Are ATC Toy Haulers Any Good?

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You’ve decided that a toy hauler is the type of RV that will best suit your travel needs. You want your ATV coming with you so you can enjoy adventures along the rocky and uneven terrain of the West. But with so many companies manufacturing toy haulers, how do you know which is the best? Today, we’ll look at the ATC toy hauler to determine if its performance and quality are up to snuff. 

Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC) has a smaller lineup with only toy haulers and trailers, so they can put all of their efforts into creating high-quality toy haulers without spreading themselves thin. Let’s specifically look closer at the Game Changer and Game Changer Pro series!

What Is an ATC Toy Hauler?

ATC has been manufacturing RVs and trailers since 1999. The company began when founder Steve Brenneman wanted to build and sell utility trailers that were more custom and less one-size-fits-all. The all-aluminum base frame and wall structure that Steve created was lighter and more durable than the steel frame trailers selling in the late 90s.

Soon ATC also began manufacturing toy haulers with the same all-aluminum structure. The key feature of these units is the configurable furniture track system. This allows owners to move furniture around to suit their needs and create multi-functional spaces.

A man stands on the balcony created by his RV toy hauler.

Are ATC Trailers Any Good? 

ATC prides itself on the construction of its products. The all-aluminum frame is durable, which means it’ll hold up for years of travel. Because these trailers are toy haulers, owners expect to transport their motorcycles, ATVs, bikes, golf carts, and other toys without worrying about the heavy load weighing on the frame. The six-sided aluminum box is fully welded with no fasteners.

There’s also no wood in the construction. This means no rotting or breaking over time. It also means the trailers are lightweight. So owners can tow ATC units more easily than other competitors’ models.

What Types of Toy Haulers Does ATC Make?

The two toy hauler series that ATC makes are the Plā 500 and Plā 700. Both offer travel trailer options and fifth wheel options. The biggest difference between the two series is that the Game Changer models don’t have the configurable furniture track system. The furniture is permanently mounted in place.

The available exterior color choices are also different. The Game Changer series units come in silver frost, while the Game Changer Pro series units feature red, pewter metallic, charcoal, silver frost, black, and white.

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Plā 500 ATC Toy Hauler

Tour the ATC Plā and hear a review from this RVer

The Plā 500 is the more economical choice. However, it still has the same high-quality construction. The standard features include a solid, one-piece aluminum roof, composite wall panels (no wood), and 50amp service.

Inside, you’ll find 5,000lb capacity tie-down rings in the garage, a stainless steel convection microwave, a 12V refrigerator, and a queen bed with storage in the bedroom.

There are six bumper pull options and two fifth wheel options in the Plā series. The 2015 bumper pull unit is the shortest at 26ft long, and the 35’6” length of the 2917 bumper pull model is the longest. The GVWR of the travel trailers vary from 11,440lbs to 13,200lbs. The two fifth wheel units are 37’3” long with a 16,800lb GVWR and 41’3” length with a 21,000lb GVWR.

The 2513, 2816, and 2917 bumper pulls feature an additional sleeping space separate from the garage in the front of the units. The other models have the HappiJac beds in the garage as the only sleeping area. All models have a full bathroom and dinette. They also have a sofa; however, the placement changes from unit to unit. Some units have the sofa in the living area across from the dinette and others have a sofa underneath the HappiJac bed in the garage.

Plā 700 Series ATC Toy Hauler

Hear about the Plā Series from ATC themself

The Plā 700 series boasts a garage that can fit a full-size vehicle. And since these models are constructed with the same six-sided aluminum frame as the Plā series models, you don’t have to worry about rot or rust. Hose out the garage for easy and convenient cleaning.

The standard features in this series include the configurable furniture track system, extruded aluminum garage floor (no wood) with airline track tie-down system, Goodyear tires on premium aluminum wheels, and bonded, frameless windows.

The Plā series features the same six bumper pull options and two fifth wheel options with a third 5th-wheel unit. The difference is the configurable furniture track system. Move the dinette, sofa, and pull-down table anywhere in the garage area to make the space personal and practical for your needs.

The 4528 fifth wheel unit is over 46ft with a GVWR of 21,000lb. This third fifth wheel model is the longest RV manufactured by ATC. You won’t lack space in this toy hauler. This unit and the 4023 fifth wheel unit also feature a removable/movable partition wall that separates the living area from the garage. It’s a great feature if renovating the garage space into a separate sleeping area or office.

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Is an ATC Toy Hauler Worth It?

As with many RVs, there are packages and add-ons to customize your ATC toy hauler to fit your travel needs. Add a slide-out in the bedroom or upgrade to E.P.S. wall insulation R-7. Add an enclosed 3-season patio room or a solar package. Regardless of whether you deck out your new rig or just have the standard features, you can rest assured that you’re getting top quality. The aluminum frame and welded design will keep you traveling and enjoying the outdoors for years to come.

Now, you just have a few choices to make. Will you be pulling a travel trailer or fifth wheel? Do you like the configurable furniture track system of the Game Changer Pro series or want to keep costs down and stick with the Game Changer series? Do you need the extra sleeping space that some of the models provide? Share your thoughts with us!

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