janitor at campgrounds and other locations. These jobs can include cleaning campground buildings, stores, restrooms, and cleaning up RV and tent camping sites after campers leave. 


The average handyman may find campground maintenance jobs a suitable fit. Maintenance might include repairing campground equipment, mowing and weeding, painting, light construction work, and more. 

Man tending to one of his workamping jobs.

Where to Find Legitimate Workamping Jobs

You can find many legitimate workamping jobs online. From specialized job boards to applying with campgrounds directly, here are some of your top options. 

Cool Works

Cool Works is an online job search resource that advertises “Jobs in Great Places.” This website is great for outdoor adventurers and travelers looking for jobs in national parks, state parks, and workamping jobs. 

You can filter this website by season and job type. You can even filter by jobs with RV Spaces. 

Amazon CamperForce

The retail giant Amazon needs extra help during the holiday season. Because of the surge in holiday sales, Amazon started a program called Amazon CamperForce

CamperForce hires RVers to do seasonal work in Amazon Warehouses helping with order fulfillment. The jobs can be very labor-intensive with long hours. 

Amazon fulfillment center.


WorkampingJobs.com is a free site for RV workampers and businesses to connect. It’s like a job board for workampers. 

This website has many ads making it challenging to navigate, but that’s how they keep it free. We recommend using the website on a computer or laptop. You can find a decent amount of workamping jobs here. 


You may find Workamper News a helpful online resource. It has a job board, resources, events, and much more. They offer a free or paid membership. If you’re serious about looking for workamping jobs, the paid membership is worth it. The lowest tier starts at around $20 per year, and you get weekly job listings emailed to you, training courses, a digital copy of the magazine, and more. 


KOA has over 400 campgrounds around North America and regularly hires workampers to help run them. KOA Work Kamper pay varies based on location, and jobs last anywhere from 3 months to a year or longer. 

Man picking up hazardous items from a campsite at one of his workamping jobs.


Happy Vagabonds has volunteer and paid work camping jobs. You can easily navigate between the two types on the job board. They even have RV classifieds, sites for rent, and camping resources. 

Quartzsite Big Tent Show

The Quartzsite Big Tent Show happens at the beginning of every year in Quartzsite, Arizona. It has hundreds of exhibitors and booths from almost every aspect of the RVing industry, including campgrounds and workamping programs looking for workers. Some call it the largest gathering of RVers in the world.

Although this show only happens once a year, you should check it out if you want to book your year with work camping opportunities.

Workers on Wheels

Lastly, you can find opportunities at Workers on Wheels. This website is updated daily and has all sorts of workamping jobs, resources, and more. A couple named Coleen and Bob run the site, which has been one of the go-to resources for workampers for almost three decades. 

Two men pitching a tent for campers.

Workamping Is a Great Way to Travel

One of the biggest factors holding people back from full-time travel is wondering how they can afford it. Workamping can help. 

Most jobs are temporary and seasonal and typically won’t pay the same amount as full-time employment. But having your campsite paid for, and a paycheck can be worth it for some people. 

If you want to hit the road but need a little help, check out these workamping job boards to get you started.

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