Best RV Toilet Paper for Your Holding Tank (And Rear!)

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When it comes to buying the best RV toilet paper, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. You can’t just buy any TP for your RV. Angel Soft won’t do – not unless you want to have a huge clog on your hands. In our opinion, the best RV toilet paper will need to be great on your holding tank and comfortable on your rear.

RV compatible TP is environmentally friendly, septic-safe, and rapidly dissolves in your holding tank. Regular toilet paper takes a long time to dissolve and is none of the above. That being said, let’s first discuss the types of RV toilet paper.

Types of RV Toilet Paper

When looking for rapid dissolving RV toilet paper, keep in mind there are many different types. You want to look for septic tank safe toilet paper because your black tank is essentially a much smaller septic tank. 

When buying RV paper you’ll see both one-ply and two-ply options. One-ply toilet paper has one layer of tissue. One-ply toilet paper is thinner so using it results in less overall tissue in the tank per use. Keep in mind that while one-ply toilet paper might seem like less paper, people typically use more of it.

Two-ply toilet tissue has two layers of tissue resulting in softer user experience. If you buy the right kind that breaks down properly, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort.

Now, let’s get into the specific brands of RV toilet paper.

Pro Tip: You may not need to use expensive RV toilet paper. Check out these RV Toilet Paper Alternatives You’ll Wish You Used Sooner.

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1. Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper Tissue

Scott is one of the best RV toilet paper brands out there. It’s inexpensive, it holds up well while it’s in use, and it breaks down well in your holding tank – up to 4 times faster than regular ol’ TP!

This is a two-ply toilet paper, so it’s soft on your bum. This RV and marine-specific TP is relatively easy to find – so if you’re in a tiny town without RV supply stores, you will be able to pick this up at the local Walmart or another department store.

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue for RV & Boats , 4ct packs X 12= 48 rolls
  • Specially made for use in RVs, boats, buses and similar applications
  • Breaks down four times faster than the leading bath tissue brand

2. Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

This toilet paper is made specifically for RVs by Thetford, a leading RV and camping sanitation company. This is a soft 2-ply toilet tissue that’s highly absorbent. Aqua-Soft tissue is 100% biodegradable and quickly dissolves to prevent clogging in your holding tank. You can find this option online and in some RV supply stores.

Thetford RV/ Marine Toilet Tissue - Toilet Paper for RV and Marine - 1-ply - 4 rolls - Thetford 20804
  • [VERSATILITY]: Thetford's RV/ Marine Toilet Tissue is designed to work with RV, marine, portable, or even with classic...
  • [FUNCTIONALITY]: The economical 1-ply toilet paper is soft, snowy white, and highly absorbent

3. Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is 2-ply, biodegradable and quick-dissolving to prevent clogs. Firebelly tissue is ultra-soft, too. And if you want to buy eco-friendly toilet paper with a purpose, Firebelly is your brand – they’re a family and veteran-owned business with a mission of creating better RVing and camping products. 

RV Toilet Paper, Septic Tank Safe-MADE IN THE USA- 8 Rolls,2-Ply 500 Sheets - Fast Dissolve Bath Tissue for Camping, Marine, RV Holding Tanks, Biodegradable - Firebelly Outfitters
  • BEST RV TOILET PAPER - 8 super soft rolls per pack, 500 sheets/roll, 2-ply, biodegradable. Our rv toilet tissue is made...
  • FAST DISSOLVE TOILET PAPER - Our quick dissolve toilet paper is designed to dissolve faster and more completely than...

4. Camco RV Toilet Tissue

This TP made by Camco can be found in the RV section of many Walmarts and department stores, or it can be purchased online. Camco is a manufacturer of RV cleaning products and accessories, so they know their stuff! This is a 2-ply holding tank safe toilet tissue.

Final Thoughts

Unless you plan on throwing your used toilet paper in the trash, RV-specific toilet paper is a must-have while RVing. All of the above options are a great place to start for RV toilet paper that is safe for your tanks and nice on your rear. Nobody wants to deal with a black tank clog when they’re out trying to enjoy RVing! Test out different brands to find your favorite, and then stock up! 

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Now that you know what RV toilet paper to get, it’s time to read up on The Best RV Black Tank Treatment!

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    1. I totally disagree with that our good buddy whom we travel with was using it and swore by it for a year cause it was cheaper. Then out in the middle of crown land he got plugged up and had to basically take everything apart to resolve the problem. We use camco personally and have never had an issue.

  1. Always used scotts rv tp. The problem is when someone ( i wont say who) uses too much. The black tank doesn’t get cloged it is the valve. Sooner or later you are going to shut the valve when there is a small piece just passing through. It will jam in there forever. Eventually if it happens enough the valve will not competely close. Then you have bigger problems because all the liquid slowly drains from your tank when at full hookup sites. It’s like leaving your black tank open all the time. Ask me how i know. After trying everything I had to replace the valve on our Solitude 310GK.

    Our solution, Aquaus 360 Premium Hand-Held Bidet and then dry your butt with premium TP. Put slightly wet but very clean tp in trash. No more problem. The sprayer also works great to keep the bowl spotless.

    1. Good information to know. We are first time fifth wheel owners and haven’t taken our first trip out yet. Looking forward to getting to use all the information we have gathered.

  2. It says the Scott toilet paper is 2-ply but the packaging in the link you shared says one-ply. Which is correct?


  3. We had two other trailers before we got our solitude, and we used Rv TP, like camco and other rv brands in canada. Scott brand not available in canada unless your dense enough to want to pay $50 for 48 rolls on (We Picked up TP at RV shows, don’t remember all the brands). Then we got the solitude and discovered kirkland septic safe TP, have been using that the past 10 months. And after 12 years of having RV’s we don’t see any difference in any of the RV/septic safe TP in regards to our tanks. Just picked up walmarts septic safe TP. And I’m pretty I’m sure I’m not going to see any difference in it either, except for personal preference usage. None of them have we seen made any difference to our black tanks. Bottom line, in my opinion, it’s not just your TP, it’s how much is being used, in how much water, and how often you black tank rinse. Cheers 🍻

  4. Love the Firebelly! Had to buy it during the 2020 Toilet Paper crisis. A little pricey but good stuff. Plus a veteran owned company works for me!

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