Best Command Strip Products for Your RV

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A white robe hangs on the wall thanks to Command Strip products, so you don't have to drill into the walls of your RV to hang things up!

Making your RV look and feel comfortable matters regardless of how you use your vehicle. Installing products or decorations can turn your RV into a true home. However, this isn’t as simple as it would be in a residential house. Luckily, Command Strip products help solve issues RVers experience when decorating. Let’s see how.

Why Are Command Strips Great for RVs?

Command Strips vary widely in strength, so you’ll need to find the right ones for your situation. The strongest ones can handle up to eight pounds or one whole gallon of milk.

Besides being strong, Command Strips are also removable and will not damage your walls like screws or nails. Clean walls without holes help improve the resale value of your RV. 

The 5 Best Command Strip Products for RV Living

If you’ve never browsed the Command Strip products at your local store, you may not realize how versatile they are. You can do so much more than hang a single picture or some string lights. Let’s look into how Command Strip products can make your life easier in an RV

1. Broom/Mop Grippers

Command Broom and Mop Grippers Wall Hook, Damage Free Hanging Wall Mount Broom and Mop Holder, No Tools Household Cleaning Organizer for Living Spaces, 2 Hangers and 4 Command Strips
  • BROOM AND MOP HOLDER: One package includes four adhesive strips and two Command Broom and Mop Grippers that each holds a...
  • DAMAGE FREE HANGING: Wall mount broom and mop holder works without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue on a variety...

Why They’re Great: Typically, RVs don’t offer much storage space for things like cleaning supplies. These Broom and Mop Grippers allow you to attach your broom or mop to any available wall. 

These grippers hold up to four pounds and come in a two-pack. Each pack also comes with two extra strips, allowing you to reposition your grippers if necessary. Users have hung hair care appliances and electric toothbrushes with these. This kind of versatility makes them popular among RVers.

RV Practicality Rating: 8/10. Brooms and mops are awkward to store in small spaces. Products allowing you to keep them out of the way definitely help. The only drawback to these grippers is that they’re not very attractive. 

2. Waterproof Bathroom Hooks

Command Large Double Bathroom Wall Hook, Damage Free Hanging Bath Hook with Adhesive Strip, Double Hook for Hanging Bath Towels, 1 Satin Nickel Colored Wall Hook and 1 Water-Resistant Command Strip
  • HOLDS UP TO 4 POUNDS: One package of the Command Large Double Bathroom Wall Hook includes one double hook and one...
  • DAMAGE FREE HANGING: Adhesive wall hook works without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue on a variety of surfaces so...

Why They’re Great: Wet shower walls present a unique challenge for hanging toiletries. Suction cups eventually lose their grip. Drilling screws into shower walls could lead to leaks. Plus, RV showers often have limited, if any, shelving. That means supplies end up cluttered on the shower floor.

These waterproof hooks will hold up to four pounds each and require no tools to attach them. You can remove them without damaging your walls. Even in high humidity environments, they’ll hold strong.

RV Practicality Rating: 10/10. These solve a genuine everyday issue.

3. Jewelry Hooks

Command HOM-18CR-ES Jewelry and Scarf Rack, Crystal
  • INCLUDES – 1 Rack, 4 Strips
  • ORGANIZE DAMAGE-FREE- Say goodbye to holes, marks, or sticky residue on your walls, doors, cabinets, or closets; Command...

Why They’re Great: Both counter space and floor space are at a premium when it comes to many RVs. You might struggle to find a spot for large jewelry boxes or stands. 

These hooks allow users to hang necklaces on walls or even on the inside of a closet. This will help keep jewelry organized and protected. Or use the hooks for things like scarves. They can hold up to two pounds and won’t damage surfaces. 

RV Practicality Rating: 6/10. While this will do the job, it may not hold all that many necklaces. Additionally, the style may not be for everyone. 

4. Jumbo Command Hook

Command 17088S-ES Jumbo Hook Heavy Duty, Holds 7.5 lbs Hardware, Slate
  • INCLUDES – 1 slate hook, 2 jumbo strips, 1 hook holds 7.5 lbs
  • ORGANIZE DAMAGE-FREE- Say goodbye to holes, marks, or sticky residue on your walls, doors, cabinets, or closets; Command...

Why They’re Great: Sometimes, you need a hook that can hold more than just your keys. The Jumbo Command Hook holds up to 7.5 pounds. 

Having a hook to hold larger items can clear a lot of clutter in your RV. Use it for school bags, purses, and produce bags. As with all Command Strip products, you don’t need to worry about your walls when you remove them.

RV Practicality Rating: 8/10. These are great at holding bags, but you could easily underestimate the weight of your bag and overburden the hook. That could cause the hook to fail.

5. Brushed Metal Hooks

Command Forever Classic Large Metal Wall Hooks, Damage Free Hanging Wall Hooks with Adhesive Strips, No Tools Wall Hooks for Hanging Decorations in Living Spaces, 2 Metal Hooks and 4
  • HOLDS UP TO 5 POUNDS: One package of the Command Large Metal Hooks includes two large metal wall hooks and four large...
  • DAMAGE FREE HANGING: Wall hooks for hanging hats, keys, measuring spoons, jewelry, decor jackets and coats work without...

Why They’re Great: If the jumbo hook is a bit more than you need, the Brushed Metal Hook may offer a happy medium. It can hold all those hats and scarves that never seem to find a home. These small items pile up quickly, so why not keep them out of the way?  

The Brushed Metal Hooks can hold up to five pounds. Use them for things like dog leashes and belts as well as your hats. The hooks, which come in a two-pack, won’t leave damage behind on your walls.

RV Practicality Rating: 7/10. While these are useful, you might want to spring for a hook that can handle more weight. 

Which Command Strip Product Is for You?

No matter your needs, Command Strip products could save the day in your RV. Do you already use Command Strips? If not, which Command Strip product do you think would be the most useful for you?

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  1. Thanks so much for the information. One question…I have an older motorhome that has that funky wallpaper like stuff on the walls. I can’t see to get Command Strips to stick. What is the secret?

  2. We’ve used Command hooks for years in our motor homes and campers and they work very well. One caution—be very careful if you’re hanging them when your slide is out. We made the mistake one time of putting one where the slide hit it on its way in. Luckily no damage done, but it’s a cautionary tale.

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