Who Owns Northern Lite Campers?

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A Northern Lite Camper parked outside.

For many travelers, owning a truck camper is ideal because it requires minimal setup. It’s easy for someone to travel alone.

With many off-grid options and standard features, travelers love how truck campers make boondocking convenient. One of the most successful truck camper manufacturers is Northern Lite.

Their camper options include wet baths and dry baths for short bed and long bed trucks. Let’s look at Northern Lite and learn more about this Canadian company.

Let’s dive in!

About Northern Lite Manufacturing

Northern Lite Manufacturing began in 1989 when a group of RV builders started crafting fiberglass campers for import trucks.

Two Northern Lite owners were so impressed with their truck campers that they returned home from a seven-month campaign trip and invested in the company.

Four years later, Mac Donkin and Lloyd Gartrell went from investors to owners of Northern Lite.

A Northern Lite Camper parked outside.
Source: Northern Lite

Who Owns Northern Lite Campers?

After decades of success in the truck camper market, KV Private Equity purchased Northern Lite in 2017.

It was the first investment of KV Private Equity. Mac Donkin remained director while his son, Keith, was general manager of Northern Lite.

Today Northern Lite continues to manufacture high-quality truck campers in Canada.

About KV Private Equity

KV Private Equity is in Alberta, Canada, and invests in lower mid-market operating businesses.

In addition to Northern Lite, they own Off Grid Trailers, Escape Trailer, and Campion. The investment criteria include EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) greater than $1 million, operations with sustainable and consistent cash flow, and majority ownership.

A few months after purchasing Northern Lite, KV Private Equity acquired Off Grid Trailers in October 2017.

Then in November 2018, KV purchased Campion Boats.

Source: Facebook/Erik Blume

Where Are Northern Lite Campers Manufactured? 

The manufacturing site for Northern Lite campers is in British Columbia, Canada. Factory tours are available in Kelowna if you’d like to learn more about the construction of these truck campers.

Although the factory is in Canada, you can purchase Northern Lite campers throughout the United States, from Alaska to Texas to Maine. They even have a dealer in Australia.

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The Northern Lite Camper Line Up 

There are 13 floorplans in the Northern Lite camper lineup. They include dry and wet bath options ranging from 195” to 218” in length.

The interior headroom measures 6’4” in some units and 6’8” in others. The overall weight varies from 2,400lbs to 3,317lbs.

Let’s look at the short bed and long bed options from Northern Lite. 

Short Bed Truck Campers

There are three short bed truck camper options from Northern Lite: the Limited Edition, the Special Edition, and the Sportsman Plus. All three are available with a dry or wet bath.

The 8-11EX LE features a queen mattress, 10,000 BTU air conditioning unit, basement storage tray, 3-burner stove with oven, and a dinette table.

The 8-11EX SE features a backup camera, built-in Onan 2500LP generator, deep stainless steel sink, rear bumper patio, and 6.3 cu ft three-way fridge. It also has an optional two 200W solar panel add-ons. 

The 8-11EX SP has a more oversized dinette, which provides ample room for lounging and eating, but also for sleeping when you convert it into a bed.

Other standard features include two 100W solar panels, an outside 110V plug, electric jacks, and a sliding propane tray. 

Inside a Northern Lite Camper, displaying the bedroom area.
Source: Northern Lite

Long Bed Truck Campers

The Limited Edition, Special Edition, and Sportsman Plus are also for long bed trucks.

There are three LE models, three SE models, and one SP model. The LE and SE have dry and wet bath options, while the SP is only available with a wet bath.

A Northern Lite camper for long bed trucks would feature the same amenities and options as the short bed lineup.

The main difference is the size and weight.

The Limited Edition and Special Edition models include truck campers for a 9’6” truck bed and a 10’2” truck bed. The Sportsman Plus is only available for 9’6” truck beds.

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A Northern Lite Camper parked outside.
Source: Northern Lite

Does Northern Lite Make a Travel Trailer? 

Northern Lite makes one travel trailer called the Boreal 27FB.

At 23’ long and with a dry weight of 6,500lbs, this trailer is an excellent option for travelers who don’t have a heavy-duty truck.

The Boreal 27FB is the first one-piece “No Seams” leakproof fiberglass 4-season construction travel trailer.

It features two 100W solar panels, a front bedroom, and a full rear bathroom.

Northern Lite Campers: Built for Adventure

All Northern Lite campers are for four seasons and include a heated basement. Manufactured in Canada, they need to hold up in the Canadian winters.

They also come with a six-year structural warranty.

Northern Lite is serious about producing quality truck campers. So if you’re in the market for a truck camper, check out Northern Lite campers.

With options for short bed and long bed trucks, you should find a unit that works for you.

Since you’ll have quality construction for four seasons, where will you be traveling?

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