Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks That Will Up Your Camping Game

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A scenic mountain camping scene with a cast iron pot on top of a fire and the tent among the trees as the sun rise. Try these camping tips and tricks to solve common camping problems!

We could all use a few days camping now and then. A weekend camping trip shouldn’t be complicated or frustrating. As you’re planning yours, try a few of these camping tips and tricks to ensure the trip goes smoothly.

5 Ways to Up Your Camping Game

We always love learning new and innovative ways to enjoy camping. These five camping tips and tricks will impress your friends and family on your next adventure.

#1. Make DIY Coffee Bags with Coffee Filters and Dental Floss

Going camping doesn’t mean you have to forgo your cup of morning coffee. With this simple but genius trick, you’ll not only get a cup of Joe, but it will also taste delicious! This is an excellent hack for those who want to pack light. 

How to Make It: Gather a coffee filter, ground coffee, a mug, and a heat source. Before your trip, wrap approximately 2oz (give or take based on your strength preferences) in a coffee filter. Tie the filter with unflavored dental floss around the top to confine the coffee to the filter. 

When you’re ready to prepare your coffee, simply pour your heated water into your mug and use your prepared filter as a teabag. Let the coffee steep for about two minutes. Squeeze the bag as you remove it to get an extra boost of strength. Now, you’re ready to enjoy your morning in nature with a fresh cup of coffee. 

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Gotta Try That Meter: 8/10 This is an effortless and clean way to have coffee with limited supplies. The only drawback is you need a way to heat water, which could prove difficult depending on the situation. 

#2. Dip Cotton Pads in Wax for Easy Fire Starters

Starting a fire can be frustrating. It seems like it should be simple, but when you’ve got a family standing by watching you, hot dog sticks in hand, the pressure is on. 

Instead of fighting to get the fire going, try this tip first. You can prepare this firestarter at home and then just grab a few as you need them when you’re headed out for your trip. A lot of different versions of this camping tip and trick are out there, but this one is especially effective!

How to Make It: You’ll need cotton balls (or cotton rounds), petroleum jelly, or a liquid hand sanitizer. 

Work some of the petroleum jelly or sanitizer into the cotton to thoroughly saturate it. Once fully saturated, store in a sealed container such as a plastic baggie. When you’re ready to use your fire starter, remove a piece of cotton and slightly pull it apart to expose the cotton fibers (so that it’s fuzzy). Simply lay your firestarter in your kindling and light it. If necessary, you can lightly blow on the kindling to encourage the fire to catch.

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Gotta Try That Meter: 10/10 Few things are worse than failing to get a fire going. This is a must-try!

#3. Burn Sage to Repel Mosquitoes

No one likes having to call it a night and retreat to the tent early because of mosquitoes. If you want something a little less harsh than a DEET repellent, this might be the perfect trick for you. 

How to Make It: All you need is sage for this project that’s so easy you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it the whole time. Just throw a bit of sage into the fire while you’re sitting around it. Not only does it smell good, but it will also keep those pesky bugs away. Sage acts as a repellent to most insects, letting you enjoy a bugless fire. 

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Gotta Try That Meter: 7/10 While many people enjoy the smell of sage, not everyone does. Check with the rest of your group first in case someone has an aversion to this smell. 

#4. Cover Your Cups with Press ‘N’ Seal

Spills are bound to happen, usually right after you finally sit down to eat. Now, you have to delay the meal and clean it up, which is even more complicated if the spill made its way onto the food. We’ve found a tip that will help eliminate this issue.

How to Make It: Grab some Glad Press’n’ Seal for your next trip. Cut a square of Press’n’ Seal that’s slightly larger than the cup you need to seal. Carefully pour the liquid into the cup, avoiding getting drops on the cup’s rim. Simply apply pressure along the perimeter to seal it. Poke a hole in the top for a straw, and voila! This is also a nifty trick for car rides with kids! 

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Gotta Try That Meter: 7/10 This isn’t a fail-proof option, but it’s worth a shot. If nothing else, it will at least slow down the spill, creating less of a mess.

#5. Use Dryer Sheets to Keep Bees Away

Even if you aren’t allergic to bee stings, you don’t want to receive one. For those that are allergic, it’s even more of a day ruiner to get stung. Unfortunately, being outside means you’re subject to the insects around you. Don’t fear! We’ve found an option to help keep those bees in the flowers where they belong instead of on you. 

How to Make It: Bees and even wasps dislike the scent of dryer sheets. For this trick, lay a few dryer sheets around your campsite where you’ll spend most of your time. Hand some out to your family and friends who can put them in their pockets and even rub them on their arms and legs. The dryer sheet smell will help repel pests. 

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Gotta Try That Meter: 9/10 Anything that keeps the stinging insects at bay is worth a shot. On the upside, if it doesn’t work, at least you’ll still smell great!

Camping should be about relaxing and enjoying those around you. If something prohibits you or someone in your party from having fun, look for a solution! Often, some of the most difficult or frustrating aspects of camping have simple solutions. 

What tips and tricks do you have that make camping more enjoyable?

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