7 Most Haunted RV Parks in America

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illustration of a ghostly women standing in front of an RV in the woods

Some people love pushing their limits when it comes to being in uncomfortable or scary situations. Stepping out of your RV into the dark can be scary, but can you imagine staying at one of many haunted RV parks? This takes spookiness to a whole new level. If you’re up for the challenge of camping in a haunted park, we have just the list for you today. 

Let’s get started!

Take a Spooky Halloween Road Trip to One of These Haunted RV Parks

If you’re looking for a haunted RV park, you’re in luck. We’ve found seven of the best places across the country to have you questioning those noises in the middle of the night

1. Fort Worden State Park, WA

Gloomy, mist in the mountains of a forested park in Washington which is home to haunted RV parks

Sitting in the quiet and small town of Port Townsend sits the iconic Fort Worden State Park. Long before it was home to 30 forested campsites, 50 beach campsites, and four primitive sites, the park served as a military base. The base was a protective fortress, and many of the buildings were once restaurants and cottages for service people and their families. 

There are reports that this base is the most haunted place in the entire state of Washington. The fort was home to a jail, was once a treatment facility for “troubled youth,” and even has an onsite military cemetery. It sounds like a recipe for a spooky place to camp!

Those who’ve spent time at the campground state they couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being watched. Some guests and hikers even claim they’ve heard moans coming from the former barracks on cloudy days. There has even been a distinct smell of burning coal, rubber, and sulfur coming from the main house.

Just the thought of visiting this place is enough to give you chills. We can’t imagine spending the night in a tent at this haunted RV park.

Have you braved Fort Worden State Park and its reputation?

2. Lake Morena, CA

Lake Morena County Park sits about 42 miles east of San Diego. This border city has seen a flurry of paranormal activity throughout the ages. There are 86 mixed-use campsites for RVs, trailers, and tents on the 3,250 acres. There’s plenty of room for outdoor recreation, and the reservoir provides space for fishing and boating.

If your Halloween to-do list extends beyond decorating your RV and into ghost-hunting, this is the place to go. There are reports of seeing a young lady wearing a white dress wandering throughout the woods. Campers have also reported feeling a cold and eerie presence while hiking in the woods. Some even said they heard footsteps around their tents or saw strange orbs in pictures they took around the campground.

If that wasn’t creepy enough, this isn’t even the most bizarre paranormal activity at the campground. Some guests report seeing levitating bodies at night, floating 10 feet or more above the ground. Many believe the ghosts are from a 1916 flooding of Morena Reservoir that killed more than 50 people. 

3. Holy Ghost Campground, NM

Located just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the small town of Tererro. This unincorporated town is home to Holy Ghost Campground, managed by the Santa Fe National Forest. If you’re brave enough to travel down a narrow road that eventually requires turning off for a two-mile drive down Forest Service Road 122. You’ll get the shivers before you even set up camp.

While there’s some debate about why the campground is haunted, both sides involve a priest and the Pueblans. One side of the argument states a priest killed the Pueblans in the 17th century for settling on the land. The other side says the Pueblans were defending themselves and killed the priest, and the result was this haunted RV park.

In recent times the reports of paranormal activity involve car accidents, fights, and even state troopers disappearing. There are also many reports of shadows moving in the trees throughout the night. 

Are you brave enough to attempt to enjoy the hiking trails and views of nature in Holy Ghost Campground?

4. Antietam Creek Campground, MD

Located just a few miles from the site where 23,000 soldiers died during the Civil War is Antietam Creek Campground. It’s home to 20 campsites that require campers to park and walk their supplies to their site. This is a no-frills campground where only the bravest of campers can stay.

Campers claim to have seen ghosts and heard guns, cannons, and even drumming drummer boys who lost their lives in the civil war. If you want to test your limits further, there are locations like Bloody Lane, Burnside Bridge, and the Antietam National Cemetery, known for paranormal activity. Whether you’re there to learn about the history or experience paranormal activity, this is a fun camping option to consider.

5. The Canyon Motel & RV Park, AZ

Located along Route 66 in Northern Arizona is the Canyon Motel & RV Park. This campground has 47 pull-through and back-in sites with water and electricity on the 13 acres. This haunted RV park has all the amenities you could need in a campground—a general store, coin-operated laundry, and a haunted train car.

Not only is the train car haunted, but you can even book a stay in it. The hotel confirms that guests have reported hearing strange noises and seeing objects moving in unexplainable ways. While staying in a train car is exciting, staying in a haunted train car is even more exciting.

6. Braley Pond, VA

This dispersed camping site is home to six campsites in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. Braley Pond is a popular destination for professional and amateur ghost hunters because it’s known as one of the most haunted places in the U.S.

Campers report paranormal activities like hearing laughter and seeing hovering spirits. There are even rumors of one paranormal investigator going insane after camping at the site overnight. Other campers report that the paranormal activity they experienced was too much for them to make it through the night. Some guests even share they had vivid nightmares for weeks following their time at Braley Pond.  


7. Carl G Washburne Memorial State Park, OR/ Heceta Head Lighthouse

The coastal town of Florence, Oregon, offers incredible views of the Oregon coast. The campground offers 55 RV sites and an additional seven walk-in tent sites. There are flush toilets, hot showers, and even an opportunity to see a former female caretaker, Rue, who’s thought to haunt the grounds.

While some paranormal activity involves angry ghosts, Rue seems to be relatively peaceful. Guests report feeling her sit down on the bed, appearing to handymen working on the property, and even moving items around rooms. 

One of the creepiest experiences here is being able to camp on the beach down from the lighthouse. If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance to meet Rue! We have other tips for planning a camping trip to Oregon if you decide to visit this mysterious place.

Enjoy the Experience at These Haunted RV Parks

While a haunted RV park may not be for everyone, it can make for a memorable way to spend Halloween. You can gather around the fire and let the paranormal activity around you replace the spooky story. 

Would you stay at a haunted RV park or campground?

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