Is A Motorcycle Camper Worth It? Here Are the 7 Best Ones

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With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, you may love using a motorcycle to travel the open roads. Instead of parking at an expensive hotel, a motorcycle camper can allow you to camp in a budget-friendly campground

Let’s look at some of the best motorcycle campers to help you prepare for your next big adventure!

What Is a Motorcycle Camper? 

A motorcycle camper is a trailer that converts into a convenient sleeping area. They are lightweight and pull behind a motorcycle.

Most motorcycle camper trailers often look like typical trailers while towing but resemble a pop-up or tent camper when converted.

Due to their compact size, you’ll likely have enough space for one or two adults and a minimal amount of camping gear. Don’t plan on much (if any) cargo space either!

Motorcycle camper trailers work for adventurous spirits who like to travel light. Motorcycle enthusiasts love them because they allow for longer trips on the open road and you do not have to miss all of your creature comforts.

How Much Is a Motorcycle Camper?

Depending on the model, motorcycle campers range between $2,000 and $7,000. The average price seems to land around $3,500.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Camper

Motorcycle camper trailers come with many benefits. First, they are practically effortless to maintain. Because of their compact size, you won’t have much to fix or repair.

Next, it’s easy to store when you’re not using it. You can put your motorcycle trailer in your garage, on the side of your house, or in a small storage unit.

Another reason to love motorcycle travel trailers is that you can get into almost any campsite. With a motorcycle and tow-behind trailer, you can maneuver tight roads and challenging turns. Meaning you can get into those hard-to-reach locations that others can’t!

Lastly, they include everything you need for the perfect getaway. You’ll have access to a bed and changing area. Depending on the model of motorcycle camper you choose, some even come with additional pop-up space so you can have a port-a-potty, outdoor kitchen, or extra seating area.

What Kind of Motorcycle Can Pull a Camper?

You need to know if your motorcycle can handle towing a camper. Any bike with a 1,000cc or larger engine will likely get the job done. However, you should consult your motorcycle’s documentation to verify its ability to tow.

No matter how large your motorcycle engine is, you won’t be able to tow anything without a hitch. If your motorcycle doesn’t have one, you’ll likely find a compatible hitch to fit your bike.

Can I Pull a Motorcycle Camper With a Car?

While motorcycle campers are marketed to be pulled with a motorcycle, you can pull them with any car. Just like anything else you would tow, you need to make sure you have the right connections for your vehicle, though.

Best Motorcycle Camper Trailers

If you’ve already got a bike ready to tow, now comes the fun part of shopping for your motorcycle camper. Let’s look at a few options you can consider!

1. Kompact Kamp Mini Mate Pop Up Campers

MSRP: Starting at $3,695

Weight: Trailer Weight: 260 lbs / Tongue Weight: 25 lbs

Kompact Kamp makes the Mini Mate motorcycle camper trailer. This compact trailer starts at $3,695 and comes with plenty of options and upgrades. The fiberglass body and lid construction keep the heavy UV/water-resistant canvas tent protected during transport.

With a two-minute setup time, you’ll be climbing into your Mini Mate Camper bed in no time. With a 500 lbs maximum weight capacity and 54-by-78 inch double bed, you’ll even have room for a passenger.

You can add even more interior space by opting for one of the Add-A-Room packages. You can turn an additional screen room into a dining area with a small table, more storage space, or even just an area for changing clothes.

2. Time Out Motorcycle Camper

MSRP: Starting at $4,195

Weight: Trailer Weight: 345 lbs  / Tongue Weight: 20 lbs

You might also enjoy the Time Out Camper. This hand-stitched pop-up tent can be set up in two minutes. The extendable poles allow for no assembly when erecting the tent.

When you choose the Time Out Camper, you will get 16 cubic feet of storage space, including a queen air mattress, table, and folding chair. The screen door and window allow for good ventilation as well.

3. Easy Rider Camper

MSRP: Must Contact

Weight: Must Contact

Just because you’re towing with a motorcycle doesn’t mean you have to leave luxuries behind. The Easy Rider Camper has a 7 inch DVD monitor, a power converter for other electronics, and a linoleum floor.

The outer portion of this model has a full fiberglass body with colorful decals. Because of its independent rubber torsion suspension, this camper trailer tows smooth. If you want, you can even upgrade to electric brakes. There are even two cabinets with storage space for your small items.

You’ll feel right at home and get a great night of sleep for your next day of adventuring. This tear-drop style motorcycle camper requires no setup and allows for a quick escape when the weather changes.

4. Lees-ure Lite Pop Up Campers

MSRP: Starting at $4,560

Weight: Trailer Weight: 295 lbs  / Tongue Weight: 17 lbs

The Lees-ure Lite motorcycle camper is a lightweight pop-up tent trailer. This 100% polyester pop-up tent has a water-repellent finish.

The base price of this motorcycle camper starts at $4,560 but can quickly climb with the generous amount of add ons. If properly taken care of, this tent can last upwards of 20+ years.

Lastly, this camper trailer comes in a variety of colors and a wide array of upgradeable options.

5. Slipstream Trailer

MSRP: Must Contact

Weight: Trailer Weight: 210 lbs  / Tongue Weight: 25 lbs

The Slipstream Trailer is an extremely compact motorcycle camper trailer; meaning it only sleeps one person. The internal dimensions are 77-by-44 inches.

This pop-up camper-style tent is an excellent option if you’re not too tall. You’ll have 38-cubic feet of space and a great place to get some rest before hitting the road again.

This camper sets up in less than a minute, and you can store a travel bag or suitcase on the attached luggage rack while on the road. However, keep in mind that you can no longer find a new model and may have to look for a used one.

6. Solace Deluxe

MSRP: Starting at $3,949

Weight: Trailer Weight: 400 lbs  / Tongue Weight: 20 lbs

When you arrive at your campsite after a long day of traveling, you don’t want to spend much time setting up. Thankfully, the Solace Deluxe only takes about five minutes to set up. You’ll be relaxing at the included table or resting on the full-size air mattress in no time!

The Solace Deluxe has 6 ft by 7 inches of headroom at its highest point and the dining and sleeping area combine to provide 72 square feet of space.

The sturdy construction allows for up to 450 lbs of load capacity. This motorcycle pop-up camper even has a port for AC.

7. Roll-A-Home

MSRP: Starting at $4,799

Weight: Trailer Weight: 325 lbs (standard) 385 lbs (wide)  / Tongue Weight: 30 lbs

The Roll-A-Home tent camper has a white or black gel coat fiberglass construction. The dual-purpose aluminum luggage rack will also serve as the floor for a dressing area.

The sleeping area’s design allows for linens to stay in place during transit. Once set up at your campsite, you can jump into bed.

The waterproof tent on this motorcycle camper trailer uses a breathable fabric with navy blue, royal blue, or charcoal color options. The standard model starts at $4,799, with the wide model starting at $5,499.

Motorcycle Campers Are Synonymous With Adventure

Whether you want to make a cross-country trip or simply go exploring on the weekends, a motorcycle camper could be a great choice.

The advantages of squeezing into almost any campsite and the ease of setup allow for more time adventuring and making memories. Would you consider a motorcycle camper for adventuring?

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