15 Ways to Destress in Your RV

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Looking for ways to destress in your RV? I don’t know about you, but the Coronavirus has me a little stressed out. Every social media platform is loaded with updates and statistics regarding COVID-19 and it all looks pretty grim right now. Even in the niche of RVing, where we go to find positive posts about exploration and the great outdoors, people are being displaced and trying to find a safe place to hunker down.

We consider ourselves fortunate because we have plenty of food and are in an RV park that let us stay for three weeks. Even having a safe place and knowing we are okay, it’s hard not to pay attention to the noise of the media and let fear set in. I wanted to write this article to share some ways you can destress, find positivity, and control your fear during the Coronavirus outbreak. With that said, let’s dive into the 15 ways you can destress in your RV.

1. Unplug From Social Media 

That’s right, step away from the news and social media for a while. If you find yourself scrolling through social media and feel the anxiousness building up, put the phone down. You can’t control the news, but you can control how you react and how much you consume of it. The first step to truly destress in your RV is to remove the source and we can bet that’s your phone or computer.

No Phone Zone sign to promote destressing in your RV.

2. Breathe

Once you’ve put the phone down, it’s time to simply breathe. If you meditate, make sure you are practicing every day. If you’ve never stopped and practiced breathing, it can really slow your mind and lower your stress levels.

Count to five while slowly breathing in then count to five while slowly breathing out. Do this repeatedly until you feel better. Breathing is probably the most simple way to destress in your RV, but the most effective.

3. Snuggle Your Pet

Snuggling our dog, Carmen greatly reduces my stress levels. Stop what you’re doing and go give your pet a squeeze. It’s been proving that cuddling a pet can lower your blood pressure! 

Picture of dog on a stump in front of RV. Cuddling pets can help destress.

4. Read

Tune out the media for a bit and dive into a good book. Immersing yourself in another world can clear your head. And honestly, when’s the last time you took a break and cuddled up with a book?

This is the perfect opportunity. If you don’t have a good book around, we’ve got plenty of content on our blog! Start with Tips For Making Your RV Feel Like Home or How To Not Kill Your Significant Other While Traveling.

5. Skype or FaceTime Your Family

Not feeling alone in a time like this can help tremendously. If talking through things helps, give a family member a call. Better yet, agree to not talk about the Coronavirus and catch up on each other’s lives. In other words, destress in your RV by catching up on the family gossip!

6. Watch a Movie with Friends via TeleParty

You can now stay safely in quarantine and still watch a movie with your friends. TeleParty synchronizes video playback and adds a group chat to your favorite shows and movies.

The extension is only available on the Google Chrome browser and everyone must have a Netflix account to join. Spending virtual time with friends and watching your favorite flicks is a great way to destress in your RV!

iPad with Netflix logo

7. Practice Self Care

I don’t know about you but we’re typically so busy that we don’t have time to practice much self-care. Now is the time to break out that facemask and give yourself a mani/pedi. 

Guys, this doesn’t apply to women only. Self-care can still be a long shower, a clean shave, and cleaning your nails (sans polish).

8. Try Aromatherapy

We’re really not big on aromatherapy (we’re both sensitive to strong smells) but if you’re the type of person who reacts positively to incense or oils, break them out!

We have a very mild lavender oil that we like to use before bed, and we always seem to have a deeper sleep when we use it. 

9. Take a Walk

Just because you’re in self-quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. Take a walk, breathe some fresh air, and just be sure to stay at least six feet away from anyone you may encounter. At least 30 minutes outdoors can start to greatly reduce stress.

Picture of feet of man on a walk.

10. Have a Campfire 

If you’re missing those camping vibes, why not make a campfire? Better yet, roast some marshmallows and indulge in some good old-fashioned s’mores. 

11. Play Games with Your Family

Now might be the perfect time to create some good memories with your family and kiddos. Get those board games out and have a family game night! Even if you’re solo, you can still play many card games by yourself. 

Board game with dice and player pieces. Destress by jumping into a game.

12. Listen to Music

Destress ins your RV by putting on your favorite song and rocking out for a bit! Music is always a great option to lift your spirits, Coronavirus or not.

Pro Tip: Want some great songs to help get you out of your head? Check out 20 of the Best Campfire Songs for Your Next Camping Trip.

13. Indulge 

Remember those s’mores from item 10? There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence during stressful times, just be sure not to go overboard as that can have the opposite effect.

Picture of putting marshmallow on chocolate and graham cracker. Indulging can help destress in your RV.

14. Take a Shower

If you’re in a full hookup site, open your grey tank valve and take a shower until your hot water runs out. Personally, I love taking baths when I’m stressed but since that’s not an option in my RV, a long shower will have to do.

If you’re in a campground, it might be a better idea to head to the showers onsite (if they’re open) as campgrounds typically have hotter water that lasts longer than an RV. Even if you can only manage to get 5 minutes of soaking time, this is a great way to destress in your RV.

15. Learn Something New

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new skill or language, now is your chance. YouTube is a great resource to learn any hobby, skill, or language. Learning something new will keep your brain active and help pass the time! 

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling lower stress levels already. I’ve taken my own advice and given a handful of these items a try over the past few days and can attest they are simple but effective. I truly hope you give these 15 ways to destress in your RV a try, you won’t regret it. We are all in this together, so leave any activities that you use to destress in the comments! 

  1. Jason, Rae
    In your latest video you mentioned that you were considering a visit to Washington State. Both my wife Cheryl and I love your take on life and would like to offer a free stay at our camping lot near the Hood Canal. No strings if you only stay a day that’s fine or use the space as a base to explore the Olympic Peninsula, Hood Canal and Lake Cushman area. If this offer interests you just send us an email. The space has water, sewer hookup and 50 amp electrical hookup.

    stay safe and keep your social distancing.

    1. Please tell us the name of your campground. We plan to visit that area next year. Been there before, but not camping!

  2. Believe or not someone gave this geezer the cutest stuffed animal, and just squeezing it is soothing and a near-pet experience from childhood. Sounds silly and puerile, but it works!

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