The Best 12V DVD Players for Your RV

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After a day of fun in the sun at the campground, a movie night is a perfect way to wind down. One of the perks of having an RV is making some popcorn and settling in for a movie. Getting comfortable is the easy part; deciding which movie to watch might be a different story. Today, we’ll look at some of the best options when it comes to RV DVD players so your movie night will go off without a hitch. 

An RV DVD Player Is Essential for Movie Nights

Depending on your setup, only some DVD players may work in your RV. If you’re hooked up to shore power and have the option to plug electronics into your 110V outlets, a standard DVD player should work fine. Those running power solely through their house batteries will need to have a 12V DVD player.

5 Best 12V DVD Players for Your RV

If 12V DVD players are a new product for you, you might be unsure where to start. We’ve gathered a few of the best 12V DVD players to help you on your way to an epic movie night. 

1. WONNIE Large Portable 12V DVD Player with Screen

WONNIE 17.9" Large Portable DVD/CD Player with 6 Hrs 5000mAH Rechargeable Battery, 15.4" Swivel Screen, 1366x768 HD LCD TFT, Regions Free, Support USB/SD Card/Sync TV, High Volume Speaker
  • 💽【Swivelable HD Screen】WONNIE 2023 New Updated 17.9’’ Full size and inner 15.4’’ widescreen with HD...
  • 🔋 【6 Hour Rechargeable Battery】 The portable DVD player has a built-in durable and safe Li-polymer rechargeable...

This all-in-one 12V DVD player means all you need is to choose a DVD, and you’re on your way to a great movie night. This 12V DVD player comes with a 17.9-inch screen, ensuring everyone gathered around will have a great view. If the screen isn’t large enough for your group, you can hook it up to a larger TV. A full charge even gives you enough power to play two to three movies before needing to find a power source. 

2. 12V Mini DVD Player

Mini DVD Player
  • 【Mini DVD Player with HDMI】Mini DVD player for TV Projector With HDMI Cable and Remote control. HD lifelike quality...
  • 【All Region Free】All region free small DVD players for TV, 1-6 region all countries all regions free, without...

The 12V Mini DVD Player is an excellent option for a compact RV DVD player. This lightweight option takes up very little space in your RV, and you can use it with any convenient screen. Simply plug into a power source and use an HDMI cord to plug into your screen, and you’re ready to go. 

3. Bellberry 12V DVD Player

The Bellberry 12V DVD Player is a compact and easy-to-use DVD player that can easily transport as needed. This makes it great for moving from your house to the RV for your weekend out. This DVD player even comes with a remote, making pausing the movie to refresh your drink even easier. Use the included cables to connect the player to your desired screen. 

4. 12V Super Mini DVD Player

C eihoit Super Mini DVD Player for TV with HDMI and AV Output Portable DVD CD Player with Built in Speaker 1080P Upscaling Includes HDMIAV Cable Remote Control Support USB Input Playback
  • (Space Saving with Smaller and Lighter Design) This mini DVD player provides HD picture quality and solid sound with a...
  • (Built-in Speaker): With built-in speakers, you can enjoy High-Quality Crystal Clear Sound directly via the player no...

The 12V Super Mini DVD Player is so compact it’s barely bigger than the DVD you’ll put inside. It weighs less than a pound and measures the size of a palm, making it easy to transport. The high-quality speakers ensure everyone will hear the movie. You can link the DVD player with any screen with the included cables. 

5. Craig 12V Compatible RV DVD Player

Craig CVD401A Compact HDMI DVD Player with Remote in Black | Compatible with DVD-R/DVD-RW/JPEG/CD-R/CD-R/CD | Progressive Scan | Up-Convert to 1080p |
  • KEY FEATURES: This compact DVD/CD player is DVD-R, DVD-RW, JPEG, CD-R, and CD-RW compatible. It features zoom and...
  • DVD PLAYER: This HDMI compact DVD remote control player makes watching a movie, playing music and viewing pictures from...

When looking for an RV DVD player, it’s hard to go wrong with the Craig 12V Compatible RV DVD Player. This simple 12V DVD player comes with a remote, allowing you to skip forward, go back, or pause when needed. Adding an HDMI cable allows for up to 1080p viewing. Link it with any screen to customize your viewing. 

RV DVD Players with Screen Versus Without Screen

As you’re looking for the perfect RV DVD player, you’ll want to decide if an attached screen is important. Some people like the convenience of having an all-in-one product. Having an attached screen makes it easy to pull out a single item and be ready to go. 

Choosing an RV DVD player without a screen might mean multiple products, but it can give you a better viewing experience. Often you can use these DVD players with any size screen, even a projector. 

Other Options for Movie Nights in Your RV

If DVDs simply aren’t your go-to, you can still have a memorable movie night while camping. Here are a few options for a spectacular movie night that doesn’t include DVDs. 

Blu-Ray Players

Blu-Ray players are a convenient way to have a movie night. Most Blu-Ray players allow you to play either a DVD or a Blu-Ray. This means you don’t have to forgo a specific movie just because it’s the wrong format. Blu-Ray players tend to be compact and easy to set up, making them perfect for RVing. 

Two girls share a blanket and puff snacks and look shocked while watching a movie.

Movie Screen Projector

A movie screen projector is a fun way to gather with family and friends to enjoy a flick. You’ll be sure to make a few new friends at the campground if you invite them to join you. Even on a rainy night, you can set up the projector inside for a fun at-home movie theater experience. 

A backyard movie projector lights up a screen with snacks and drinks on the projector table and empty chairs for the movie.

Streaming Services

These days almost everyone has a streaming service of some kind, and many of us have multiple different streaming service options. From Netflix to Hulu to Disney Plus, you’re sure to find something for everyone. The great part about streaming services is the seemingly endless choices on demand without wasting storage space on movie cases. Don’t forget that you’ll need an internet source and a strong connection to utilize your streaming services while traveling. 

A woman relaxing with a glass of wine watching her favorite streaming service on her laptop.

Movie nights are a great way to spend time together while taking it easy. They’re also a great way to keep the fun going on rainy days. Do you enjoy a movie night or two while at the campground?

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