Happy Camper Holding Tank Treatment Review

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Happy Camper tank treatment gets rid of odor in RV holding tanks like none other. It can keep your RV smelling fresh. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly. Let’s take a look at what sets this product apart.

Happy Camper Holding Tank Treatment Overview

Happy Camper offers an organic treatment for black and grey RV holding tanks. It rids the tanks of odor and liquefies solid waste and most toilet paper. It’s entirely odor-free with no chemical or sewer smells.

A single scoop of Happy Camper treats 40 gallons. This is great if you have black and grey tanks that can produce unpleasant smells.

Happy Campers RV Toilet Treatment - 64 Black or Gray Holding Tank Deodorizer Treatments for RVs
  • ODOR FREE: Eliminates odors in the RV holding tank. Absolutely no chemical or sewer smell.
  • Septic tank friendly

Why Would You Need Holding Tank Treatment?

Treating holding tanks is essential for your RV maintenance. If you don’t treat your tanks, waste can build up and create clogs and blockages. Treatments can also help clean out your tanks and keep them in good working order.

Our Favorite Features

Happy Camper holding tank treatment fits a lot of power into a simple package. Let’s check out some of our favorite features.

Environmentally Friendly

Happy Camper tank treatment is 100% organic, biodegradable, and septic tank friendly. It’s one of the most effective environmentally friendly tank treatments on the market. You won’t find any formaldehyde or dangerous chemicals in Happy Camper. 

A new box of happy camper tank treatment sitting next to an RV toilet

Effective in Extreme Temperatures

Happy Camper tank treatment is designed to work in extreme temperatures and can keep doing the job even in very cold or hot climates. It will keep working in temperatures over 100 degrees.  

Liquifies Most Toilet Paper

This product actually liquifies most toilet paper. You won’t have to spend extra on specialty tissue. Happy Camper can break down most ordinary toilet paper.

Pro Tip: You don’t need to use expensive RV toilet paper. Check out these RV Toilet Paper Alternatives You’ll Wish You Used Sooner.

Not Just For Your Black Tank

Our favorite feature is that we can use Happy Camper in all of our waste water tanks, just not our black tank. Since Happy Camper comes in powder form, it makes it easy to get into your kitchen and bathroom grey tanks.

When you have a product that is in pod form, you won’t be able to use it in your grey tanks, unless you break it open, which will make a mess.


We only have two cons on this product. First, it only comes in powder form. This means if it spills, you’ll end up with a huge mess. But the good news is that it comes in a tub with a handle and scoop to help keep things tidy.

Second, it tends to harden in dry air after getting wet. You’ll need to follow the directions and put enough water in your toilet before dumping in a scoop of the treatment. If you don’t, for best results you may need to break up the powder before it goes into the tank.

An open container of happy camper tank treatment sitting in an RV kitchen sink.

Alternatives to the Happy Camper Holding Tank Treatment

Shopping around is smart, even with a product like Happy Camper that comes highly rated. Before you settle on a solution, here are two alternatives you might try.

Pure Power Blue

Valterra V23102 Blue Pure Power Self-Measuring Bottle - 32 oz.
  • Super-concentrated biological enzyme/bacterial formula waste digester and odor eliminator with BioBlast Plus odor...
  • Accepted at all campgrounds and enhances septic tanks

Pure Power Blue tank treatment is all-natural and liquefies waste and toilet paper. It comes in liquid form, which avoids the pitfalls of Happy Camper’s powder system. You can get several different sizes, from four to 128 ounces, and try out the product yourself.

Camco TST Toilet Treatment

Camco TST Blue Enzyme RV Toilet Treatment Breaks Down with Septic Safe Formula and Clean Scent for RV Sewer Chemicals and Cleaners, Blue
  • Waste Breakdown: Enzyme complex effectively digests waste, tissue, fats, and proteins, keeping your RV toilet system...
  • Concentrated Formula: Treats up to 40 gallons with just 4 ounces, providing up to 7 days of odor control, allowing for...

Camco TST Toilet Treatment is biodegradable and has a bacterial/enzyme complex that digests waste and toilet paper. It comes in a liquid form, which once again might be preferable over powder for some. Four ounces treats a 40-gallon holding tank.

Personally, we have tried both of these alternative options and find Happy Camper to be the superior option. Of course, some folks like to try all the options for themselves before making their final decision!

Keeps Unbearable Odors Out

Happy Camper tank treatment keeps unbearable odors out of your RV. Plus, it’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easy to store. Do you treat your tanks with a product for removing odors?

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