Why People Love Camping at This KOA in San Diego, CA

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A woman smiles as she joyfully looks out of her RV window at her campground.

If you want to stay classy while in San Diego, camping at KOA San Diego should be on your list. We know not every KOA has a great reputation as some are hit and miss. However, this former KOA Campground of the Year recipient rolls out the red carpet for guests.

Today we’ll show you why many people love camping at this KOA in San Diego. Let’s get started!

Where Is KOA San Diego Located?

KOA San Diego is about 20-minutes from almost everything you could want to do in Southern California. It’s a short drive to San Diego Bay, where you can watch incredible sunsets.

If you’re going to head south of the border, you can be in Tijuana in less than 30 minutes.

Walk through the KOA San Diego with a few campers who have been there three times.

Why Do People Love KOA San Diego?

When we say people love KOA San Diego, we’re not exaggerating. It has 4.5 stars on Google Reviews with over 1,400 reviews. That’s one of the most impressive ratings of any campground we’ve seen with this many reviews.

Guests love the abundance of activities and amenities. There’s plenty for the kids to do, and the dog park is top-notch.

A driveway through a campground with tree cover and grassy sites.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in a central location to just about everything in the city, it doesn’t get much better than this! But don’t take our word for it; here is what a few satisfied guests had to say about KOA San Diego.

Sarah A. said, “It’s an amazing place. They are always cleaning and working hard to make sure everyone has fun. They have a bunch of cool activities for all ages. The workers are extremely nice. We come here with our whole family like twice every year. I recommend everyone coming here.”

“I recommend everyone coming here.”

– Sarah A.

Daniel U. said, “Super fun time with friends! You’re close to the city, but in your own little world while in there. Nice pool and jacuzzi and many more amenities to spend the time.”

“You’re close to the city, but in your own little world while in there.”

– Daniel U.

Andy G. said, “This is the fanciest place we have ever stayed at in our travel trailer. It looked like a really nice KOA at first but after a couple of days we noticed that everything was at least one notch above the standard KOA experience. The amenities were great. Location was fine. Pool was clean, etc. The one thing that really stood out, though, was the staff. They went above and beyond every time. And there were SO MANY of them. The place was teeming with people wanting to be helpful. I can’t wait to come back again.”

“…everything was at least one notch above the standard KOA experience.”

– Andy G.

KOA San Diego Pros

When you look at the long list of pros, it’s easy to see why many people love this park. Let’s look at why this park gets so many positive reviews.

Many Ways to Stay 

The park has both RV and tent sites. It also offers the whole glamping experience in deluxe cabins.

Depending on your preference for camping, you’ll find just what you’re looking for at KOA San Diego. All guests have access to campground amenities.

A family enjoys roasting marshmallows over a fire beside their camping tent.


KOA San Diego has many unique amenities. They have the standard basketball, horseshoes, and ping pong activities. However, they also have jumping pillows for the pool, a climbing wall, and a world-class playground for the kids.

If that’s not enough, this park knows how to throw a party on their theme weekends. A guest favorite is their annual Halloween celebration. Make sure to check their events calendar and snag a reservation, as these weekends are typically in high demand.


The KOA San Diego campground is within 20 minutes of nearly every major attraction in San Diego. You’ll be a short drive from LEGOLAND, the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum, Sea World, and the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

There are also several of the best golf courses in the country within a short drive. Lastly, Silver Strand Beach is 20 minutes from the front entrance. 

If you’re looking to visit several of these attractions, it’s hard to beat this campground’s location.

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KOA San Diego Cons

While there are so many positive things about this park, there can be some negatives. We noticed a few common themes when it comes to the complaints from guests.


When something is excellent, everybody wants to enjoy it. Eventually, the secret gets out, and tourism expands. If you come to KOA San Diego during the peak season or on weekends, you’re likely going to experience massive crowds.

One of the best ways to avoid the public is to visit the area during off-peak season and stay during the week. The crowds are typically lighter during these times, especially if you arrive when kids are in school, and most families aren’t taking vacations.

A crowded campground is packed in tightly with many travel trailers and motorhomes/

Tough for Big Rigs

Although KOA San Diego has many modern amenities, it’s still an older park. When engineers were designing this park, they weren’t expecting the huge RVs we commonly see today. 

Big rigs require lots of space to maneuver, especially to make turns. One of the recurring complaints was from RVers with large rigs, which could not navigate the tight turns within the park. Some guests with pull-thru sites couldn’t pull into their place and had to back in. Make sure you brush up on your maneuvering skills before visiting, especially if you have a big rig.

Pro Tip: If you’ve struggled to find suitable campgrounds to take your large RV, we have tips on how to easily find big rig RV parks.


A campground like KOA San Diego with a tremendous reputation and lots of activities and amenities naturally isn’t going to come cheap. You’re going to pay a premium price whether you’re camping in a tent, RV, or renting a cabin.

Reserving a tent or RV site can cost just as much as a hotel room in most cities!

A row of cabins for rent at a wooded campground.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at the KOA San Diego?

You can typically expect to pay between $75 to $145 per night to stay at KOA San Diego. Prices fluctuate depending on when you want to visit and which type of site you want. Cabin rentals are often in short supply but range from $120 to $255 per night.

Can Anyone Stay at a KOA Campground? 

Yes, KOA campgrounds are open to the public. You don’t have to be a member or join their rewards program to take advantage of these campgrounds.

All guests at KOA San Diego get to enjoy the park amenities and services whether they are members of the rewards program or not. Joining the reward program provides discounts for each stay, and guests can earn free stays if they regularly stay in KOA campgrounds.

Plan Your Southern California Getaway at KOA San Diego

Southern California is a fantastic place to visit. It has tons of activities and various cultures that make it an exciting location. Whether you’re coming for the area attractions or to enjoy the park amenities, we’re confident you’ll have a great time in KOA San Diego.

What are your favorite activities to do in San Diego?

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