10 Best Small Toy Hauler RVs in 2022

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Small toyhauler KZ RV Escape sitting on the coast with a kayak

“Big things come in small packages,” so they say. This rings true for the best small toy hauler RVs. Many manufacturers cram an insane amount of options and amenities in these rigs.

Today we’ll look at the best small toy hauler RVs available. Let’s get started!

What Is a Toy Hauler Camper?

Toy hauler RVs have a garage-like space in the back. A large ramp door allows for easy loading and unloading or often serves as a deck. Many outdoor enthusiast want a toy hauler to bring along their ATVs, motorcycles, mountain bikes, goft carts, and more.

You’ll most commonly find toy haulers in fifth wheels or travel trailers, but motorhome toy haulers exist too.

The garage in a toy hauler serves as a multi-purpose space with seemingly unlimited potential. Many RVing families often use the garage space as a bedroom for the kids.

Some full time RVers work from their RV and convert this space to a home office. You can use your imagination to find creative ways to use this space.

A man and woman happily ride an ATV on a clay road in the sun. A toy hauler is an RV that allows you to travel with your ATVs or motorcycles or other 'toys'.

Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels vs. Travel Trailers

Many people enjoy using fifth wheels and travel trailer toy haulers. Fifth wheels usually come much larger and have a substantially higher carrying capacity.

This increased cargo capacity means having room for heavier items like ATVs and OHVs. They can also have onboard generators and even fuel storage for your favorite toys.

The weight of these RVs likely requires larger heavy-duty pickups like a dually that can handle the large hauling capacity. 

If you don’t have a heavy-duty truck and don’t want to upgrade, try getting a travel trailer toy hauler. These lighter frames don’t require as large of a truck to tow them.

These RVs are not only lighter because of the frames, but they’re also shorter. There’s usually no separation between the living space and garage spaces.

Generally, travel trailer toy haulers come with a lower price tag compared to fifth wheels. Whether you choose a fifth wheel or travel trailer for your toy hauler, do adequate research. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each style of RV before picking one for your upcoming camping trip.

Pro Tip: Before you fully commit to a toy hauler, be sure to read the Top 5 Regrets of a Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel!

A small toy hauler by Forest River sitting in an empty show room ready for pictures
Source: Forest River

10 Best Small Toy Haulers in 2022

Choosing a small toy hauler doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or amenities. Let’s look at some of the best small toy haulers on the market in 2022.

1. Forest River No Boundaries 19.1

The 24 ft 11 inch NB19.1 packs quite a punch. This small travel trailer weighs less than 4,500 lbs and has a hitch weight of 720 lbs. With a trio of 30-gallon tanks, you’ll have plenty of space for fresh, gray, and black water. 

This lightweight toy hauler by Forest River RV features a queen-size bed, dry bath, and a full kitchen. The 10.5 ft garage area has plenty of room for a golf cart or motorcycle.

Just because you have a small toy hauler doesn’t mean you can’t bring a toy or two on your adventures.

2. inTech Flyer Explore

The inTech Flyer Explore will change what you think of when it comes to a small toy hauler. This 13 ft 9 inches long travel trailer toy hauler has a dry weight of 1,990 lbs.

The fully welded cage frame is strong enough to handle taking it off the beaten path. You’ll be able to explore new and exciting locations a standard RV can’t reach. This incredibly lightweight aluminum frame means most mid-size SUVs will have no issues towing this small toy hauler.

You may assume the InTech Flyer Explore can only sleep a person or two, but guess again. Upgrading to an additional tip-out on the curbside of the trailer provides sleeping quarters for 4-6 adults.

Overhead compartments and a front-mounted storage container provide plenty of extra space for supplies. A roof-mounted rack can hold up to 250 lbs which means you can bring a couple of kayaks for even more fun!

3. inTech Flyer Discover

The Flyer Discover is another great compact toy hauler offered by inTech. Slightly larger than it’s baby brother, the Discover comes in at 18 ft long and has a dry weight of 2,787 lbs.

This model comes standard with one tip out and the option of a second tip out on the other side. So depending on your camping group, this bad boy can sleep up to six adults!

You have five exterior color options when it comes to the Flyer Discover. You can also add a 10 ft awning, A/C with heat pump, and a roof rack. These do come solar prepped as well, so feel free to upgrade this toy hauler for maximum outdoor exploring.

4. Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH

The Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH toy hauler is an RV owners favorite. The full-size bed provides a comfortable place to sleep. In addition, a large bathroom means no longer having to use campground restroom facilities.

This toy hauler weighs 3,433 lbs and has a hitch weight of 581 lbs. It has an exterior overall length of 20 ft 2 inches.

If you want a small toy hauler, the Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH is an outstanding choice no matter where your adventures take you.

5. Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222

The 26 ft 6 inches long Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222 has a dry weight of 5,785 lbs and a hitch weight of 820 lbs. With a carrying capacity of 2,465 lbs, you’ll have plenty of weight rating to haul RV gear and your favorite toy in the 8 ft 6-inch garage.

The massive 53-gallon freshwater tank provides you with plenty of water for off-grid RVing. You will also have plenty of room for your friends and family. The Octane 222 has a sleeping capacity for six.

Additionally, the full kitchen gives you plenty of space and amenities to prepare and cook food for everyone.

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6. KZ Escape E180TH

The 21 ft 6-inch long KZ Escape E180TH has a dry weight of 3,210 lbs and a hitch weight of 400 lbs. It has a 9 ft long garage space and ample room for your golf cart, kayaks, or other lightweight toys.

Not only does the Escape E180TH have a generous amount of cargo space in the garage, but it also has massive pass-through storage in the front.

This unit doesn’t disappoint when it comes to space for all your toys and gear. You’ll feel right at home when you choose this small toy hauler, no matter where you camp.

7. Forest River Wolf Pup 18RJB

The Forest River Wolf Pup 18RJB is a great option when it comes to small toy haulers. This isn’t the smallest unit on our list, but it’s still worth a look.

Coming in at 22 ft 9 inches long and a GVWR of 4,999 lbs, this floorplan offers space for the whole family and their toys. Not only does it have great amenities inside, but it has an outside entertainment area with a TV bracket and speakers.

The 18RJB model is great for families as it has a queen bed with an overhead bunk for the kids. You will also find a full restroom, kitchen, and dining area.

8. Forest River Wildwood FSX 181RT

The Wildwood FSX 181RT weighs 3,204 pounds and is 21 ft 8 inches long. This model includes panoramic windows in the living area as well as a full kitchen, bath, and dining area.

This small toy hauler includes everything you need for an action-packed weekend. The dining area has a flip out sofa and removable dining table so you can bring your toys. You can add solar or upgrade to the Extended Power Package to stay out there longer.

9. Dune Sport Firestorm MM Mini Toy Hauler

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a small toy hauler, you can have one custom-built by Dune Sport in Mesa, AZ. Bumper pull toy haulers start at $14,999 and fifth wheel toy haulers start at $26,815. They even offer wheelchair-accessible toy haulers.

The Firestorm MM Mini is the smallest toy hauler they offer, starting at 10 ft in length. Once you’ve selected your length, you can go through their online ordering form to choose your air conditioner, appliances, stereo system, generator, and bed options.

You can upgrade to electric stabilizer jacks, an onboard fuel tank, a patio kit, and more. You even get to choose where the logo goes, or switch it up to say “man cave”.

If you’re looking for a custom small toy hauler, you’ve found it with Dune Sport.

10. ATC Plā 2015 Travel Trailer

ATC is another company that can create custom-built toy haulers. However, they do have dealers across the United States so you can buy a stock model if you’d like.

The ATC Plā 2015 (that’s the model number, not the year) is 26 ft in length and has a dry weight of 5,000 lbs. This small toy hauler has a cargo capacity of 6,440 lbs so feel free to bring all your toys.

Standard features include an extruded aluminum floor, an aluminum roof, a 36-gallon fuel tank, decorative wallboard and ceiling, insulated walls, and all normal appliances.

The exterior of this model comes in a silver color with no decals, creating a very futuristic style. The interior isn’t much different. It has a lighter color palette and modern style as well.

Pro Tip: There’s more to ATC than what we can say here. If this small toy hauler intrigues you, check out Are ATC Toy Haulers Any Good?

What is the Smallest Toy Haulers?

At 10 feet in length, the Firestorm MM Mini by Dune Sport (number 9 on our list) is the smallest size toy hauler. It can be towed with almost any type of tow vehicle and due to its small size, is easy to maneuver.

However, if you don’t want a custom built toy hauler then the inTech Flyer Explorer (number 2 on our list) is the next smallest, coming in at 13 ft 9 inches. It has a maximum cargo carrying capacity of 1,540 lbs. You will find plenty of carrying capacity and space to carry a dirt bike or other lightweight toys.

The rugged design and tires allow you to take this small toy hauler to remote locations. It can transport a dirtbike and provide a good amount of room for sleeping. It doesn’t get better than the inTech Explorer Flyer. You can easily tow this trailer with most mid-size SUVs and smaller trucks.

Optional upgrades include a roof rack, slide-out kitchen, and a curbside tip-out. InTech provides an adventure package with some of their most requested upgrades for a fraction of the price. 

The Dune Sport Firestorm MM Mini small toy hauler in white sitting on a paved lot
Source: Dune Sport

Time to Choose Your Small Toy Hauler

Not everyone shopping for a toy hauler wants a massive beast to tow around. Whether your RV travel destinations include the desert or the forest, a compact RV can get you there.

You can choose a small toy hauler and still have quality living, sleeping, and storage space. No more need to sacrifice when you decide to go tiny. So, which of these lightweight toy haulers stands out to you?

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