Small (and Cute) Camping Trailers You Need to See

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Small camping trailers can be fun, practical, and cute. Imagine going for a weekend camping trip and saving a ton of gas because you can tow your trailer with your SUV. Plus, you can fit into nearly any campsite with ease. Small trailers can help you focus on your experiences rather than the mechanics of navigating a larger rig.

If tiny and minimalist living fits your camping style, we’ve found the perfect seven options to share with you. But even if you would rather go big, these are fun to check out anyway!

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Benefits of Small Camping Trailers

Small camping trailers can be straightforward to tow, often because of their lightweight. As such, there’s a greater variety of vehicles that can tow your trailer. You might even be able to tow with your minivan or mid-size SUV! 

Smaller campers tend to have fewer problems with sway. But the size doesn’t eliminate it. You may still need to invest in anti-sway bars for easier and safer towing.  

In addition, maneuvering a small camping trailer is relatively simple. Driving down narrow roads or backing into a campsite can be among the most stressful parts of RVing. But the shorter the trailer, the easier it is to maneuver and get a feel for how it behaves. 

Once you’re at a campsite, tiny trailers can also be easy to set up. Often, they lack the bells and whistles that larger camper trailers have. A small trailer may not have a slide-out or more than one waste tank to hook up, for example. 

Another undercover benefit is that you can’t take as much along. While this may seem like a downside at first, it can be a blessing. It keeps your setup and travels, in general, a bit simpler. Taking less baggage (literally) can mean fewer worries.

Many small camping trailers are less expensive than other RVs, too. Like with a house, the square footage and craftsmanship of a camping trailer factor into the price. If you want a more budget-friendly option, smaller can mean cheaper in the RV world.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule when it comes to price. The quality construction of the trailers we explore in this article usually equates to a higher price point than other brands, but those we suggest still offer plenty of value for what you pay

Top 7 Small Camping Trailers You Need to See

We’ve come up with a list of seven small camping trailers that we hope you’ll like! These seven trailers have the cute factor down, and they’re practical and liveable at the same time.

1. Casita Freedom

The Casita Freedom is a 17ft single axle camping trailer. It’s easy to pull and helps promote fuel efficiency for your tow vehicle. And the cute factor of this tiny home on wheels is multiplied by the two interior decor options to choose from.

It comes in a deluxe model fit for two people and includes a shower and toilet, or there’s a standard model that sleeps up to four people. Both have a double bed that converts into a dinette and a small kitchen. The standard also has double bunk beds.

Casita is known for its durable and lightweight construction without skimping on creature comforts. It features comfortable and spacious seating for such a small camper. There’s also plenty of well-thought-out storage space and large windows for an open feel. 

Dry Weight: The deluxe model is 2,480 lbs, and the standard is 2,210 lbs.

Base Price: $25,694

2. Scamp 16’ Deluxe

The Scamp 16’ Deluxe is small, efficient, and cute inside and out. The interior has an old-school camper or vintage vibe. We like that it gives you the feeling of camping before RVs had USB ports. 

It has four floor plans. Three of them have a toilet and shower. Each has a small kitchen and dinettes or sofas that convert into beds. 

Standard features on the Scamp 16ft Deluxe include mounted rear jacks, LED exterior lights, a 24 series battery pack, a battery disconnect switch, and more. It’s also prepped for a rooftop air conditioner. 

The Scamp 16ft Deluxe is a single axle camping trailer. It’s easy to hook up and set up, whether you’re just rolling into camp or ready to move on to the next one. 

Dry Weight: 2,200 lbs

Base Price: $12,600 to $31,200

3. Little Guy Mini Max

The Little Guy Mini Max is charming and sleek. It definitely hits the cute factor when it comes to small camping trailers! It’s likely to turn heads when you pull into a campground. But the interior is just as awesome! The decor is modern and makes the living space look bigger than it is.

This single axle teardrop camping trailer is 17ft 2in long and sleeps two to three people. The dinette converts into either a queen or dual twin bed. It has a small kitchen with a 5 cubic ft refrigerator/freezer. And it has a wet bath with a “fan”-tastic vent.

The Little Guy Mini Max has various upgrades available. Add-ons include a 100-watt solar panel and a bike carrier. As if it wasn’t easy to drive already, there are also optional 15in off-road tires. These will increase the extent to which you could go off the main roads. 

Dry Weight: 2,320 lbs

Base Price: $29,000

4. Aliner Expedition

The Aliner Expedition has an A-frame style that reminds us of a modern, pop-up camper. This single axle, 18ft camping trailer has two hard or soft dormers (or pop-outs) on the rear and front giving it double the living space and extra storage. 

When it comes to small camping trailers, the sleeping area is typically small. However, this one comes with the option of a permanent 60in by 80in bed or a sofa bed. It also has a dinette that converts into a 40in by 80in bed. Extra functional spaces include a bathroom with a cassette toilet and a small kitchen.

With a furnace and air conditioning, the Aliner Expedition packs in many features for as small as it is. It has four stabilizing jacks, vacuum-bonded fiberglass panels, marine-grade flooring, and more that make it solid construction. 

Dry Weight: 1,850 lbs

Base Price: $20,000

5. Airstream Caravel 20FB

The Airstream Caravel 20FB is a single axle and 20ft long. It definitely checks the “cute” box. You might even feel like this camping trailer is a condo on wheels. It has two modern decor options that set the interior furnishings apart from the competition.

This small camper has a corner kitchen and a full bath in the rear. The front has a double bed with storage underneath and a dinette that converts into a bed. You’ll find additional storage above the dinette, along with a wardrobe next to the bed. All that storage makes this a top choice on our small camping trailers list.  

Airstream does such an excellent job of maximizing natural light, and the Caravel 20FB is no exception. It also comes with many of the features and high-end amenities in the larger Airstreams. 

Dry Weight: 4,300 lbs

Base Price: $70,200

6. Meerkat Camper Trailer

The Meerkat Camper Trailer is unique and takes home the prize for being the most lightweight trailer on our small camping trailers list, which significantly broadens tow vehicle options. Plus, the 13 ft trailer will fit in a garage for storage.

One of our favorite features of the Meerkat is the pop-up top vents. A circular pop-up in the ceiling allows for extra ventilation and more headroom to walk around. 

The floor plan consists of a U-shaped dinette that rolls out into a bed. It also has a porta-potty, a sink, and an icebox. There’s even storage overhead and under the dinette seating.

What’s more adorable is that you can choose from multiple colors for the decals. From yellow to teal stripe, there are plenty of options to make it your own!  

Dry Weight: 900 lbs

Base Price: $22,970

7. Alto R1723

The Alto R1723 is all about innovation and natural light. It’s constructed from composite materials and aluminum. And it has a roof system that opens and closes with electric actuators. There’s one unique feature that makes this camper stand out from the other small camping trailers. The retractable roof gives the camping trailer an aerodynamic shape when it’s closed. This gives it a drag ratio of 75% lower than other travel trailers, so it’s easier to tow. 

When the roof is closed, the Alto R1723 can fit into a garage. The camper is still functional, with the top closed as well. But when you open the roof, it offers a more comfortable living space and greater headroom.

The Alto R1723 sleeps up to three people. It has a king-size bed, and the front dinette converts into a single bed. You can create the dinette’s table into two dining areas – a two and a five-seat dinette. The Alto has a toilet, shower, and a small kitchen. This camping trailer definitely packs a lot into a small space.

Dry Weight: 1,867 lbs

Base Price: $39,400

Are These Small Camping Trailers A Perfect Fit?

Did we mention how cute these small camping trailers are? Tiny campers are both fun to look at and functional for travelers! Those who want to get out and enjoy the outdoors on the weekend or for short trips may find the perfect fit in one of these options.

We hope you get a chance to walk through some of these, whether you’re shopping or just curious. If you do, please let us know what you think! 

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