Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated RV Toilet Treatment Drop-In Review

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A camco TST RV toilet treatment container set against a dark blue background.

Are you looking for a low-cost way to prevent black tank odor and help break down solid waste? If so, you’ll love the Camco TST toilet treatment. One container of these convenient drop-ins will last you a long time and clear out smells. Here’s what we love about the Camco toilet treatment and our favorite alternatives. 

Camco TST Toilet Treatment Overview

Camco TST MAX Camper / RV Toilet Treatment Drop-INs - Control Unwanted Odors & Break Down Waste and Tissue - Safe Septic Tank Treatment - Orange Scent, 30-Pack (41183)
  • TOILET DEODORIZER WITH REACTIVE ODOR-ELIMINATING TECHNOLOGY: Experience a powerful RV odor eliminator that stops RV...
  • SUPERIOR FORMULATION, UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE: Get exceptional results with TST MAX RV tank treatments. The advanced...

This toilet treatment is an ultra-concentrated holding tank additive that comes in ready-to-use single-serve packets. These RV toilet drop-ins help break down waste and tissue and prevent odor, and they’re free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

The Camco TST toilet treatment is simple to use: Just drop a packet into your toilet, and you’ll get rid of smells for up to a week. One container comes with 30 treatments that treat tanks up to 40 gallons.

Why Do You Need a Toilet Treatment? 

RV toilet treatments help prevent odor and clogs by breaking down waste and tissue. They’re not an essential item for your holding tank but can definitely make RV life sweeter. 

Holding tank odor is something no RV owner ever wants to deal with, and clogs are even worse. Biodegradable holding tank additives help prevent stinky messes and wasted money spent dealing with tank problems. 

An RV toilet can get stinky! Prevent that with one of these Camco toilet treatments.

What We Love About the Camco TST Toilet Treatment

The Camco TST drop-ins are so convenient and come at a great price. One package will last for up to 30 weeks or more than seven months of full-time use. Here are our favorite things about the Camco toilet treatment. 

Septic Safe and Biodegradable

The Camco drop-ins are septic safe and biodegradable. This additive will not damage your holding tank, and it’s safe for campground septic tanks. Chemical additives or treatments that contain chemicals and pesticides can be damaging for septic tanks and local ecosystems. 

Stops Odor for Seven Days

One drop-in stops odor for up to seven days, so one package of 30 treatments lasts a long time. One drop-in will treat a holding tank of up to 40 gallons. Some RVers even like to open a packet and pour it down the sink for gray tank odor control, too. 

Multiple Scent Options

The Camco TST toilet treatments come in multiple scent options. Although the scent won’t be very noticeable, it’s nice to have choices. Scent options include orange citrus, lavender, fresh scent, and more. 

Pro Tip: You don’t need to use expensive RV toilet paper. Check out these RV Toilet Paper Alternatives You’ll Wish You Used Sooner.

Cons of Camco TST Toilet Treatment

There aren’t many cons of this toilet treatment drop-in. The easy-to-use packets and low price make this a no-brainer. But they might not be great for everyone. Here’s a con to consider.

Pre-Packaged Drop-Ins Not Great for Smaller Tanks

The pre-packaged drop-ins work for up to 40-gallon tanks. If you have a significantly smaller holding tank or a cassette toilet, one drop-in is too much. You can still use them if you have a smaller toilet, but you may have to cut them open and just use a portion of the drop-in. 

Alternatives to Camco TST Toilet Treatment

There are other RV toilet additives on the market to help break down waste and prevent odor. If Camco TST toilet treatment doesn’t appeal to you, here are our favorite alternatives.

Happy Campers

Happy Campers RV Toilet Treatment 18 - Extra Strength Odor Eliminator for Black and Gray Holding Tanks
  • Powerful Odor Control: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with our powerful formula that neutralizes and eliminates foul...
  • Effective Waste Digestion: Happy Campers breaks down waste and toilet paper quickly and efficiently, preventing clogs...

Happy Campers is a popular organic and biodegradable holding tank additive. This toilet treatment is not pre-packaged, but it comes with a scoop for easy use. This means you can use the perfect amount for your tank. Happy Campers is a water-activated mineral blend that helps fight odor and break down waste. 

RV Digest-It

Unique RV Digest-It Black Water Tank Treatment - Concentrated Drop In Pods RV Toilet Treatment - Eliminates Odor, Liquifies Waste, Prevents Sensor Misreading, CA Approved (10 Pods)
  • Waste and RV tissue digester. RV Digest-It RV black tank treatment breaks down human waste and all brands of household...
  • The strongest complete RV tank treatment. Breaks down waste AND eliminates odor. Say goodbye to clogs in your tank, and...

RV Digest-It is a holding tank additive that comes in pre-measured drop-in pods. This toilet treatment helps break down waste and prevent odor. RV Digest-It is biodegradable and chemical-free. 

Is Camco TST Toilet Treatment Worth It? 

The Camco TST toilet treatment is a helpful RV toilet additive that really does help prevent odors and break down waste. This is a low-cost option to help keep your black tank clog-free, so we’d say it’s definitely worth it.

Everyone has different preferences, so we recommend trying different products to find what you like the best. In our opinion, anything that makes RV life easier is 100% worth it. How do you keep down odors in your RV?

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