7 Best Pop Up Campers For Beginners

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Opus OP4 pop up camper driving off road

Are you tired of setting up a tent every time you go camping? But aren’t ready for the commitment of a large RV? Then a pop up camper might be the perfect fit for you!

Not only is a pop up trailer the middle-ground for size, but it’s the lowest priced of all the trailer types, including travel trailers and fifth wheels.

The best folding pop ups are the ones that are easy to tow with a mid-size car, minivan, or SUV. They are lightweight and portable and fit easily into your driveway or garage, or even your backyard. Because of their compact design, they are perfect for going off-road.

With all of the optional features, you will have some of the amenities of home, such as kitchens, sitting areas, beds, and sometimes even toilets and showers.

However, with the canvas walls, you won’t be sacrificing that feeling of sleeping under the stars. They are also an excellent option for first-time RVers since they are easy to tow.

What is a Pop Up Camper?

Pop up campers are compact and flat campers. You usually see them towed by minivans or SUVs.

Even though the name suggests it, they don’t actually “pop up”. Instead, you use either a hydraulic lift or winch to raise the hard roof. You then need to extend the telescoping metal poles and pull out the two-bed sliders by hand. 

Because the tent trailer walls are vinyl or canvas, you will be closer to nature than you would typically be in a hard-sided RV. You can spend time enjoying nature but still have some creature comforts within reach.

With an outdoorsy tent feeling, you’re not closed off from all the great sounds of nature as you would be in an RV. You get the full camping experience without having to sleep on the ground. 

The inside of a pop up camper with a bed and two benches

How Much Do Pop Up Trailers Cost?

Like any other RV type, pop up campers can vary widely in cost. For a new pop up tent trailer, you can expect an average price between $8,000 and $25,000.

However, if buying used, you can drop that price tag significantly and expect to find units with an average price ranging from $2,000 to $10,000.

Overall, small pop up campers won’t break the bank. You can either save up to buy one or take out a loan with a dealership to have an affordable monthly payment.

What Pop Up Camper Is Best?

Let’s take a look at the best pop up campers on the market today so that you can decide what style would work best for your wants and needs.

1. Sylvan Sport Go


MSRP: Starting at $10,995

The Sylvan Sport Go may look small, but it makes a big statement. The Sport Go comes in a base package with two additional add-on packages, depending on your needs.

Whether you are taking this tent on an everyday escapade or you are going all out with an epic adventure, the Sylvan Sport Go has you covered.

This camper may be compact, but the spacious multi-use design is comfortable with multiple dining and sleeping options. 

Never be anxious about the rain again; this tent is elevated and waterproof, guaranteed to keep you dry. You can easily tow with almost any car or truck.

Sylvan Sport Go pop up camper towed behind Tesla
Source: SylvanSport.com

This camper helps with fuel efficiency due to its low profile and lightweight. Made of premium materials, this tent is durable and long-lasting with hardly any maintenance required. It is made in the USA since it is handcrafted in Brevard, NC. 

The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of camping trailers, the Sylvan Sport Go can do everything and go everywhere. It is dubbed by National Geographic Adventure as the “Coolest. Camper. Ever.”

2. Forest River Rockwood Freedom 2318G

Forest River Rockwood Freedom 2318G layout
Source: forestriverinc.com

MSRP: Starting at $19,999

If you’re looking to go big or go home with pop up campers, the Rockwood 2318G has you covered. It comes with an optional shower and cassette toilet so you can stay out there longer. Additionally, while most pop ups have two pop-out features, this floor plan has three.

Additional features that come standard on this floorplan include wood plank flooring, a hot water package, three burner range, an outdoor kitchen area, USB charging ports, electric brakes, an 85″ wide body with two 80″ beds, and much more!

This is a great option for campers who are on the tall side. If you don’t like this specific floor plan, Forest River offers many other high-wall series campers.

3. Forest River Rockwood Freedom A122S

The Forest River Freedom A122S pop up camper with a green background

MSRP: Starting at $22,740

This A-frame pop up hard-sided camper folds down into a sleek, towable camper. With the Rockwood A122S you can enjoy the best of both worlds with this fantastic little camper.

You have the hard sides of a traditional travel trailer, but you also have the portability of a pop up camper that is easy and convenient to store. 

This is the perfect camper for a beginner RVer. You get the feeling of an RV but in a tiny package.

Forest River Rockwood Freedom A122S Layout
Source: forestriverinc.com

Some of the features include a hot water heater, water pump, kitchen with a microwave and range, optional port-a-potty, and a shower.

You can even bring along additional camping gear with the easy storage on this model. It has exterior storage as well as an EZ Reach Storage truck.

Pro Tip: If you love the look of this A-line camper, then you’ll want to check out 10 Best A-Frame Campers With Walkthrough Videos.

4. Coachmen Clipper 107LS

The Coachmen Clipper 107LS pop up trailer on a green background

MSRP: Starting at $19,900

The Clipper line comes in four different styles by Coachman: The Express, the LS, the Sport/Classic, and the V-Trek. Each model has a variety of size options as well as features.

These pop up campers are fully customizable with high-density cushions, water pump, kitchen with a range and two burners, a built-in shower, porta potty, furnace, fridge, and a water heater, to name a few of the available features. 

Coachmen Clipper 107LS layout
Source: coachmenrv.com

The Coachmen Clipper 107LS is a great camper to get your feet when in the pop up trailer world.

This trailer has a GVWR of 2,938 with a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,137. Meaning, you can bring a good amount of stuff with you! Come on, we all know newbies always overpack.

5. Opus OP4 Off Road Pop Up Camper

Opus OP4 Off Road Pop Up Camper parked in a field and setup
Source: opuscamper.us

MSRP: Starting at $25,000

The rugged and durable Opus OP4 Off-Road pop up camper can go wherever you decide to go. The upgraded, all-terrain tires and chassis, along with the independent coil suspension, make off-roading not only possible with this trailer in tow, but it makes it fun. 

With the innovative AIR-inflated technology, the tent inflates on its own in approximately 90 seconds. All you have to do is open and secure the bed ends, then turn on the switch to inflate. Because of the AIR-inflated technology, you have more interior space with 8′ ceilings.

Airy and light, the tent has lots of windows and a skylight to give you that outdoorsy feeling. Go exploring without worry, because this model has an onboard electric water pump, more power, and extra storage.

6. Turtleback Trailers Adventure Series

MSRP: Must inquire on website

Don’t let the small size fool you, the Turtleback Adventure Series has plenty of room for family, pets, and all your camping gear with nearly 200 square feet of enclosable living space.

The tent is huge, easy to set up, and comes with a queen-size mattress and tent-side storage access. It is perfect for those who want to stay closer to the ground.

Because this trailer is so lightweight, it’s easily towable behind most small SUVs. With plenty of ground clearance, this is also an excellent fit for those who want to hit the backroads.

Easily customizable with modular add-ons such as a sink, water tank and pump, refrigerator, solar system, and electrical systems. It was bought by Joshua Costner in May 2023, and manufacturing was moved to Nashville, Tennesse. 

7. Trail Manor 2518 Series

A TrailManor hard sided pop up camper on a green backgroud

MSRP: Starting at $39,900

This pop up trailer lives up to its name! If you opt for this unique Trail Manor 2518 Series trailer, you can definitely say you live in a manor. The best part? When closed, this trailer can fit in any standard garage.

This full hard-sided pop up trailer is your best bet for comfortable camping and large interior space. It comes in three different floorplan options. You can have a king bed with a double bed (shown below), a king bed with a sofa bed, or a king bed with a dinette.

Trail Manor 2518 Series Layout
Source: trailmanor.com

The standard features that come on the Trail Manor include two 20 lb propane containers, alloy wheels, spare tire, exterior shower, independent suspension, steel frame, laminated flooring, metal underbelly, 20-gallon freshwater tank, and so much more!

Pop In To The Great Outdoors With A Pop Up

Pop up campers are a great way for campers to get their feet wet in the great outdoors. Renting a pop up before you invest in one of your own will give you an idea of what you want and need in a camper, and in the end, it could save you a lot of heartache. 

It’s also an excellent alternative for tent campers who want to upgrade from a tent, but don’t want the financial burden and upkeep of an RV. Easily towable by a vehicle you probably already own. They are compact enough to be stored easily in a garage or even your driveway or backyard. Pop ups allow you to upgrade your camping experience without breaking the bank.

Whether your next adventure is a weekend trip or a week-long stay, pop up campers are the perfect option for you. Pop ups can go where larger RVs can go. You don’t even need a campground for these campers. You can enjoy more secluded areas than you would with a full-size trailer or RV.

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