How to Prevent Smells From Your Tank with a RV Black Tank Treatment

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Preventing smells with a RV Black Tank Treatment

Happy Campers is our go to RV black tank treatment. We use it every week as part of our setup process to ensure that we NEVER need to deal with a smelly black tank. If you are wondering how we ended up in love with Happy Camper, go check our post about choosing the best RV black tank treatment.


  1. Turn off any fans or vents in your bathroom
    1. Don’t want them sucking up black tank fumes into your RV!
  2. Fill toilet bowl full of water
    1. This is usually done with a half press of the step flush
  3. Sprinkle in one scoop of Happy Camper using the included scoop
  4. Mix it with a toilet brush
  5. Flush it all down
  6. If you are going to be somewhere hot OR have a tank larger than 40 Gallons then repeat the process
    1. Ensure that you use at least 1 Gallon of water PER scoop, the more water the better
  7. Done!

How we do it:

Since we have a 50 Gallon black water tank we will go through the process twice. The first time we will use a whole scoop, while the second time will only use a half of a scoop.

Since we normally have full hookups we also tend to add more than the recommended minimum of a gallon per scoop with three full toilet bowls worth of water.

With only the two of us, we are normally able to last the entire week without needing to dump our black tank. This means only adding the treatment once a week when we set up in a new campground.

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