Scott Rapid-Dissolving RV Toilet Paper Review

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An RV toilet with Scott RV toilet paper alongside it.

RV enthusiasts will hotly debate the right toilet paper for their vehicles. With RV plumbing often being more delicate than residential plumbing, the issue isn’t trivial. Let’s see if Scott RV toilet paper might offer a solution.

Why Do You Need Special RV Toilet Paper? 

RV toilets are not like residential toilets. Instead of being plumbed directly into a sewer system, RVs have wastewater holding tanks called “black tanks.” The black tank is where all the solid and liquid waste from your toilet goes. 

Regular toilet paper can cause many issues in an RV black tank. It doesn’t break down and dissolve like RV toilet paper. This can cause clogs in your RV toilet, buildup and clogs in your black tank, and clogs when trying to dump. 

What Is Scott Rapid-Dissolving RV Toilet Paper 

This toilet paper accommodates RV, bus, and boat wastewater holding tanks. It breaks down when it comes in contact with water. This prevents clogs and buildup. It’s also soft and holds up well while in use.

Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue, 4-Rolls (Pack of 2)
  • Specially Made for your RV, Boat or Septic System
  • Scott Rapid Dissolve tissue breaks up 4X faster than the leading brand

Benefits of Scott RV Toilet Paper

Scott RV toilet paper will keep your plumbing and tanks clear of clogs. Here are some of our favorite benefits of using this product.

Dissolves Quickly

Any toilet paper designed for an RV black water tank should dissolve quickly to prevent clogs and buildup. And that’s exactly what Scott RV toilet paper does. This quick-dissolving toilet paper will help prevent clogs in your black tank and toilet, as well as buildup on your tank walls and sensors.

Specifically Made for RVs, Buses, and Boats

Scott RV toilet paper works specifically in RVs, buses, and boats because of the special waste tanks these vehicles employ. If you use regular toilet paper for these systems, you’ll quickly encounter problems. This is why it’s so important to use RV-specific paper on your RV, boat, or bus. 


While this product is critical for vehicles with holding tanks, it can also be hard to find. Plus, specialty products won’t come as cheaply as generic ones. 

Tissue is 1-Ply

Scott RV toilet paper isn’t the most luxurious. To help it dissolve quickly, it’s only one-ply, rather than double-layered, like most toilet paper. You may need to use more toilet paper to do the same job. 

Can Be Expensive

Scott RV toilet paper can cost more than options that aren’t RV-specific. It’s a specialty item, so you won’t find it in every store, either. The extra cost may be worth it to keep your tanks clear, but you’ll have to factor it into your budget. 

Alternatives to Scott RV Toilet Paper

If you’re looking for alternatives, you’ll have options. It just depends on how you plan to use it and where you’re shopping. 

Any Toilet Paper Labeled “Septic Safe”

Generally, any toilet paper labeled “septic safe” should be safe to use in your RV. While it’s always better to use toilet paper designated explicitly for RVs, you may do fine with general septic-safe brands. 

Other RV Toilet Paper Brands

Many RV brands make their own RV-specific toilet paper. Popular RV toilet paper brands include Camco, Thetford, and Campers Choice. However, these RV brands may come with a higher price tag than Scott.

Any Toilet Paper If You Don’t Flush It

Finally, you can use any toilet paper you want in an RV if you don’t flush it. Keep a trash can in your RV bathroom so you can dispose of the toilet paper separately.

Is Scott RV Toilet Paper Worth It?

Scott Rapid-Dissolving RV Toilet Paper can save your tanks for a reasonable price. It’s relatively easy to find in most major department stores, and the brand has a strong reputation. We’d call that well worth it.

Don’t clog your tanks when there’s an easy solution. You won’t worry about costly and difficult clogs when you use this dissolving paper to keep your tanks clear. Do you use RV-specific toilet paper in your rig? 

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